First look at the Cseries with leaked Symbian-running Nokia C5

04 February, 2010
Symbian is going to push out S40 out of all but the most basic phones - the newly leaked Nokia C5 is good evidence of that. With a modest price tag this handset would steer many buyers in Symbian...

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  • Mhel

The keypad and the dpad area look like the one from the recently leaked Nokia E72 successor. It looks hideous!

  • martinkem

Boring design: yes
u don't need an innovative design to win the heart of the mass market people, people want a good durable phone (which nokia has made a name for itself in) which has a host of features at a reasonable price (not everybody can afford an iphone or an n97). This phone would probably move a lot of units in the emerging markets so long as it comes with decent navigation included

  • Anonymous

So that's Nokia's master plan to have high numbers in the smartphone segment.

Cheap phones.

Nokia cheap phone kings...

...too bad for the shareholders there's not much money in them.

  • Anonymous

why name it after a failed 1980's invention?

  • Anonymous

Well it's nokia, and old style, fabricating old productsfor clasic people.

  • Nokia hater

Well, well.The same song! The phone's design is awful. It has good features for a mid-range cell, but it's really like a plank in someone's hand! Boring Nokia, very disappointing at all...

  • Praveen

Good New UI new hopes....

  • JJ

Booooring! 1st!