First look at the Cseries with leaked Symbian-running Nokia C5

04 February, 2010
Symbian is going to push out S40 out of all but the most basic phones - the newly leaked Nokia C5 is good evidence of that. With a modest price tag this handset would steer many buyers in Symbian...

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  • jogin

hii i bought nokia c5-00 1 year back...It is nice 3G Phone showing 10.2Mbps port.....I am using 3G sim in phone.My problem is that I am not able to get download speed more than 100 KB/s. Why Please Tell me ????....I think download speed should come more than 400 Kb/s...

Please Tell me if u know this about problem

  • franco4love

I love c5, c5 is the kind of phone that everybody should use, bcos it has everything in it, very stronge nice look and just name it.

  • Anonymous

s40 no need worry get virus,but s60 yes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2010for most of the users the look is not that big of the deal ... morec5 is the worst phone that i regret to buy it,compare to 3120c.
c5 text too small to read,lcd so blur,bad under sunshine,camera no zooming to view again the snap,video not in 640*480 ,not as good as it advertise

  • Anonymous

VERY DISAPOINTED to this phone,compare to 3120c..1)no zooming after taking photo 2)Lcd very plur,worst under shine shine, 3)video play back not in 640*480 4)texts are too small to read.......

  • Sal

C5 is a great phone. I don't regret to buy this C5 thing and I love use this sweet puppet.(Indonesia)

  • Krishnan

I still use my 1100. Never got a better phone primarily because I wanted one with 3g and good keypad. And so this phone looks really good for me.

The market is already saturated with touchscreen products, and nokia already has a decent one in the price range in 5230. If its priced decently had doesn't have any glaring compatiblity/battery life/build quality issues then this is definitely my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Oliver, 16 Feb 2010U know,I really like Nokia.. But I just wish they would sta... morefor most of the users the look is not that big of the deal (for as long as they are not horrible).

And for most of you guys. If you want touch and other things like this you're not the target.
Look at the 1100 (the best sold phone in the world), I bet you said that's ugly and nobody will buy it and that Nokia sucks.

every phone has his designed target.

My father would love this phone. It's exactly what he wants from a phone. Simple, elegant, you can talk on it and send SMS. He doesn't care about stuff like touch or wifi or bluetooth etc. I don't think he ever used it on his current phone. He doesn't even care that much about the camera, although he does take picture with in from time to time.
Most of the people just want o simple phone with simple settings.

Touch is awesome, or at least it look, but as someone already said you don't have a feedback. I've just realized that I might miss this features in my new touchscreen phone which should arrive in 1-2weeks. I'm used to drive and text without looking at the screen. I know where the buttons are and how many times I have to press for a letter (I hate t9).
so if you don't like it, don't buy it, this is not a business phone, a multimedia one, a high end one, this is entry level for regular people which just need a phone.

  • phones genius

nokia c5 is a phone that should be more apreciated cuz this kinda phones showld be in everybodys pokets...We should get rid of old phones like s40 or touchwiz and head up to symbian,maemo,blackberry and other true phones operating systems...

  • Ron

Only a person who can't afford a symbian phone would say something like that@max-montenegro

  • Oliver

U know,I really like Nokia.. But I just wish they would start focusing more on their design.. This phone has not bad features,n if it's cheap then even better.. But the design is just atrocious.. Most Nokia phones have less appealing designs,n some are downright ugly..
Compared to other makers.. Samsung and maybe SE has the best design I think,but theyre also not perfect.. Oh well..

  • max-montenegro

i'm compleetly agree with xman,s40 is rellaible and easy to use,no must make candybar with min.2,6 inch oled display,and 8mpx carl zeis optic,keypad like e52,3,5mm earphones,symbian sucs!s40rulles!

  • Anonymous

Chinese phones looks like other phones :S

  • Anonymous

Man in black, 05 Feb 2010Great little phone from Nokia. Low cost, feature rich with ... moreif 6230 & 6300 are such great phones, why not simply continue to make them? I doubt the target users of C5 really cares the differences between these phones....they only make / receive calls & text. They can survive "without" S40.

  • Anonymous

lollypopzie, 05 Feb 2010so many geezers complaining on something they wouldn't be b... moreI don't mind the almighty brand to make cheap phones, as I agree not everybody has the cash.

But does that mean it should release such so called "new" phone when it could of further lower the prices of 6300 (or other 6-series) which should have the specs most people would need? Why need "smart" OS when most only call / text? Would price be dropped further without such "new" features?

  • Anonymous

looks like chinese phones

  • Maliky

I'v always been lookin 4ward to new things 4rm nokia. And i think they just did the right thing 4 me.. Cos this is my style!!!

  • Anonymous

a really cheap looking phone...

  • prince

Andddrey, 06 Feb 2010Why do you need Symbian on a cheap phone??! You buy a low-c... morenot looking this phon

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2010I am curious as to why many people do not seem to realise t... moreS40 isn't Symbian.