Xiaomi Gemini (Mi 5) appears on Geekbench, will use Snapdragon 820

11 November, 2015
Exceptional single-core result and an average multi-core figure in this early version of Xiaomi's next-gen flagship.

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  • AnonD-352420

the is, 12 Nov 2015Spyware included? :/ again? whit xiaomi ?do you really care if the china or the america gouverment spies you? in fact, all the spyware is for advertising in 99,999%

  • AnonD-448401

According to that pic.the cores are clocked at 1.59 ghz and not 2.2 ghz so i guess thats not the full potential of kyro cores.

  • AnonD-455738

There is another run where it hits 2162/5116, which is not bad for some first leaks. They can surely press out some more before it's launched.

  • the is

Spyware included? :/ again? whit xiaomi ?

  • AnonD-459470

This may be Target to African market.

  • Anonymous

Some better effort on Qualcomm's part here. That single core score is impressive.