Motorola announces which of its devices will get Android 6.0 updates

02 October, 2015
The now public list may unfortunately be a lot smaller than many have expected.

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Moto is not even updating Moto G 1st Gen to Android 5.1.1
it is still on 5.0.2 which is so much buggy and full of memory leak problem. At least give the final version of the Lollipop.
This is simply against the Motorola own Tag Line in which they say its all about user experience.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-420777, 03 Oct 2015Look at the release date. First gen Moto G update support ... moreWhat about the Moto E 2nd gen? It's less then a year old and still no 6.0? What about the Moto G 4G 1st gen? similarly it is also less than 18 months old.

  • Khan

Ok moto, If you don't care about your users, then KEEP IT your self!!! Time to give a shot for Nexus 5x.

  • Anonymous

My first and last moto phone is moto g first gen.I would say thanks to Google for making an average fone for my choice is Samsung or sony .good bye lenovo.ur recent moto phones are huge flop.

  • LO

Lenovo...why u did it to Moto ?

  • GhachAGhcHi

Its so bad
they didnt update motorola droid mini to android 5 yet
my phone is droid mini

  • Anonymous

RJ, 03 Oct 2015why the heck Moto G 1st gen., not in the list..???? Moto G... moreAgreed with u if motog can handle lollipop then it can surely handle marshmallow....

  • AnonD-420777

RJ, 03 Oct 2015why the heck Moto G 1st gen., not in the list..???? Moto G... moreLook at the release date. First gen Moto G update support is nearly end (which is 2 years guaranteed update). Android 6.0 will start released on end of the year from all manufacturer and Moto G 1st gen is outdated by that time. You should be lucky, not all low-end device get full 2 year support!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-301306, 03 Oct 2015Absolutely! I meant to say the 2nd gen Moto E has similar h... moremotorola is now part of a chinese company with terribly bad os upgradability.

  • Anonymous

LOL, 03 Oct 2015Watch ppl complaining that they got updates from geingerbre... moreWhy people buy motorola??? For updates.... To latest versions and stock android... If motorola cannot deliver that, there is no advantage of going with motorola..

  • AnonD-301306

AnonD-294887, 02 Oct 2015I think you meant to write "G" in there somewhere. I agree ... moreAbsolutely! I meant to say the 2nd gen Moto E has similar hardware to 2nd gen Moto G, so there's zero reason to not update the E, specially considering it's not even 1 year old! I expected at least 1 big upgrade, from 5 to 6. After 6.0, sure, I would understand no more updates, but they should give us at least 6.

Like you, I bought a Motorola phone precisely because they're known to update their phones steadily and regularly. I bought the E (LTE on SD410) because I "knew" it'd be updated to 6 and it was quite close to the 3rd gen G in CPU/RAM anyway. Had I known Motorola would pull this nastiness, I'd have purchased the 3rd gen G directly.

I feel quite cheated now. If Motorola doesn't right this... my next phone will be a Nexus, as there's no OEM left to trust anymore.

  • LOL

Watch ppl complaining that they got updates from geingerbread to kit kat to lolipop and wont get anymore on their mid range motorola while there ppl with shamesung and that crap called htc (myself got fooled into buying one) mid range device not getting any updates at all.

  • RJ

why the heck Moto G 1st gen., not in the list..????
Moto G 1st Gen. and Moto G 2nd Gen. has similar chip set & other configs....only difference is the screen size...then why dont Moto G 1st gen. not in the list.. ??

  • Anonymous

AnonD-438349, 03 Oct 2015Even if Google is not updating it, I hope we can flash it w... moreOrdinary people dont have time to root, install twrp, download a custom rom, which has bugs, and updated nightly. Only geeks do that. Professional people will not risk a buggy custom rom installed on their phone, it might bug down on their work, now thats a problem

  • AnonD-438349

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2015google only updates the nexus FOR 2 YEARS, even if your pho... moreEven if Google is not updating it, I hope we can flash it with customary ROM

  • Anonymous

Andy, 03 Oct 2015Moto G ( First generation) deserves Marshamellow update as ... moreYou don't raise any credibility by buying low/mid range phones from a company.

On another note, Moto X from 2013 only got 2 updates : one to kitkat, one to lollipop, both with bugs without any minor updates to try to fix them. Sure it was almost a flagship, but still if updates were done right or at least corrected..

On a software side, i will stay out of this company.

  • Veronica

Abhijit, 03 Oct 2015Motorola never promised 2years of updates for moto e ever..... moreYou say 1 update? OK where is mine 5.1 andere stagefeight update for Moto E 2015 EU?

Because nobody in EU got that one...

AnonD-270913, 03 Oct 2015Its Ok motorola, we have got enough updates from 4.3 to 5.1... moreHey bro,
Are you using official 5.1.1 from Motorola on Moto F 1st Gen because My Moto G 2nd Gen XT1068 is still on 5.0.2 .
I am from India

  • AnonD-322352

Heartbroken. Lenovo is killing it from the inside... :c

  • Anonymous

I ment Glance feature .