Introducing the new

10 July, 2015
We've got a brand new design and a bunch of new features that we hope will make your lives easier.

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  • Anonymous

It looks too congested. I think the reason for that is because the font is too big. But we will all get accustomed. I like the layout though.

  • Anonymous

I like the design ,it looks like every recent phone's flat design but i think you need to reduce some of the bling.its a bit blah !!

  • AnonD-411090

Nice but its going to take time for me to get used to it. I prefer the old look more. It felt more organised and simpler while the new design though nice looking, puts everything in my face and looks more haphazard than refreshed. I do like the phone finder page better. I hope the site gets a bit more organised because this site, in my opinion is the best site to get information on phones and related events.

  • Goran

I would politely like to say that the new design sucks. Thank you for your service and have a good day

Really need to get used to this new design though...

  • Ex-GSMArena fan

Holy crap your new site looks disgusting. What made you think this design is the way to go?

  • AnonD-123695

Now I can't open the desktop version on my phone !

  • feedback

The site design is good, but it will take sometime to get used to..

A suggestion - the comparison tool must be tweaked a bit - put more space between the rows as it looks a bit cluttered now. Also the box where we enter our choice to compare - the text "Please enter your model name" is misaligned. Please fix that. Then, after choosing the model, the phone name is blocked partially by the default image.

Refer this screen shot for details.

Good work!

  • BhAyBhiE_Qu0H10

Awesome update! Cheers

  • Nico

the new is designed for the Samsung Note series.

  • raj

GSMarena Team U Guyz Making Good Job For Us.

Keep It

  • Nico

It is about time for a new look. honestly everything looks gigantic, the article title and one comment fits the whole screen. I like the new look but its really big

  • AnonD-133291

Somewhat I Still Prefer Old Look...Lets Give Some Time To Get Used To

  • LLL

I like the previous version's comments count below every title in the News page. It kinda tells me which page get more attention.
If possible please bring it back.
Thank you & keep up the great work.

  • Anonymous

Don't like how it looks on opera mini on Android :(

  • Nelson

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2015"The operation failed. Reason: This nickname is already re... moreHaw-Haw!

  • daarshg

The new homepage looks too cluttered, and all the sections are "seam-less", so difficult to separate out.
-my personal opinion

  • Gsmarena Lover

Woooooooo !!! Great job !!!!

  • Anonymous

"The operation failed.
Reason: This nickname is already reserved. Please chose different nickname."

Can't use my nick anymore which i have used years?!?!?!? :(

  • Andro

This is one of the worst designs I have ever seen looks cluttered and wastes and lot of space and is difficult to read things now.

Very bad gsm-arena , advancement never means making things harder for someone, it means making it easier for people to use.