Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chipset finally gets fully revealed

10 November, 2015
The chip maker has announced all of the details regarding its next-generation high-end SoC.

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  • Belachan

Best chip-set has to be incorporated with best software to get ultimate overall performance.

  • Sentinel.

I Salute Huawei's Kirin 950 Soc

  • 2016" is the ye

Qualcomm snapdragon 820 vs EXYNOS 8890... can't wait for the results next year

  • Anonymous

mas39, 11 Nov 2015Another first class chip from Qualcomm, alot of jealous sha... moreEXYNOS is king,,, snapdragon is queen at best

  • mas39

Another first class chip from Qualcomm, alot of jealous shamesung people on here, they know Samsung can't compete, their chip may be faster but it doesn't have any features whatsoever, just a dumb chip. Snapdragon will always rule, and Samsung and it's blind followers will always be jealous. Qualcomm and Sony for me are a match made in heaven, the s800 chip in the Z Ultra is still world class, no lag like in the s4, s5 and s6 with their overheated exynos chips, you could cook your dinner on a Samsung phone.

  • AnonD-19153

No USB 3.1??

  • AnonD-280781

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015Exsynos much betterThe problem with the Exynos chip is that it is almost impossible to use the CyanogenMod ROM or any ROM based on CyanogenMod .,. note 5 and s6 , s6 edge a has bad RAM management, the problem is touchfiz AND FULL BLOAT who can not seem to improve. snapdragon has better ram management than exynos because of java preference loading delay errors in exynos

  • Anonymous

I lost my trust in Qualcomm since S810. People look forward buying the Exynos version rather than this crap for S7.

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015if the Qualcomm custom designs of chipset truly result in f... moreits called patent.... not every manufacturer can afford everythng......
snapdragon's custom cores hav always been distinct in its class....
eg: krait 300, 400, 450

  • AnonD-147377

Good chip for cooking especially for camping, they are smart to release it in winter to warm the globe.

  • anu97awesome

AnonD-387177, 10 Nov 2015Well yea yea i was waiting for this. Definetly this cpu is ... moreIos is very dependent on single core performance. But android do require multicore performance in many cases. Well we can't get a perfect score until it is tested on a device and for sure s820 gonna be badass chipset in 2016

  • anu97awesome

AnonD-387177, 11 Nov 2015Agreed. It appears that Kirin 950 is going to be a beast.But Huawei devices are priced nearly as equal as Samsung, Sony, lg etc, wait.. Exclude apple in those devices.

  • anu97awesome

Chuck Norris, 11 Nov 2015Wew... Sony Z5 has the best camera rating by dxo and it has... moreIt has no ois but has much better stabilization which left all phones to dust. It has got 95 in stabilization by Dxomark.

  • Chuck Norris

For all the people that thinks it will be much hotter are just people that dont have brains a zombie must have eaten their brains... Sony Z5 uses SD810 and it works just fine with minimum heat during actual rigid test... SD820 will be the best chipset for the next flagship phones...

  • passer

increase performance = increase battery consumption?

  • Anonymous

Can someone please guide me how much camera does it support? It says 28MP but SD 810 supports upto 55MP.....How can it be possible?

  • Chuck Norris

Wew... Sony Z5 has the best camera rating by dxo and it has only 23 MP and no OIS... but still number 1 in ranking...

  • AnonD-452580

Very good,

  • heynekko

Still cannot support 41MP sensor.. Next please

  • heynekko

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015I don't know why are you wasting your time arguing with nok... moreBecause you haven't seen photos produced by Nokia's 41 MP sensor.. Try finding samples of 8MP Pureview from Nokia 808 and drop your jaw in awe.. I believe the Nokia 1020 5MP Pureview downsampled too much to appreciate the details.. Go and find Nokia 808 samples right now.. And you will puke when you look at other phone's picture the 6s included.. Once you've been baptized by the Pureview you will never look back..