Upcoming Nexus 5 (2015) posts a 85K score in AnTuTu

14 July, 2015
An alleged benchmark for the upcoming Nexus device reveals a truly powerful machine.

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  • AnonD-394663

OMG FHD is Freakin PERFECT!!!!
QHD is bullshit battery drainer...
If the screen would be 5 inch - I'm taking it fo shizzle!
Sick of all the 5+ phablet bullshit trend

  • AnonD-348864

You buy what phone you want. And let the rest of us but what phone we want. If I had lady's hands I guess I would feel the same though.

  • Anonymous

if it size more then galaxy s6 and more then 5.2 inch screen i will nlt buy it :)

  • Ovidiu

What's wrong with you guys? 5 inch is more than enough. Why we cannot have a smaller Nexus?! Big phones are not easy to hold. I find even 5.2 too big.

  • AnonD-345273

Please don't forget the IPS - Quantum screen how promise Google for Nexus 5 (2015)

  • AnonD-161755

AnonD-389222, 14 Jul 2015Well it's more like a mediatek cpu(heilo x20) since it has score... morei think the same, plus the 820 will be unvelied later

  • AnonD-161755

Dirk Thailand, 14 Jul 2015"Perhaps Google thought QHD would be an overkill on the sma... morethats why they are so intelligent, good choice google!!

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2015cloud service.. that is why the are sticking with 16gb. Cloud Services cant be used properly in most countries. Very few have high speed unlimited plans without FUP which is required if one plans to stream everything.

  • Anonymous

85k OMG.

  • Anonymous

thenerd, 14 Jul 2015it's a good thing that you not in charge of an OEMActually, I AM, just not for mobile phones.
Right now, there is no reason AT ALL for 2k screens on a phone. None. The only advantage is marketing. Even bragging rights are not guaranteed by the user, the G3's screen can be considered objectively (meaning "not opinion based"...for those that don't speak native English) worse than a Nexus 5 if we look at accuracy.

What negative effects are caused by having a 2k display:
- worse battery life
- worse GPU performance
- increased manufacturing costs

What advantages a 2k display will give you:
- better looking image...if you shove your face in the screen...literally...or if you have a magnifying glass

  • AnonD-90109

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2015Would be awesome if it were an FHD RGB OLED screen with an s820,... moreThose are high end specs, which would warrant a high end price, what planet are you from, lol.

  • AnonD-90109

copy23, 14 Jul 2015motorola sucks in Nexus 6 body construction, in battery and burn... moreApparently you never owned a Nexus 6, from someone who does own one, it is a beast of a phone, screen is beautiful "with no burn in, lol", and device is the perfect size for real size people, for someone that is 5'7" with regular size hands, I have no issues with holding and handling the Nexus 6.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-389222, 14 Jul 2015Well it's more like a mediatek cpu(heilo x20) since it has score... moreInteresting observation

  • AnonD-417416

Lol. The phone scores has as much score as my moto e. XD. But the phone specs look good. Maybe the FHD panel helped the scores a bit??

shouldnt it be called nexus 6s, 6 plus or something ? why go back to 5, when 6 is out :P

  • N

what the hell is with the uninspiring 3D results? lol...powerhouse processing power wasted on a midrange gpu huh...smh ~_~

  • Dirk Thailand

"Perhaps Google thought QHD would be an overkill on the smaller screen of the new Nexus 5."
This is absolutely true and it would be a wise decision to choose FHD over QHD.
Other than that, 85000 in Antutu don't impress me much. CPU power is more than enough for me even on my S4. It's particularly the GPU which is not on par with the CPU in recent devices.
Let's see

  • AnonD-389222

Well it's more like a mediatek cpu(heilo x20) since it has scored 12500 on 3D graphics even adreno 430 scores about 20000 on a full hd screen.

  • Anonymous

Hope is had the good camera as G4..

  • slaia

I hope I can wait till this beast comes out. I can't stand my Galaxy Note 4 anymore with its laggy OS and apps crashing. But please put big battery and good camera on it big and better than Nexus 5 1st gen.