The rise, dominance, and epic fall - a brief look at Nokia's history

12 August, 2015
A couple of years ago, Microsoft reached a deal to acquire Nokia's struggling devices and services business, and just recently, the Finnish company sold its HERE mapping unit to a group of German car-makers. Itís true that Nokia has had a terrible last five years, but this doesnít take away the fact that it was this very company that effectively defined the mobile industry for over a decade prior, and gave us some of the most memorable phones.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-428442, 16 Aug 2015Actually, Nokia's decision to go with Windows Phone was a good o... moreI respectfully disagree now, as I disagreed then. Windows Phone couldn't do half of what Symbian could do at the time. It was another two years before you could even connect your Windows phone to a VPN, or have signed encrypted emails for Christ's sake. The logical choice for flexibility and features such as Symbian provided was Android.

Where I got it wrong back in 2011, was suggesting that Nokia would have been able to fork Android without Google Play Services. I thought that Ovi Maps + Opera browser would provide strong alternatives to the Google ecosystem. Obviously at that point, Amazon FirePhone and BB10 with their Android runtime forks hadn't been released yet to prove us all wrong about the importance of the Google Play framework.

Also disagree about marketing. Before 2011, Nokia marketing, at least in the US...there was none. People would see me with a Nokia phone and say, "I didn't know they were still around." And this was when Symbian still had 30% market share worldwide! The states had been a neglected market for some time, due to some patent dispute over CDMA. So with the Microsoft partnership, the marketing kicked up for the first time that I could remember, and one could actually go down to any cellular store and physically hold a Nokia smartphone. There were television commercials and ads in the papers. But people who bought in were left with a very limited Windows Phone 7 OS, which was obsolete with no upgrade path just months later. There was plenty of marketing, but the timing was a disaster.

  • AnonD-179722

If only Nokia aware that current market is starting to get bored of smartphones and proceduce those classic models like 8210, 8310 and some others.

I bought 2 Lumias in the last 2 years but it wasn't user friendly nor fun. Main phone is Blackberry now but 2nd phone for voice call is nowadays hardly a nice model. Wish Nokia to release those good old Symbian models in high end specs.

  • Vendhar

Nokia......very nostalgic to here it again. Very excited remembering back their golden years with high quality and attractive mobile phones. The Nokia craze by me and people surrounding me make us to ignore the beautiful designs of Motorola phones which was released on those same years. Largely driven by specs we ignore all the phones that lacks autofocus camera and flash and one more thing, we expect the mobile phones loudspeaker to be crazily loud and Nokia had successfully capitalised by releasing most of their phones according to our expectations or in other word they had been very successful in dictating in what we shall expect. And one more thing, Nokia phone's multimedia functions is awesome and attracted us which was ahead of its competitors.

  • Anonymous

rafh, 16 Aug 2015Nokia forever.. I didnt regret buying Nokia lumia 720. The bes... moreSince 2002? Lol. Lumia 720 came out/released in 2013.

  • AnonD-129208

If Nokia is really returning to win in the smartphone industry they better forget everything about those mediocre Lumia crap and figure out what people is after first and then come strong cause consumers are more demanding than ever!

  • AnonD-427634

respect to nokia for making history...

  • muie

They have to come up with something revolutionary with android onboard (not like X-line, that was a joke) to stay inline, otherwise, epic fail from those in charge of the company which ruined it\s reputation.

  • AnonD-90411

Hope they make a return with new jolla/android smartphones

  • shenny

please come back,i am waiting for nokia to come

  • Mohamed_Egy

I hope NOKIA can think seriously to cooperate with Android to build there devices with Android operating system then it will gain a great profit and get a better rank between competitors.

  • Iran

rafh, 16 Aug 2015Nokia forever.. I didnt regret buying Nokia lumia 720. The bes... moreNokia Forever......coming soon 2016

  • AnonD-430286

I miss u nokia....very much....plz....plz...plz....u r come back from this world.....!

  • Anonymous

A million thanks to Samsung, LG and Apple for helping Nokia.

  • Anonymous

The king `Nokia' will be back 2016 or 2017

  • AnonD-246216

More like: "epic fail!"

  • AnonD-108455

Well , there are many shortcuts in the article which are important , and I didn't expect that GSMA will forget them as we used to get perfect articles in this place .

The most important thing in my opinion is killing MeeGo ! that revolutionary OS which gave us a new way using touch screens , it was really nice combine with N9's body design , specs , and release timing as well , if MeeGo could have App support at least for the famous applications , games that time , it would takeover all smartphones !! , However , that didn't happened and made the device useless despite the beauty of MeeGo , also Elop was Microsoft's son and not Nokia's !

Nokia taught me the mobile phone and it's technologies and it's deep in my heart .

  • Anonymous

AnonD-425689, 16 Aug 2015I still believe that NOKIA will rise up again! 2016, their agre... moreNokia always was alive. They are never dead to begin with. I keep seeing Nokia product got release once a while this year. Not Lumia. The latest offering from them was last June. Nokia 105 2015.­7272.php

  • karthi

We miss you Nokia :'(.

  • ...

they were copy cats just like apple and so much of this 1st they are claiming for camera and etc i remember reading about other brands being 1st to do like for camera some samsung i think and that some ericsson was 1st touchscreen and symbian (it had uiq i believe) phone and 1st smartphone
i think siemens was 1st with memory card and etc this is just some fanboy writing to be ignored

  • AnonD-399514

Nokia over now time is apple of