First look at the Cseries with leaked Symbian-running Nokia C5

04 February, 2010
Symbian is going to push out S40 out of all but the most basic phones - the newly leaked Nokia C5 is good evidence of that. With a modest price tag this handset would steer many buyers in Symbian...

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  • 5ushi

I don't understand why people hate the OS so much. AND NO, I AIN'T A FANBOY; I OWN A SE AND HAVE DONE SO FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS.

As long as it serves the end-user's needs, the end-user and anybody else do NOT have the right to complain and whine. Why mock the OS; are you going to buy it? As I personally see it, this is a simple phone to meet basic needs. You don't need touch and media centers and pinching touch detection and motion control the rest. As long as it meets a persons requirements (and budgets as well in this case), all's good. So take your complaints elsewhere. Now, if you have some CONSTRUCTIVE comments, I wouldn't mind.

As it stands now though, this could just as well be my next phone.

  • Anonymous

its got the same specs as a N78

its really interesting how nokias mid range or now lower end Symbian phones are on sale

a N79 or a N82 has better specs and will cost pretty much the same give or take alittle

always been interesting

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2010hahaha is this a joke? instead of creating a decent touch p... moreIt is not question of touchscreen... it is question of functionality and useability :) smartphones with touchscreen are fun... and it stops there

  • Vaz

Actually we probably WONT see more of it at MWC sin Nokia is not coming:

  • Nwaokoro victor

well nokia well done but the design is oldschool, hardware backward, software excellent......

  • Rakeb

menu this phone like windows mobile

  • Anonymous

Well to me this looks as a very decent no-nonsense phone. Of course it isn't fancy. It isn't intended for an high-end audience.

  • Nepal

C means classic a 1650 series was packed by s60 and also all classic phones are cheap

  • floryn

I'm sick of classic design phones from nokia.

  • Anonymous

When I first saw the thumbnail pic for this article, I thought it was about my old phone: the I-Mobile 902. Check the 902 out on this site and you'll see... the resemblance is ridiculous... long lost twins.

  • Nepal

Nokia 6303i classic s40 is looking fashionable compare to c5

  • Nepal

Nokia c3 is coming with querty keypad and c5 already leaked(c means cheap)

  • Croco

Nokia hater, 04 Feb 2010Well, well.The same song! The phone's design is awful. It h... moreMan, we are talking about tastes here. This is something very personal.
This is a simple phone with a simple desin adressed to a specific target. I think Nokia did their homework and they are still searching for a new 1100 :)...a true simple mobile phone upgraded to the most common features the most consumer needs.
Simple, is Nokia :)

  • Series 40 fan

What happens now? No more Series 40? I really hope not. Nokia has proven over time that they can make super phones with series 40. A fine example was the Nokia 6230, 6230i, and 6233. Please Nokia, more high end Series 40 Phones.

  • Anonymous

hahaha is this a joke? instead of creating a decent touch phone it went back to the same old fashioned and absolete crap

  • Anonymous

again people here are expecting "high end"

  • Anonymous

Nokia hater, 04 Feb 2010Well, well.The same song! The phone's design is awful. It h... moreDifferent designs are for different tastes. I like this

  • marsbar

Ugly phone and the UI is another disaster

  • Alexander

So, that`s it? The C-series are just some low-end phones? I was expecting more. I tought C is from Camera :( I tought C-series will be high-end phones with great cameras :(

  • Anonymous

looks like cheap rip-off of nokia n79
doesnt look good

the UI...doesnt look that good either. i think it's just a facelift from old symbian. which is a shame. :(