Nokia X6 16GB gets a price tag, now available for preorder

05 February, 2010
What we like about Nokia’s announcements is that every time they announce a product they also mention its estimated price. Well, almost every time. They didn’t say a word on Nokia X6 16GB’s pricing so...

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  • shah

that nice but ther is no temprature sensore in any phone yet why

  • AliAsad

better if u don't comment if u hav to say..smthin bad bout dis phone...nd from my point of view..i'm fit with i phone 3g

  • Anonymous

Dear Critics,
Good if you do comment but please write proper way in English and complete words. Thank you

  • Hamid

It's m phone with the same specs vs iphone 3g and with 2/3 price!
It's right!!

  • Shan

nice, Phone..

  • Anonymous

I love this phone! I smaller than 5800/5530 XM...I like it :X:X

  • raj

5800 is much better or better go for N97 or N900

  • Adrian Pol

Add a new category in "Phone Finder " , "phone charged on USB" , i find this a necessary tool in the 3G word

  • Anonymous

Still way too expensive I think. For removing comes with music, a pair of headphones and 1/2 of internal memory, reducing €200 only is not enough, when the original phone was way overpriced to begin with.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2010to be fair my dad and little sister both have lg arenas and they... moreSo true. Even if the lg arena has better resolution and camera, doesn't make it better. Smartphone os always beats feature phone for me.

  • B2

i like this phone, B1 check this blog =Siemens M65 pictures leaked

  • Anonymous

stop making this hpone nokia

we want new symbian phone

  • spike

consider if you like Symbian first before your purchase. I really hate the garbage os

  • Maka

Gud Fone!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Please check your spelling if your going to rant like this.

  • Anonymous


Not bad but still expensive as ~300 euros is ~ $420 USD!

It's probably less than the SE X10 which is expected to cost (and hurt!) MORE!

  • Anonymous

Still expensive! If it goes with the come with music and it is 299. I will think about it, but it is not, so Nokia been wasting my time.

  • Anonymous

compared to a lot of other touch screen phones, this phone is ugly and the specs are out dated! you can get phones with better specs for the same price.

  • cooza

if this phone comes out at around 400€ here in spain it will be extremely cheap as the n97mini is still at 549€ (roughly)in the phone house.

  • lolme

still expensive.