OnePlus 2 confirmed to be dual SIM, have 50 times more inventory

16 July, 2015
The information comes courtesy of the company's CEO and is the latest grain of information about the handset.

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  • AnonD-418181

AnonD-33971, 16 Jul 2015I am a oneplus fan they must add latest features as snapdragon 8... moreI think SD 820 is still in production. You can't see any SD 820 phones until Q4.

  • AnonD-33971

I am a oneplus fan they must add latest features as snapdragon 820 instead of 810

  • AnonD-418181

Below $450 probably means it will be priced at $449.

  • Ohmy

AnonD-114713, 16 Jul 2015Oneplus 2 was full of surprises already and now this news, I hop... moreyou and like of you are so gullible..oh my
oneplus sucks

  • Anonymous

yes inventory, you know? the actual handset?

  • Junior

Omar, 16 Jul 2015Inventory?They mean the amount of phones in stock.

  • sony xepria u

Blog sim

  • Anonymous

My personal experience in the last 10 years is that every (and I mean EVERY) dual sim phone was terrible. Cant wait to see how this flops...or proves me wrong, I don't care.

  • dave

with 2 sim card slot this one will be the best option available in market.

  • lonesomedovepk

Omar, 16 Jul 2015Inventory?U should have dictionary app. It means stock, supply of finished goods, list of items ready for sale.

  • Anonymous

Soooo, will the OnePlus 3 have 3 SIMs? How many will the OnePlus 4 have I wonder?

  • Sumeet

Excited and eagerly waiting ..
SD 810 Soc
3,300 mAh
Dual Sim with 4G support
32/64 GB Memory
Better heating algorith (As rumored)
What more do an end user need...simply awesome....Its going to a Flagship killer and a threat to other OEMs.

Hope it doesn't screw up like other OEMs with 810 Soc for heating problem...

  • nickname

camera is much below satisfaction

not talking only on the basis on the MPs. but overall quality

  • Kennyelfuego

great news and i think i will wait for it since it's going to be a dual sim and compare it with Xiaomi Mi Note

  • Yonef

below $450 usualy means $449! I bet on that price !

  • Noel

Choices choices choices.....too many GOOD ANDROID DEVICES ON THE HORIZON. What does one do to nail down the right choice...besides u can only use one device at a time, maybe two for some. I have narrowed mine down to the two upcoming Nexus devices, OnePlus 2, rumored LG G4 Pro, Moto X 2015 and the Note 5. Battery capacity and Storage capacity will be key in my selection...yes the new QSD820 will be my chip of choice.

Would be interesting to see how the 'improved' or 'revised' edition of the 810 SoC performs inside the 1+2

  • Tova

If you have plenty of inventory, then you don't need invites.

  • AnonD-417377

it surely must be one hell of a great phone if it's gonna convince me to sell my iphone 6 and buy the 1+2

  • Anonymous

Omar, 16 Jul 2015Inventory?Inventory here means stock. So 50 times stock size would be there.