Hands-on video of Xperia Z5 leaks, confirms rumored specs

31 August, 2015
The Xperia Z5 Premium is said to have a 5.5-inch 4K display.

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  • AnonD-347427

Copied the Nokia Lumia 930 design .
They can do better than this, I can't expect this from Sony.

  • Anonymous

Z5 = top notch


Please change sd810 and make sure that the size of Xperia z5 compact is same as z3 COMPACT. And launch it soon.otherwise customers may change the brand.

  • Anonymous

the problem is not just the heat! it is the battery drain as well

  • AnonD-361328

No 4gb Ram & S820=No Buy

  • AnonD-55322

DROID23, 31 Aug 2015SD810?! how stupid are you Sony...and then say the smartpho... moreTell me another processor they can use dude :) 820 won`t be out till 2016. And now 810 don`t have the same problem with overheating.

  • ithehappy

So, it is confirmed that it will be powered by firedragon 810. Good to know, now I don't need a heater in the coming winter.

  • AnonD-430843

AnonD-273829, 31 Aug 2015i had z3+ after the last update it wont heat alot like befo... moreI'm thinking the do the same , but Z3C with Z5 premium , I hope they get it right this time

  • AnonD-273829

i had z3+ after the last update it wont heat alot like before it was really normal after the update so its not bad at all

look forward to new z5 compact from now

  • AnonD-97167

23 MP in superior auto !!


And please Sony make the speakers as strong as Z3 not Z3+ stupid speakers

  • Anonymous

no thanks, I not pay the bomb to explode in my hand, please throw off market the snapdragon 810 overheating chipset !!!!

  • DROID23

SD810?! how stupid are you Sony...and then say the smartphone market of the brand is down...if they dont listen theyr consumers how did Sony make profit?!

We want the Z5 with SD820 not the hottest SD810! even SD810 v2.1 dont sound good at all!

  • IA64

I'm buying this shit as soon as it's released. Can't wait to put my hands on it. I think they'll use the S810 V2.1 which is quite good compared to the older version as seen on some forum reviews. V2.1 doesn't dissipate as much heat as the older generation did.

Sony + 4K ? take my money

  • AnonD-352420

And even with sd810 and 4k resolution OT will lag less than my Galaxy s6 :D