Nokia X6 16GB gets a price tag, now available for preorder

05 February, 2010
What we like about Nokiaís announcements is that every time they announce a product they also mention its estimated price. Well, almost every time. They didnít say a word on Nokia X6 16GBís pricing so...

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  • mark

.how much is this?may i ask if how much is the price of the cellphone in the philippines?

  • uday raj

i like the cemera the best


this phone is perfect

  • Anonymous

zeus, 10 Feb 2010charging on micro ports? you must be very pathetic to be fuzz... moreI understand is a small thing, and that's the very reason why I question about the almighty brand's intention.

The technology itself should be very simple, yet the almighty brand took YEARS to develop such techology.

It first provided miro-USB plug on 5800, which didn't charge by USB. Then it released N97, which according to some, should be able to charge via USB.

Now in 2010 we see "new" phones like X3/X6/5xxx still DO NOT charge via USB.

Motorola started to use the micro-USB plug back in 2007, and last year the almighty brand made a big deal by saying "we have agreed with other manufacturers to standardize using the micro-USB plug, so possibly in the future handsets can be shipped without chargers (for lower cost and less garbage to the landfills), which I do believe the almighty brand did with one of its handsets in 2009. (you can review the related news here)

But after all the PR statement, the biggest phone maker is telling us its so called "committment" is to continue use its own plug for charging the phone, when many others (Moto, HTC, Blackberry, etc..) already start to standardize using the micro-USB plug.

All of the above maybe hard to understand...for supporters of the I ? music brand, wich also uses its own plug for charging / headphones.

  • zeus

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2010Are u suggesting various media, including this place, who has be... morecharging on micro ports?

you must be very pathetic to be fuzzed about this small thing..

there are lots of ways to charge your phone via usb,you just have to know what you need,

by the way i am not a nokia fan,i am sporting se phones hehehe

  • Anonymous

Fil, 08 Feb 2010Yeah i guessed. Because there have been instances in the past wh... moreAre u suggesting various media, including this place, who has been supporting the almighty brand by reviewing practically every single phone ever released (from low to mid to high end), would lie about the lack of charge by USB being the "disadvantage"?

As I read thru another magazine, the almighty brand's "brand new" 5xxx also does "not" support charging by USB, would that be another lie?

Keep in mind the charge by USB was available as early as 2004 (for mini) or 2007 (for micro), and in 2009 the almighty brand released its allfamous 5800 with micro-USB plug but WITHOUT charging ability.

So much from the almighty brand's R&D dept for being so innovative to offer us phones with micro-USB without charging ability.

  • Mohammadreza

Nokia product's is perfect . first x6's price is very high but it's view and size is well . that i belive that x6 16 gb is better in price and color differention .unfortunatlly it will come to iran market .

  • Anon E. Mouse

X6 16GB is showing on Amazon for $405.99 USD.

  • Corleone

WHY WHY WHY, 08 Feb 2010I have heard a lot of people comparing nokia to htc. This is my ... moreSure , all the happy HTC customers live in the US^^


I have heard a lot of people comparing nokia to htc. This is my opinion as a traveler I found nokia phones to be far better than any phone out there next to motorola. If you do not travel and find yourself in the U.S. 80 percent of the time nokia would be a boring phone. A lot of nokia high end phone comes w/o a lot of software to me this helps with the battery life many tried to copy but just seem to fall short on making a phone with a great battery life. Also it lets the user decide what is useful on their phones instead coming with pre-install apps that you can removed unless you hack into the O.S./firmware. HTC has a great O.S. but the battery life once you take them out of the U.S. is like a paper signal and when you do have a signal no battery life. So all these people bragging about HTC are from the U.S.(like me)
I would rather have a great phone than a pretty phone that only has looks no productivity. It is sad when your phone can not do the one thing it was made to be a phone. Nokia and Motorola slow progress is better than fast and useless progress...Great job Nokia and Motorola 2010 is your year.

  • Fil

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2010u guessed or u simply never read the review by GSM arena on X6? ... moreYeah i guessed. Because there have been instances in the past where the actual products (mobiles in the market) had differed from their previews or reviews on gsmarena, especially when it comes to charging thru USB. If you are a regular visitor here you would hav noticed it , or else no point in asking me whether i am guessing anything or hoping it to happen.
Take care.

  • Anonymous

Fil, 07 Feb 2010Yeah. "charge on USB" is important these days. Gsmaren... moreu guessed or u simply never read the review by GSM arena on X6?

"Doesn't charge off microUSB"

So much from the almighty brand who "claimed" to try to standardize its phones using micro-USB port for charging, and here we're in 2010 when Moto started in 2007...

  • kBaku

You are sure about the headset? When You check the Box on Nokia Online Store the stereo headset are the same...

  • Fil

Adrian Pol, 06 Feb 2010Add a new category in "Phone Finder " , "phone ch... moreYeah. "charge on USB" is important these days. Gsmarena should make a seperate category of it in the phone finder. It will help people who hate carrying chargers everyday to the office or when travelling on weekends.
I guess X6 supports charge on USB.

  • Hong

Ytd i juz tried the phone, it's great n anti-lag coz wif the internal memory and no more card anymor~

  • Omnia HD

Nokia is still wasting our time, OMNIA HD price is: 7,00 U.SD and is still alot better than all nokia's symbian and maemo SCRAB........

Symbian OS
OMLED touchscreen
8 MIGA camera,
8/16 GB + 32GB
Fantastic DSN Sound engine

+++++++++++++ Very smoth/Fast/reliable OS +++++++++++++++600 MHz processor +++++++++++++++++++++++++++=

Unlike nokia, still to slow



I gess

  • Anonymous

shah, 06 Feb 2010that nice but ther is no temprature sensore in any phone yet why There is, the whetherbug or maps app does that world temperature and wheather forecast info?

  • MTY,MEX.

[deleted post]Excelent app. not all ones know about that.

its bad that all ones critic Nokia and even they dont know how to use as well, ignorants. only critics and no solutions.

  • Anonymous

i like it !
a shame that it took so much time till nokia is selling it's first touch phone. (forget about the cheapo plastic stuff 5xxx.)

an app store for symbian an nokia is back in the game ..

  • Anonymous

still too pricey... c'mon nokia, make it US$300 and i'll get this phone