Introducing the new

10 July, 2015
We've got a brand new design and a bunch of new features that we hope will make your lives easier.

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  • Andro

This is one of the worst designs I have ever seen looks cluttered and wastes and lot of space and is difficult to read things now.

Very bad gsm-arena , advancement never means making things harder for someone, it means making it easier for people to use.

  • Alief zain

New Design very good

  • kuan

gsmarena team very rich job?thank you because me like gsmarena website

  • AnonD-377097

thax gsmarena for making our life easy.

Awesome update GSMArena Team !
This is why i love you guys even more ! You listen to us, members who are using this site every day. I personally really like the new UI, but true, i'll need some time to get used to it.

PS: 1,Please, Let us have disqus as a primary comment system on the blog, and on the gsm website:(

Looking forward to see the upcoming new features in the future.
Keep it up.
Great work ! :-)

  • Boldy

1. The new design looks pretty cluttered.

2. Please use disqus or:
a. Notifications for replies
b. User stats( no. of comments, upvotes received) should be maintained.
c. Active users will have a badge on their avatar.

3. I'm unable to register my account, hence the anonymous comment.

The rest are welcome changes.

New design is really nice

  • Anonymous

please remove that 1.login with facebook, 2. login with google. and let users to register on this site using an email address. both these facebook and google are blocked in china . and it is impossible for a chinese user to register on this site.

  • Fahad Khan

Oh Finally! I've been waiting for the new design since ages lol, Well now looks great.

  • TheMan

Looks weird guys