LG handset running Windows Phone 7 caught in the wild

28 February, 2010
Handsets running Windows Phone 7 won't hit the shelves before the holiday season but here we have the first of them making a public appearance. The QWERTY-enabled touchscreen device was...

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  • zabih zabih@london.c

is windows 7 mobile gonna be as easy and useful as windows 7 desktop?

i find windows 6.5 and 6.1 on an orange handset very tricky and confusing. A newbie smartphone user will never like windows 6.1 specially.

  • Anonymous

The phone is sort of similar to moto's droid with the backflips keyboard

  • iKuraf

Don't really like the real-keyboard type. Prefer the one at MWC Conference.

  • innovater

Please integrate a cigerette lighter also in this phone..then it will be realy hot...

  • Bill

Corleone, 01 Mar 2010Why the hell would you want 720p@60fps , HDTV on your regular tv... moreBecause you should watch at least 50fps - human physiology (eyes and brain). The current TV sets in US today are 120Hz(60pps) and 240Hz(120fps). In Europe 20 years ago was 100Hz(50fps due to PAL and SECAM). So, 60fps is more than welcome! Of course Japan is always way ahead (shame on Europe and US).

  • phoneaddict

I think I am gonna love this phone. I actually prefer thicker phone with big wide screen. Well done LG.

  • Pride

It may have 1gb of RAM, but how much of that will be user available after boot up.It seems that alot of companies advertise handsets as having 'x' amount of RAM, but it's quite common that a lot of that is taken up by programs needed to make the phone run. By the looks of the keyboard, it's only a four row keyboard.
Although it's a good looking handset and not overly huge in the hand.

  • Anonymous

That is one hot phone... inside and out

  • j.read

Its the phone off their little advert they did @MWC!

  • Corleone

Shinigami, 28 Feb 2010Looks boring. I've seen loads of similar devices already, I want... moreWhy the hell would you want 720p@60fps , HDTV on your regular tv is 30fps^^ Why would you need 60fps on your phone , you need to be realistic , i would love to teleport with my phone^^

  • David Jeba

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2010I love the PC feel of winmo, I guess im done enjoying phones no... moreWell You dont have to worry about that.
Windows Mobile 6.5 is going to be Windows Phone Starter Edition

  • Anonymous

I love the PC feel of winmo, I guess im done enjoying phones now, after win7 phone comes ill have nuthing ;(

  • Kaskus

HTC Diamond3 and Samsung GT-i9000 Omnia III is the next Windows Phone 7 Series. Already cleared by FCC.

  • Takis

Who will buy a new smartphone with no apps to use?
Sorry but MS doesnt convince me!

  • musaku

man this is bad news it looks good but i domt know if windows this time will beat nokia symbian devices.

  • vinod

wat is the screen size and camera resolution.. if its more than HD2 then it will have a huge demand in hte upcoming market... All the best LG...

  • Draco

The only action in this video is sliding the qwerty keyboard...

  • Anonymous

sick slim phone

button design kinda over the top but i guess its ok

  • SN

andy burgin, 28 Feb 2010Microsoft have made a big mistake picking Lg as the First Window... moreI agree, the build quality is reporteddly all bad in all their models. The LG expo looks like it has the same build quality as this phone, so if that phone is solidly built (it looks fairly sturdy), then this one is probably better.
Let's hope LG's bad reputation won't get worse with this phone, the first WP7 device being a flop would not be a good start. It looks very nice though.

  • wow

1 GB ram wowowowowoow