Huawei Kirin 950 SoC beats Exynos 7420 in leaked GeekBench score

03 November, 2015
The result lists the same device model as an earlier GFXBench score and could be from the upcoming Huawei Mate 8

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  • Sensorex

There is hard 20K antutu points plus for Hisilicon kirin and exynos 7420. Its will be not easy to reach.

  • AnonD-437025

Give Qualcomm and samsung some time.... They will be finished with their new soc's. It will be better than the kirin 950. Kirin is manufactured using 16nm FF+ while qualcomm's upcomming soc (Snapdragon 820) and the Samsung's exynos 8890 M1 Mongoose wil be Manufactured by Samsung's 14nm FF+ Process. And in the chart it already showed the beastly score of the Exynos 8890 that it beats the KIRIN 950. We will see the competition next year.

  • Anonymous

Rajo, 04 Nov 2015huawei is very good brand. cheap and have good battery. You mean have BAD battery.

All reviews state that their supposedly high-end devices (e.g. P8) have worse stamina then the competition.

From GSMArena itself: "...With an overall endurance rating of 64 hours, the Huawei P8 is hardly a champion..."

Users even claim: "...and the rather subpar battery life due to the slim profile..."
Or even: "..Yup, the curse of Kirin strikes again :/"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2015It's disappointing to see that the 820 will be far behind u... moreNo one knows anything about the 820, other than the fact that itll have adreno 530 GPU. Don't jump the gun..

  • Rajo

huawei is very good brand. cheap and have good battery.

Manipulative headline. It could well said 'Exynos M1 Mongoose SoC beats Huawei Kirin 950 in leaked GeekBench score'. For the guy mentioning LG Nuclun SoC, that is a joke right?

  • panrt

LG nuclun 2 is best than snapdragon 820 lol.

â—¾NUCLUN 2: Single-core 1796, multi-core 5392

I hope lg g5 get nuclun 2 instead snapdragon 820.

  • AnonD-446869

Wait for lg nuclun 2 next year..

  • Anonymous

Don't believe in any product from china

  • Anonymous

The kirin is using an a72, iirc, while the Samsung mongoose if supposed to be a custom design (like krait and twister). However, scale the 1.8 GHz a72 in the kirin to 2.3GHz and you get within 100 points of the mongoose. That suggests to me that the mongoose might just be an a72.

  • AnonD-462381

b0ne, 03 Nov 2015the scores are not calculated rhe same way so it's useless ... moreAccording to Geekbench website, the tests are cross-platform and are design that way, to compare performance of different systems.

  • IKR

if they could build a phone that has built-in cooler like an exhaust fan or the cpu are in a liquid cooling system this phones will be bad-ass... like chuck norris ^_^

  • AnonD-338467

Don't be foplish, do you want to compare a PC CPU to a server CPU or even Super Computer grade CPU ?

  • Anonymous

It's disappointing to see that the 820 will be far behind upcoming chips from Samsung and Apple.

  • cro

Well yeah, its using the A72. It better beat it... What it needs to beat is next gen processors by Qualcomm and Samsung which its doing against Qualcomm but not so much Samsung (nor Apple apparently).

  • AnonD-147377

mas39, 03 Nov 2015This is all irrelevant, snapdragon is still the best as it ... moreYou mean Qualcomm is the best cooking chip ever?

  • AnonD-394965

Wait till samsung exynos m1 comes field ur comparing last year chipset to now lol even thou we almost end of 2015

  • AnonD-462421

At this point pretty much every SOC that comes out has adequate (more than adequate) cpu.. my only concern is the gpu.. i don't game much but when i do i don't want it to lag.

  • AnonD-5197

[deleted post]I see what you did there. Can't believe they erased that comment.... lol

Makes me sad.