Motorola announces which of its devices will get Android 6.0 updates

02 October, 2015
The now public list may unfortunately be a lot smaller than many have expected.

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  • AnonD-424336

Sorry my friend Moto G first gen is a 32 bit processor & already it has received update till lollipop , since its initial jelly bean launch . Its sad but the truth for these android phones .

  • Anonymous

What about glace feature ?

  • Anonymous

Tabrez, 03 Oct 2015It's damn sure now to get android updates you should only t... moregoogle only updates the nexus FOR 2 YEARS, even if your phone is still capable of handling the new version, like nexus 4, it sure can handle M but google is not upgrading it.

  • Andy

Moto G ( First generation) deserves Marshamellow update as we helped Motorola raise their credibility.

Please update.

  • Abhijit

ravi, 02 Oct 2015Motorola you promised at least 2 years software update back... moreMotorola never promised 2years of updates for moto e ever.... Moto e always comes with one promised android upgrade! That's it.... If you want software updates on non nexus phones, buy lenovo, Sony or if lucky some Samsung phone sometime might get updated...

Anyway would have been awesome to see support for more than 2 years on phones moto stopped at 2 years exact... Only Sony givers 3 yr guarantee on flagships... Else android is heartbreaking

  • Tabrez

It's damn sure now to get android updates you should only trust nexus devices. Every year there is new OS update and lots of new features. Lollipop was so big update in android history but till now less than 30% have got it. Even people are still on Jellybean. Google is keep updating the android platform if you need to get all of it the difinite choice is a nexus device.

  • Anonymous

why nothing from samsung ?

  • AnonD-270913

Its Ok motorola, we have got enough updates from 4.3 to 5.1 .

Now let us try custom roms too.

Xt1033 user.

  • Ns

When moto e 4g received Android 6.0

  • Anonymous

ravi, 02 Oct 2015Motorola you promised at least 2 years software update back... moretheir promise was it will get the next major update which was lollipop and moto e received it

  • nik

If moto e2 will not get update then there is possibility moto g3 will not get next Android N from Motorola a lenovo owned company.

  • AnonD-427767

To all who are abusing Motorola, you know right that this is the initial list of devices confirmed to get the update. This is not the final list.
Why this harsh feeling for Motorola without thinking even once?

  • Oliver Queen

Lenovo, you have failed this Motorola!

  • AnonD-434000

y not for moto G nd X 1 st gen... they are compatible, come on motorola u guys started making money from these phones... 20 times more peope using ths phones than droid turbo... add moto g nd moto x to this list...

  • Avi

What about Moto G 1st Gen?

  • Anonymous

when, next year?!

So my Moto G 2014 model number XT1068 is going to get Android Marshmallow 6.0 wow such a great news.
Last week I got an update for stage fright bug fix.

  • Veronica

So after 220 days the support stops for Moto E 2015... OK that sucks.

But what sucks even more is that for EU there is still after months no Stagefright or 5.1 update for the Moto E 2015, wich was PROMISED BY MOTOROLA.

No more Motorola for me, next time back to Nexus if my budget allowes.

  • Anonymous

Sad not to see the original Moto X on the list

  • Heavy reader

Where is the software update guarantee.
YOU're such an AS*HOLE motorola.