Nokia Explore and Share short- range transfer tech now on video

23 February, 2010
We just stumbled upon a Nokia Research Center video demoing their Explore and Share short-range radio technology for Nokia devices. The technology is highly secure as it requires physical contact...

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  • Arashi

N900 does support 17MB/s sustained write - it does on my unit.

  • Anonymous

brynn, 24 Feb 2010What happened to Wibree nokias ultra low power bluetooth???read my post below, this is not to replace bluetooth, this is to get rid of the USB-plug.

  • Jon SWE

This is the future!
Imagine this, wireless charging of battery, wireless "USB" transfer, stereo-bluetooth.
No ports on a phone! More resistant to water and moisture. More slimmed edges.

Missing is the virtual or built in SIM, but surely SIMs will have to change in the future.
With that and you can seal all cracks.

Now its just the small mic-pinhole, but there are techniques to make this almost an none issue. The same goes for the speaker holes.

So whats happening here is that a lot of companies are struggeling to get their technique to become standard.

  • brynn

What happened to Wibree nokias ultra low power bluetooth???

  • nomorese

I want this in my next phone!

  • v1rtu4l

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2010Ops apology sir, but is about 200MB and not 100MB!why should it be 200 MB ?

just google or search on other sites how big audio-rips of this CD is and you will get sizes between 80MB and 105 MB ...

i really do not believe that wma is so inferior to mp3 compression, that it would bloat the size to 200 MB.

my point stands... this "new" technology is nothing special, as i could achieve even better bandwith with WIFI N already years ago.

  • Anonymous

Nokia can do whatever they like its their money, which i think most of you are forgetting!

  • Anonymous

so... nokia's expanding its business ?

  • Anonymous

v1rtu4l, 24 Feb 2010i am not an iPhone user and if you got nothing useful to say, yo... moreOps apology sir, but is about 200MB and not 100MB!

  • v1rtu4l

i am not an iPhone user and if you got nothing useful to say, you should not have said or wrote anything at all (if you had been raised up properly by nowadays standards).

i did not actually notice what album it was, but just for the sake of it being a marketing video (a bad one, i must add) i am still skeptic, why i would be amazed by this. i am not even as amazed as the tone of the narrators voice about it.

we are talking about transfering 100 MB in 10 seconds, which (MMC writing speed aside) would make the achievement of this device a wireless close-range transmission bandwith of 10MB/s.

thats pretty much what you get with any low cost WIFI Draft N router. I think it was nearly 2 years ago, when i owned one of them and i got a transmission bandwith of theoretically 150Mb/s in 3 metres distance to my router. For those to lazy to do the math 150 Megabit/s equals around 18.75 MByte/s.

so how is this a great achievement, when this was already possible two years ago. the latest phones do support WIFI 802.11n, so all they probably did is update the firmware of the WIFI-module of the N900 and laid it on top of a disguised 802.11n- Router/Access Point.

there you got your copperfield

  • Anonymous

trancehell, 23 Feb 2010Nokia tried some NFC solutions before. Check these out: NFC R... moreNokia is innovating, but other companies not cooperating!

  • Anonymous

wicked well useful cant wait for this

  • Anonymous

v1rtu4l, 23 Feb 2010i don't buy into that marketing crap... first off, you would ... moreYou are being unfair.

It's Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits album. 18 tracks around 4:30 min each (270 seconds x 18 = 4,860 seconds).

Ovi has their music mostly in 192 kbps WMA.

So you have something around 750-850 millions of BITS (I'm being generous with the bitrate here).

Tranform into BYTES (/8) and you have something just around 100 MBYTES (possibly a bit less, since it's... well... online music ;-).

There you have it. According to you, the N900 can write at 10 MBYTES/s, which is basically what we have seen on the video.


  • v1rtu4l

i don't buy into that marketing crap...

first off, you would think nokia could afford some guy that actually can SPEAK english to do this presentation. Why did they put the Janitor who absoletly has no clue what he is doing right now in front of the camera.

now to you guys who get your pants wet after seeing this. they said they transfer one album to the phone. no word was spent on how big the data that is transfered actually was.
you can bet your ass on, that if this "device" had a great transfer rate, they would have said something like "this achieves up to 30 MB/s", but they did not, so its just a vague statement, that he can transfer a album (any word what album?) to the phone. i can compress any song to AAC with a song being around 2 MB for example. now i choose and album with only 10 tracks et voila ... my wifi-router will transfer one album even faster than this crap.

this is just marketing bullsh*t trying to fool blind users without any knowledge of how to operate a fridge

as already stated on engadget... how would the supposedly 100+ MB of data get written so fast onto the MMC-Memory of the phone, while we all now, that the internal memory of 27 GB (or something) of the N900 will NEVER achieve a constant writing speed of above 10MB/s

  • Anonymous

Maybe it's tricky combination Wi-Fi and Bluetouth to achieve that speed..., just curious!

Well,i have try throe USB connection my n5800xm and my laptop transferring a movie file of 102MB in size, and is not bad.
Here is the results:
From n5800xm ==> Laptop= 17.sec
From Laptop ==> n5800xm= 23.sec

Not bad is it lol?

  • trancehell

Nokia tried some NFC solutions before. Check these out:

NFC RFID Xpress shell for Nokia 3220:­82cdc9ca.HTM

NFC RFID Nokia 6212 cellphone:­php

NFC RFID Nokia 6216 cellphone:­php

NFC RFID Xpress shell for Nokia 5140:

  • ajay

technology behind this is NFC

  • Anonymous

David, 23 Feb 2010I was talking about Palm Touchstone. Palm has a little black mag... moreI know what a touchstone is, i own one, i have a Pre

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2010what integrated did u mentioned about dude??as u can see palm is... morePalm isnt going anywhere, they may not have the marketshare of Apple or Nokia, but they dont need to have they only have 1000 employees, and they have investors with very very deep pockets. WebOS is one of the most innovative platforms on the mobile market at the minute, and the rate of development on it has been mind boggling, theres been almost an update every month since the Pre was released. With John Rubenstein at the helm, they arent going anywhere

  • David

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2010what integrated did u mentioned about dude??as u can see palm is... moreI was talking about Palm Touchstone. Palm has a little black magnetic stone where you put you phone to charge and interact.

Palm is not dying at all, they don't sell much as their costomer base is not very big, on the other hand, they don't make so many phones.

It's like saying my local grocery shop is dying cause they don't sell millions a day.