HTC to start manufacturing mobile handsets in India

30 June, 2015
The Taiwanese company will manufacture handsets priced in the range of $150 to $390.

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  • true teller

[deleted post]Yes! NaMo effect!

  • Randall

Good. Quality control in India is Top Notch.

  • prince

not to mistaken taken by my remarks this is not a platform to gain political mileage.............but certainly yes!!! the modi led government has struck a cord with MAKE in INDIA initiative.....which has been aggressively promoted to gain employment and improve the economy...........while all these years ManMohan led government was far asleep and engaged in its own web of scam....

  • ​Matthew&

​Not MODI ( the prime minister of India who launched Make in India campaign )​ effect. Its to clamp down the import taxes and to compete with Indian ( Made in China OEM ) and Chinese manufacturers in the cost.

  • AnonD-83537

Only future lovers knows the power of MODI. Future loves= smartphone manufacturers!

What's wrong with China?

  • mobile user

Hope this help Indian economy and bring down the price of phones.

  • AnonD-298631

that's good...all OEM are heading to India...