OnePlus 2 confirmed to be dual SIM, have 50 times more inventory

16 July, 2015
The information comes courtesy of the company's CEO and is the latest grain of information about the handset.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-418181, 16 Jul 2015Below $450 probably means it will be priced at $449.$449.99

  • Anonymous

and invents again ...

  • ciquta

At last a dual sim phone with a clean software!!!
I love huawei phones but their customization sucks.

  • Anonymous

any way i want dual sim support

  • omid46

Dearest friends.Scientifically China makes the best too!!It also has grade one,two,threeand some disposable must be returned to factories products too for recycling!!!Not in EU,US,and super advanced nations,2,3,and 4 grade products go!!!I can't name but I have documents that stingiest greediest merchants from the third world poor nations buy the disposables,in truckloads and take them to beautify complexes in China and with new stickers and cases up to date them and sell them back in their own nations FOR grade one!!!Otherwise China can have and make upper midrange and the best products too!!!One plus One and one plus two according to news and unbiased comments,views,and opinions will be proved that are the best in near future with constant support,care,service,updates and upgrades!!!So,it is not all China,s faults to be criticised constantly and prejudicely for bad products!!Thanks GSM,public,friends,one plus,plus China to be careful about having and keeping good reputation and preventing abuses and misuses hopefully!!Justice Rights.

  • AnonD-369311

$449 for a malfunctioning underclocked processor, I am sure they're playing on increasing profit margins like all other flagship devices. they're still saving on advertising though. OPO fanboys wouldn't get what I just said.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-417533, 16 Jul 2015if this renders are true, it is one ugly device. plus ZTE... moreThe back says cyanogen, which means these are modified opo shots...

  • AnonD-126743

No heating? Good camera? what you do with your smaprtphone everyday? keep it in standby all the time?

  • AnonD-273829

AnonD-417533, 16 Jul 2015if this renders are true, it is one ugly device. plus ZTE... morein my country oneplus is cheaper than zte abd zte doesnt have google apps pre installed also no one buy second handed zte

  • AnonD-417533

if this renders are true, it is one ugly device.
plus ZTE Axon will allready be in shops, and it won't have stup*d "invate based" sale...and with same spec, same price and much better look , One plus don't have any chanse.

  • AnonD-273829

i will buy one for sure. i have oneplus one and after a year and a half its still the best phone i ever had. it has great battery. no heating. great camera and etc

  • mangal

Fantastic news really looking forward for Dual sim in one plus 2 it makes this fone a complete package and best deal what else u want in ur super fone...really waiting for 27 july....

Dual Sim! This is great! For the few folks who are cribbing - its like having a spare tyre in your Car, is that painful!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-418181, 16 Jul 2015I think SD 820 is still in production. You can't see any SD... moreNo problem. My SGS5 is still good. So I can wait :)

  • AnonD-418220

AnonD-405019, 16 Jul 2015Great news! Will definitely migrate to Oneplus 2 now that ... moreIsn't there a few version of this phone? Maybe the one that's not dual sim with come one a single slot and a sd slot?

  • AnonD-198005

Dual-SIM eat more battery - but only if you actually plan to use two SIM-cards in your phone. I have no such plans.

  • AnonD-405019

Great news! Will definitely migrate to Oneplus 2 now that the dual SIM has been confirmed. Otherwise I was off to the Zenfone 2. If it also has a separate SD memory card that would be the icing on the cake. It is essential if you regularly travel and use local SIMs or if there are 2 separate bargain plans for Voice and Data even from the same provider.

  • Ags

Dual sim? Need think again for me to buy OP2 :( hate dual sim

  • AnonD-190634

Dual seem?!?!? Ughhhhhh.....
Good thry have 50 phone :D (jk)

  • LLL

If it is $449, a 50% price increase is ... no deal.
For that price I suggest they wait a little bit and incorporate Sd820, just as they say "Never Settle"