First look at the Cseries with leaked Symbian-running Nokia C5

04 February, 2010
Symbian is going to push out S40 out of all but the most basic phones - the newly leaked Nokia C5 is good evidence of that. With a modest price tag this handset would steer many buyers in Symbian...

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  • xman

Being a fan of s40 this is unpleasant news indeed. I don't want nor need multitasking in a phone. When I think of multitasking I think of typing a text messages while talking to a coworker. I have no interest in playing music, texting and playing games on my phone at the same time. That is operating the phone is one of multiple tasks. thus I need a simple phone where the same button sequence yields the same response. I found I could configure the S40 devices to achieve this end. No touch screen device is capable of meeting this requirement.

I'm yet to find a a touch screen phone performs great; i've tried both a iPhone 3G and and LG BL40 and in both cases really missed the superior functionality of buttons. a touch screen is great for seldomly used operations but can not compare to the feedback and feel and speed of a quality button for routine operations. I find that I can operate a button equiped phone as a background tasks while touch screen phones requires me to look at it all tasks.

I'm now forced by nokia to learn a new operating system. why should I choose S60? why not one from another manufacture?

please nokia, give us the good looking 6 series S40 phones you have always delivered.

  • Anonymous

touchscreens are horrible and we are in a horrible,horrible time at the moment with all this touchscreen rubbish..Bring back buttons,,bring back clamshells..

  • level_up

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2010hahaha is this a joke? instead of creating a decent touch p... morehahaha yourself....Nokia knows its market and it knows that not everyone wants a touchscreen phone....

  • mjam

I really like the idea to put symbian mobiles with good build quality and appropriate specs into the lower 150$ range phones, like a symbian minded 6303! and I don't know how would be the build quality of this C5 but I wish that it would be something like 6303.

  • Anonymous

It reminds me a lot of the N82 and the N79... Just very straight forward monoblock design. I like it. I won't buy it, but I like it.

  • MAnd

[deleted post]I know. It's just a phone. Calm down people. =)

  • Anonymous

Man when was the last time you owned a phone with a positively minuscule 2.2" display? 2005-06 maybe?
This could've been a great opportunity for Nokia to bump up the resolution of their QVGA S60v3 displays and could have made the phone the only & obvious choice for any buyer in this segment but in typical Nokia fashion, they just shot themselves in the foot.

  • Nilesh Bohade

I m eagerly waiting for an Nokia Dual SIM phone hope that will be as good as N Series or E Series.

  • My Commment

We've known before they announced X and C series, Nokia gave a strong point of the letters or words they put onto their phones; E is for business, N for multimedia, classic for reusing the same number taken from a previous model. Or we could even classify them by the 1st digit number: 8xxx means fancy/fashion, 6xxx means full features, 5xxx means music, 3xxx means wtf... and so forth. But I don't see (yet) a similar point (that really strong) for X3 and X6 so I can recognize them as a line-up. If music/multimedia were the point, then they just repeating this from N and 5 series. Then they announced Cseries, that probably a new lines-up of (e)conomy series.... (so won't mix them up with Eseries)
Looks like they just used a letter by no mean.

  • Anonymous

Ha ha ha, another crappy phone from Nokia, S40 was their last good thing and they ditch it for the crappy S60 !

  • Kalel17

Why isnt my comment going through? Am gonna try again, i edited it and didnt see any problematic comment.
The phone is a midrange handset only made to compete in the midrange that make up the bulk of all phones sold worldwide. The phone WASNT MADE TO COMPETE WITH IPHONE, DROID etc.... How much phones nokia sell worldwide each year? Over 400 million right? How much smartphones are sold worldwide? 150 million right? The smartphone market accounts for only about 20% of the total mobile phone market, A meagre 20%. This phone is for the other 80% or nearly 800 million phones.

Nokia is releasing a smartphone without the intimidating look of a smartphone to get ppl who otherwise wouldnt take up a smartphone to buy one. So all those people Who think smartphones are the only phones sold are just acting uninformed. Nokia sells normal feature phones, so its quite natural for them to release a phone like this with the obvious thought of pushing symbian to the midend.

When they are ready decent maemo and symbian touch fones will come, they are just releasing a midrange phone now.. They didn even need to have this over the web because quite frankly, people who will buy this wont spend time on the internet looking up a fone.

The strategy is to make maeo the highest end, put symbian at midrange and put s40 on the cheapest phones possible. So they arent competing with themselves they are just phasing out s40 from the midrange by encouraging s40 phone buyers to purchase s60 devices. thats just how it is, like how they will be phasing out s60 from the highend and encouraging highend s60 buyers to purchase maemo.

  • vinci

The keypad don't match the phone's look. SO cheap looking style and material used.

  • Farhan

What's with that small menu button.
Nokia is coming out with phones that'll compete with its own phones.
So much to be the market leader.

Nokia should also try to get into other OSes like Android, WinMo that are available so that their phones can offer variety. With phone prices touching rock bottom people change their handsets more often. More OSes means people can try a different UIs. Think about it Nokia !!!

  • Anonymous

5ushi, 04 Feb 2010I don't understand why people hate the OS so much. AND NO, ... morepeople not hate Symbian only some people not like or jealous with Symbian because this SMART OS very success. Symbian OS still leader in Worldwide SMART OS.

  • Anonymous

not to sound negative or anything but pretty much anyone whos had a;

N96, N85, N78, N79, E52, 6720 classic, 6710 Navigaton, Nokia 6730 classic

and apart from FP2 anyone with;

N95, N82, N81, 6120, 5230XM, E51, 6220, 6210, N95 8GB, 5700, E77

theres tons more in different form factors

apart from a few details such as camera MP, FP1/FP2 and mass storage this is exactly the same phone we're had for years

i'm a nokia fan but after 5 years of buying these phones its kinda tiring.

They are still great phones but not for old fans, its time to move on


  • Anonymous

Shah, 04 Feb 2010Is this what Nokia's future phone ! ! Nokia plz stop this c... moreLol...I partially agree with u,but I think there's a market for that,however they should start concentrating more on the smartphone end,most of the people that were using mid range phones have integrated into the smartphone line up,I wish I had a survey to prove my point, but based on sales of the ever increasin android platform phones suggests to me that users want more from jus their normal mid range.Havin some mid range with touchscreen wont hurt the company.

  • Anonymous

C5 is not communicator/multimedia phone, this is a mid end phone.
in case you didn't notice, nokia sold more low/mid-end phones than the hi-end phones. and it's only natural that they create a decent low/mid-phone so they will gain more profits.

  • Athan

5ushi, 04 Feb 2010I don't understand why people hate the OS so much. AND NO, ... moreUr so right dude,if they hate d OS.jaz leave it,dnt patronize it..there are many OSes that wl cater their needs..if u want android,buy sum android phones

  • Shah

Is this what Nokia's future phone ! ! Nokia plz stop this creating phones like these coz already we've got more phones atleast learn from samsung people they are creating massive Touch phones ! Oh God plz give brains to NOKIA people !

  • jack977

the metal accents seem refreshing, hope nokia develop the UI a lot more to make it more appealing(functional it already is)