Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness is available, has concierge service

15 December, 2009
Just in time for the holidays, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness is available in stores. And as expected it's got a concierge service to go with it - just like the one bundled with Vertu phones. So you get...

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In 2015 you can get new one on eBay for at least 1460 pound so early adobters can be happy and sell it used one for double what it was worth back in 2009

  • r6680jc

What a nice phone, I think I shoud have that phone, but unfortunately i don't have enough money to buy one, hope the price will be decreased soon.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and it's really nice. The screen is good - you also see enough in sunlight. I don't really like the speaker - think the quality isn't very good - but it's ok. Almost the whole phone is plastic that makes it a bit cheap when you touch it. But it's a really nice gadget!!! very slim and light!!

  • me

i guess there are different people who seeks for different things. i guess i am one of the odd one out there who has been seeking for a phone like such. i mean, to me, i want something that makes a phone call with decent battery life, able to sms and got bluetooth. fair enough that i can get a 3GS with the same price tag as well some left over change, but indeed, i dont need anything that the 3GS would have offered me. many people here who bad mouth about the vertu and 8800s are mostly not able to willing to folk out the cash (not saying that you cant afford it, since they are not bang for the buck. though, how could we use one's perspective to judget another's view. i personally find this phone to be good and does what it meant to do. the name "pureness" is well used, because this is what the market is actually lacking


i think these mobile companys they make such expensive phone bcoz,they keep the pic of rich people in there mind. they make many modles but only few are for the common man. its a way to keep the rich on the top....

  • hamid

vry cool phone

  • Anonymous

if u want not very expensive,luxury phone buy nokia 88xx,this one is TOTALLY not worth the price,made of cheap plastic and totally no functions.

  • 5ushi

I agree - Nick needs to learn how to spell a language before he can admit he can speak it (or post anything in that language in the first place).

Keeping to the subject...
A new low for SE. And this coming from an ex-SE fan... SE is encouraging those (stupid enough) who have large sums of disposable cash to spend it on something horribly marked-up. Those who have money with 'no-where to spend it on' should help the needy instead. Likewise with Vertu, and whatever company that makes those gold-plated, diamond incrusted junk.

The day I catch a nut flashing something like this around... I'll give him a wedgie in public.

  • nick

[deleted post]yes you're right i didn't know how to spell that word
if you're so smart...tell me how many languages do you know?...
i'm 18 and know 3 languages...maybe english not as good as you...but people here understood ehat i meant to say...
sa go buy a goldplated 3310...that's sure for you :D

  • Anonymous

nick, 15 Dec 2009amateurs!!! i won't pay more than 50$ on a phone that's no... moreI agree with Nick, if you want jewelry a cell phone is not always the best option. I think SE think that if people are willing to pay $10000 for an IWC or Rolex watch that has less functions than a $50 Casio, they will do the same for cellphones. They might be even right, because as far as I know Vertu is still going strong. I think the mistake people leaving their comments here
make is to forget that there are a lot of suckers or stupid people in the world, and this is the perfect phone for them.

  • na

hahah bluetooth earings... nice.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2009LMFAO Who? Nokia better than SE - U are having a laugh right?SE sucks

  • Anonymous

Dani, 15 Dec 2009Forget Nokia, Samsung If you want a phone that is a prop... moreLMAO! iphone is not smartphone it`s half smartphone because lack of multitask except jailbreak LoL! blackberry is not smartphone it`s e-mail & messaging phone LoL!!! try Symbian & you will got Multimedia OS

  • Anonymous

Dani, 16 Dec 2009If you've ever used a Blackberry, you'd find they are WAY A... morewhat Blackberry?? Blackberry never can kick Symbian OS

  • Anonymous

i really dont like the size of the screen on this phone...

  • Anonymous

seanderson, 16 Dec 2009Not diggin much this fone even if im a SE fan... it looks o... moreYes, I agree to that.

  • Dani

nick, 16 Dec 2009yeah maybe but it doesn't make sense to me... like i said... moreIf you've ever used a Blackberry, you'd find they are WAY AHEAD of Nokia S60

From the UI to the design.

It puts Nokia to shame

  • seanderson

Not diggin much this fone even if im a SE fan... it looks ordinary to me.... they can do better than this

  • Anonymous

i have the vertu... the concierge was complete garbage... it was fun from the start when they had a SF base which was where i lived at the time... but then they shut it down and kept it in the "UK" which by the way took them hours to complete the simplest task.... if they are the same do not... i repeat do not buy this phone.... the concierge is garbage.............. just google it

  • SR

Nokia also has the 88xx series, SE are just trying to break in with a little but old innovation. Its to be seen the number of takers...