Some of the innovative iPhone features we’ve seen before

10 September, 2015
“The only thing that’s changed is everything.” Apple’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus marketing slogan is about as true as they come.

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  • AnonD-362866

AnonD-374655, 11 Sep 2015Great article. Finally someone proved the truth !Since when. Dear sir. Does an article. Prove anything? Apple may not be the first to the market with tech ( it doesnt have to rush tech to make numbers) BUT it does indeed create the best tech. Samsung introduces something, it flops and doesnt stick, a few years later Apple recreates it and it works as it should, it actually has useful functionality and provides a quality UX Android simply cannot match. Then the world takes notice. It becomes a standard. Next years Samsung flagships "now with force touch" lol

  • AnonD-374655

Great article. Finally someone proved the truth !

  • AnonD-91398

Agh85, 11 Sep 2015The very title of the article is intended to bash Apple up over ... moreAbout the last part in the article - that's the reason this was published as a blog, which is the authors opinion. This is not a review, read the blog again. Does this look like a review!? If it is a review then you'd see a review article in the reviews section and GSMA's reviews unbiased.

  • AnonD-91398

AnonD-367997, 11 Sep 2015First of all, 192g is not pocket tearing. Secondly Apple Pencil ... moreSo you're saying with Samsung Note phablets you could only interact with stylus!? Check you general knowledge once again. Even Note series also provides stylus for productive operations and it can also be used for everything other it supports touch for everything. Also it provides a place holder for keeping the stylus safely without loosing. Now that Apple pencil is a separate one without holder definitely many people will complain of loosing it in their sofa set or bed where we use the most. Good luck in searching for your Apple pencil.

  • AnonD-439007

AnonD-367997, 11 Sep 2015And one more thing. A lot written in this article is true. Most ... more­rave-new-buzzwords-6s-ful-marketing/
Read this

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Anonymous, 11 Sep 2015True1+

  • AnonD-322352

3D looks really neat, though...

  • Shell

Doesn't matter who copy who...the apples devices still has almost all of theirs features used almost daily by all users.
Apple is thinking a lot about what is truly important in everyday use and perfect it and make it feel natural and is the only company that is very interesting about health and music while others are on making more ram more cpu power more more same things over and over

  • AnonD-367997

And one more thing. A lot written in this article is true. Most of the new features built into the iPhone 6s are not new but no one said they were. During the entire keynote not once was it mentioned that apple invented any of these things.

  • AnonD-367997

First of all, 192g is not pocket tearing. Secondly Apple Pencil is only a tool for content creators, not a way to interact with the iPad Pro. Do not get confused! Steve Jobs was against using a stylus as a form of interaction with a device. iPad Pro is still a touch based device and the Apple Pencil is only and only a tool for creativity unlike the other styli u may find on other devices which are built for interaction. Lastly I don't think any manufacturer needs to explain the weight of their device.

  • JK

I admire Apple products but still with almost all the advertised features being inspired/copied out from other products, they did brought that "holier than thou" attitude down a notch!!!!

The 2012 Cartoonist was Visionary!!!!

  • Hoek

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6edge+ are made from 7000 series aluminum, just thought id mention that as you have stated the iPhone is the only one.

  • Agh85

AnonD-359894, 11 Sep 2015I won't argue whether fingerprint sensor on Z5 is better than ip... moreThe iPhones can also register upto 5 fingerprints; so whats the point here? And you are trying to tell me that the Touch Id on Apple is not perfect because its integrated in the home key? You mean to say that unlocking the phone from the side or the back is easier than from the front? Then why dnt the Xperia Z5 put all the touch-screen controls (Home, back and Task switcher buttons) on the right side only. Would be much more easier, ain't it?

  • Agh85

AnonD-152638, 11 Sep 2015This article was written, to put the a perspective on the lunch ... moreThe very title of the article is intended to bash Apple up over the new iPhones. I, like everyone else, watched the keynote on Wednesday and nowhere did Apple mention that they have innovated any of the features that goes on the new iPhones. All Apple executives say that they have made the best iPhone till date and sure enough, these features weren't present on any of the older gen iPhones. There was no pompous show on Apple's part on Wednesday. All they did were point out that they are putting these things on an iPhone in a different way than is usually perceived.
This editor who wrote this article, had mentioned words like pocket-shattering and all about the 6S Plus's weight; was he living in a cave when the Note5 was announced with 172gm of weight....Oh, wait you will say it has a larger screen and a stylus.
Apple has tried to implement something new in their iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with the haptic 3D touch and these motors must have taken space within. If this editor is so critical of the weight issues or the 12mp camera of the iPhone 6S duo or the live photos, why doesn't he show a different way of doing that?
Agree with me or not, this definitely goes against the goodwill of GSMA. Users can have personal preferences; but when you are putting up a public review, you shouldn't be judgmental. And that, when the phone has not even hit retail shows.

  • Anonymous

Apple has never really been innovative. What they do best, is to implement a feature that was created before and perfect it. Yes, HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. all created great features, but nobody really cares either because it seems half-*ssed or it feels neglected. The real loser is Nokia, they pioneered smartphones, and most functions we know or use, derives from Nokia's genius ex-engineers. 3 years later, Nokia 808 pureview is still the "best" smartphone camera out there.­;idPhone1=7431&idPhone2=4577&idPhone3=66­65

  • Anonymous

Jack, 10 Sep 2015people buy apple for prestige, nothing else. Sad, but true, no f... moreTrue

  • Anonymous

Shell, 10 Sep 2015Innovation isnt invention. That pencil is the best on the mark... moreBlackberry 10 is already a button less phone 2013

  • Anonymous

Agh85, 10 Sep 2015It seems GSMArena is now a PR for droids. The team at GSMArena h... moreThey have written the truth

  • Anonymous

For Me tablets are not as Cool as Laptop. With Heavy weight brand like Dell and HP why one should buy tablets? Ipad pro or whatever is not at all a replacement for my Dell Vostro (yes 2011 one) , it works all fine then why should buy a tablet? Tablet don't have SAP or any accounting software nor can run much complicated engineering software . What is the point of multiple Core and bucks if it cannot be part of my professional life ? My devices are my tool not Toys.

  • Anonymous

Thank you GSM for such a strong review. Be Strong Be Brave.