Some of the innovative iPhone features we’ve seen before

10 September, 2015
“The only thing that’s changed is everything.” Apple’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus marketing slogan is about as true as they come.

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  • drickz

Just lower your expectations.. Apple has been licking back its own dirt ever since they go against their own bold claim: iPad size is perfect, who need bigger iPhone, no one need more megapixels, 4k recording is useless, no need for NFC, etc. I can't like apple because they seems like a trendsetter for overpriced phone, non removal battery and memory...

  • AnonD-152638

I really wished that every company that offers 4K recording on their devices, also offered a 1080p30fps mode with the same bitrate, and a 1080p60fps mode with the same bitrate, so that you could get really good 1080p video out of the device, that would in most cases surpass the quality of the 4K video. (the same goes for streaming services, they should also offer the option of getting higher bitrate 1080p, instead of 4K).
Upscaling of good 1080p, looks pretty good on 4K TVs, a lot better than way to heavily compressed 4K.

  • AnonD-152638

Tech is apparently still not mature enough for Live photo. That lag takes all of the fun out of it.
It's a pretty fun idea, but it should feel seemless. To improve the feeling they should start the video at the point of the picture, and rather loop it, soo it really feels like the picture is coming alive. Now it just feels like a video of the same moment, which is what it technically is, but they should try to mask that fact.

Force touch/3D touch is nice.
It could have really made a change for the experience while using the desktop of windows, on a tablet. But it seems to add a bit of weight, so perhaps that was the reason to why MS did not implement it, in their surface line (and added support for it), the tech has been around for some time. (Imagine using your indexfinger, either as a pointer device, moving it over the screen, and thus be able to activate mouse-over menus and so on, or to directly press down to select an object. And as long as you havent selected an object, just marked it, adding a finger to the right of that finger would bring up the right click menu for the object your leftmost finger (index finger) has marked. They could have even design a foam object with low friction mat on the undersider, so you could drag your hand on the screen, with the same ergonomic support of a mouse.)

  • Good guy

I dont know who wrote this article but anyone you are you must know even you CAN NOT hold or distract the increase of apple lovers and as you all know the sales of apples product is increasing every day. Cause its not matter of numbers!! It s the matter of QUALLITY and Simplicity that no other brand didnt get to it.
You r a apple hater as your article shows that. Sorry for you

  • AnonD-12245

GoToSchool, 11 Sep 2015The truth is Apple keeps playing catch up, many of these so call... moreApple has been playing catch-up since iPhone 5. After Steve Jobs went away, Apple is no longer the ground breaking, trend-setting company that Jobs made it to be.

Sure it is doing very well financially, but gone are the days where you would see true innovation in an Apple Keynote event.

  • AnonD-152638

Agh85, 10 Sep 2015It seems GSMArena is now a PR for droids. The team at GSMArena h... moreThis article was written, to put the a perspective on the lunch of the new iPhone. Apple hypes a lot in their events, making it sound like they are the first, and best with everything. No other major company does this as much as Apple does.

They didnt bash android OEMs when they started using 64 bit chipsets, as they did not claim that it made a large improvement on the performance, which it doesnt, unless you use it to adress extra ram.
Apple was the ones that claimed there were huge benefits with 64bit architecture.

GSMarena did write that the fingerprint sensor on the Samsung S5, wasnt as good as the one on the iPhone. They also wrote that the one on the iPhone wasn't perfect, which it isn't.
GSMarena did not trash the Touch ID function on the iPhone. Apple was however far from first with a fingerprint reader on a phone. There were Windows mobile devices, even before the first iPhone that had fingerprint readed. But Apple was the first in mobiles, with a non swipe version, and that made it superior, untill others started to use similar/the same technology.

Verge, engadget and CNET, are not not for beeing neutral when it comes to Apple products. But please go there, if you want overly possitive reviews of Apple devices.
The only reason GSMarena is a bit hard on Apple now, is because of Apple's hype. If they did not hype their devices, lie and bend truth, GSMarena, would never have felt the need to write this article.

