Report says Korean LG G4 sales below expectations

16 July, 2015
The company has managed to sell a little over 240,000 units of the handset in the country by the end of June.

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  • AnonD-421807

In Brazil LG lot sold the G2, it was very welcome, since in g3 the company did not show significant improvement which made many people choose to continue with the g2 or g2 buy instead of g3, after two years LG failed to fulfill its promise to upgrade the LG G2 software for the country's consumers, it ended with the company's credibility in the country, people are opting for Motorola or samsung in place to acquire the LG g4 the device is a very high investment a company that does not fulfill its promises.

  • AnonD-421610

I have used lots of phone but for me the best is always LG G2. I have tried G3 but still going back to G2. In somr extent G2 is still better than G4. Following are the reason :
1) G2 size is simply perfect with very good body to screen ratio. It is much comfy in hand compared to G3 or G4. 5.2 inch is prrfect size
2) battery life is phenomenal. G3 & G4 have poor battery life. This is one of the reason why i stick yo G2.

I love the new UI and the newly improved camera. 441 dpi is also perfect for daily use. Please we dont need higher densiyy screen just to have poorer battery life.

Please kindly note if this, im still waitingfor phone like G2, the improved one. Do you agree guys?

  • AnonD-419217

Andy Indonesia, 18 Jul 2015Internal factor: 1.They informed will release higher spec phone... moreI agree with you but the most things make me retreat the battery life and lower soc

  • AnonD-418701

LG actually more than capable competing with Ss n Apple in technology. Its just a matter of brand image n marketing. Their R&D at same level to Ss. They hold approximately 90% of world display market, no.1 washing machine maker, eventhough not no.1TV maker, but they first created UHD TV n curved oled TV, and their 3D Smart TV technology are more advanced than Ss. They are chasing Ss n Apple and its just a matter of time to catch them.

  • Andy Indonesia

Internal factor:
1.They informed will release higher spec phone
2.G4 pricing is set too high
3.Not better battery than G3 and no fast charging
4.Touchscreen issue
5.They don't accommodate consumer that like smaller screen (follow Apple strategic by create smaller flagship variant)

External factor:
1.Samsung create better design n better processor
2.Samsung offer fastest charging n good finggerscanner
3.Some user still satisfied using G2/G3/M8 or other highend phone and feel no need to upgrade rightnow
4.LG is not top brand on market that their majority loyal customer are pragmatic user who dont need to upgrade phone every year.
5.Iphone 6 series are good eventhough their overpriced

If LG didnt make mistake at their internal factors, they could take moment to rise more their popularity n market share.

  • Neno

Lg messed up badly. I had a lot of LG phones, and last one I'm still using is G2, tried G3 and smashed it. I don't plan to buy another LG. Quad HD, 6 or 8 core cpu, 3GB RAM AND 3000mAh battery WHY? If you are going to put all those nonsence on a CELL PHONE, please put the battery at least 4000, and optimize that. You can cook coffee on LG G3 if you wan't, and you can't put a brightness to 100 percent if it is hot, and it is hot most of the time, because of stupid Quad HD display, on which you can't see a thing outside. Samsung S6 is also stupid, cheap plastic with glass on it. iPhone is also story for itself. Come on wake up you all, make a normal smartphone, not some stupid b......t

  • Anonymous

I have LG G2(manufactured in Sep 2013, purchased in Nov 2013) and LG Optimus G Pro at home. I love both of them and both of them are made in Korea by LG, unlike many Samsung Phones like S4, S5 that have been outsourced to cheaper factories in China.
The Optimus G Pro suffered from touch screen issues after 2 years of use.
So I replaced Optimus G Pro with an LG G4 leather. Excellent phone and amazing camera. (G2's camera was already good though not as good) The G4 camera even beats iPhone 6's camera easily.
I want to upgrade my G2 to G4 as well but G2 is still working just fine and not even for 2 years. When its time is due(likely November 2015), I will probably get a G4 or even the newer G4 Pro if they release it. I have LG brand loyalty now but I don't want to replace a great phone like LG G2 when it's still fully functional and meet all of my daily needs. I try to keep every phone for at least 2 years unless it breaks prematurely. Unfortunately by November there may be even more competition...that's good to us consumers though that we can get great phones at good prices.

  • Atomics23

I've had a G2 and G3 so I'm a big fan but what the hell was LG thinking, the G4 looks uglier And somehow dated than the G3 and as for the leather backs, I really don't know what the hype was about when I saw one for real it just looked so naff, where has LG's innovation gone?? Never thought I'd say it but I'm really impressed with the s6 edge and even touchwizz looks ok now so sorry LG but I might be jumping ship to the s6 edge plus Next month.

  • Anonymous

LG is the worst smartphone brand, the phones are made to break and once it happens they will not honor any warranty or other legal rights like parts supply except if you bring them to court. People just had a bad experience and don't buy LG anymore.

  • AnonD-356282

It's just an ugly phone... and the leather "jackets" make it look even uglier.

  • yeyesh

The big problem is the price of their phones it's too expensive

  • Anonymous

Apple is for those with cash, we have less. I hate the fact Apple has played one game for soo long we even forget that they do one thing everytime, iphone 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 have nothing new except speed upgrade and size. Well as for camera its always a flop, it gets beaten everytime. Atleast all these Android guys have done things that made life a lil easier. Hand gestures, look away features and all these sensors are what we love the most. I guess to conclude this is that those with apple can stick to it. We are happy with these flagships and if LG wont sell 70 million then they must try harder next time, anyways iz it me or am i seeing the same look for all these flagships, touchscreen ONLY,screen size SAME,shape SAME, i mean its like they are doing one device and just sell the brand. We are being brainwashed people. Im happy with my S4 Thank you. :) :)

Still waiting for LG's debut to make a decent phone first.

Still waiting for LG's debut to make a decent 'anything' first.

What a company.

  • Davood

I'm wondering what can make a person change his smartphone from something like lg g2 to lg g4 for example,in case his smartphone is in a good condition yet, do we see that much of a progression in camera or music quality or.....? That's totally the waste of money, i think one might want to wait at least two years to think of another phone if his phone is still in a good condition, think of all the problems you will have to export your personal data,music video clips, notes or etc to the new phone, is it worth the trouble?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-417377, 16 Jul 2015LG's flagship, Samsung's flagship, HTC's flagship, Sony's flagsh... moreAll the phones that you have mentioned, if you use it as the same , there would be no difference.. hahaha... It depends on what you need and you do, if you just call and some social media , some internet and games yeah.. those phone that you have mentioned are the same. If you love iPhone, I guess the needs that you have is not what other phones are offering and only Apple. "attention" hahahahaha

  • AnonD-190733

People are absolutely right. The market is getting saturated. I still have nexus 4, 1020, and n8 (for it's fm transmitter and navigator). Though I will also get either s6/g4, I will keep it for 2 years. Same is the case with most people here. And this will also catch up with apple also. The sales will remain same or come down.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2015Android is still ruled...... 82% of the smarpthones are using... moreYeah, Apple will never dominate the mobile world BUT the most profitable company is Apple. All hail the mighty.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-90109, 16 Jul 2015These companies need to realize that people don't upgrade their ... moreMy thought exactly. Still using S3.

  • AnonD-90109

These companies need to realize that people don't upgrade their phones like they used to, even low budget phones do the job just fine for what people need from a smartphone.

  • skvr

This is obvious. You need to try to reduce your prize for the Z4. People need something new but with low prize now on.