Pay systems in mobiles, using NFC has been talked about since before the first iphone was released. But It's not untill now, NFC readers has started spreading. There was also talk about replacing your home keys with your mobile.
By the way, where i live, we've had NFC pay systems for mobiles for a while, before the Apple pay was announced, so if you say samsung pay is a copy of apple, Apple copied others first.
And as some has been trying to explain, Samsung pay works diferently, it has built in system, that can mimic a magnet strip on a card, so it can be used with any terminal that supports reading a magnet strip.

3D touch and Haptic feedback are two different things.
3D touch, uses some extra space. Usually though, nowadays, when new tech is implemented, it you still end up with a device that is no bigger and no heavier than last generation. Apple did not succeed on that. And it's pretty evident in the Plus version, that has smaller battery, and smaller screen, than similar sized and weight devices.

The new haptic motor looks bigger as well. It that is true, I wonder if it's that much better than the old one.
Haptic motor, is actually just the built in vibrating device, by a fancy name.

But where did GSMarena have any issues with the 3D touch, other than to say Apple wasn't first with it?

They way you comment on this article, seems, that if apple introduces a new feature for apple devices, they should be praised, with no critique. Even if Apple pretends to be first, when they wasn't. Or when new features makes a pretty heave device even heavier (they have complained about weight on many devices, that are not apple devices).
Or when GSMarena feels like the new added feature isnt much to write home about.

[deleted post]I bet that they are. Truth hurts doesn't it? The only company I saw really doing something big this year is Sony with the 4k display, they didn't call it innovation though. Something that apple would have called epic innovation or something and only for marketing purposes.

  • AnonD-359894

[deleted post]Terrible, bitter but true. Don't be so excited. No one is defending you from buying your beloved iphone.
Those are just facts.

  • AnonD-359894

Agh85, 10 Sep 2015Stop fooling yourself. The Z5 isn't even available on shelves an... moreI won't argue whether fingerprint sensor on Z5 is better than iphone 6s or not. But i think placing fingerprint sensor on Z5 is the perfect one.
Wait, don't tell me that it's on the right side of the phone and that's why it's easier for right handed people only. Z5 can register up to 5 fingers at the same time. So placement of fingerprint sensor is most perfect on Z5.
And Z5 fingerprint sensor does pretty fast, reliable job.
-Source: my own experience at IFA (as my living place is only 10 minutes away from IFA venue, i go there almost every year)

  • eljim bon

That's great.
Can't wait for Apple to use nano fusion reactor for the next iPhone.
That will really 'blow' the user away.

The truth is Apple keeps playing catch up, many of these so called new features have been available in other brands but they present it to consumers that are ready to swallow the hook, line and sinker.

  • AnonD-77346

The S6 already uses 7 series aluminium so no, the iphone isn't the only one.

  • entracarajo


  • Anonymous

As a former Apple iPhone user i have to agree that Apple can really brainwash people with their fancy PR terms like "iSight" camera or "Retina Display.."
With their fancy keynotes describing features as "life changing" or "amazing" and pulling up unsourced percentages with unrealistic satisfaction rates.

This isn't the iPhone 4 era anymore. Lots of phone makers have stepped up their game, whether its pricing or just features.

All in all I'm glad GSMArena recognizes that Apple, (and i qoute) should take their holier than thou attitude down a notch.
Its high time someone told it like it is.


AnonD-120539, 10 Sep 2015Force Touch moreTurnDownForWhat.mp3

  • AnonD-342374

Mmmm... My S6 edge weighs 132g and is just a beauty. Performance is just flawlessly.

Guess I made a smart choice to buy it than wait for heavy iPhones 6s /plus s etc with the so called innovations under dispute...features that we had since S4...2 years ago... Lol

I hope atleast the new A9 SoC is not also a disappointment...Apple still behind competition

I bet these new iBricks will seek like hot cakes... iboys can't wait

  • SDKforLumia

Very well written article George. Especially that very last point.

  • AnonD-82281

I'd be willing to give i6s a try this year, IF it had wireless charging. But it doesn't, so, pass.

But come on GSMArena, at least get someone witty to write the article if you're going to throw shade.

  • AnonD-405455

I think the Note 5 has 7000 series aluminium.