Samsung's Super AMOLED display ad gives us a backstage peek

09 March, 2010
In case you've missed it, Samsung announced the be-all-and-end-it-all display at this year's MWC. Dubbed Super AMOLED it comfortably outdoes every other mobile phone display we have seen so far...

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its very kickass moblie for me!!!


i think its a best phone i"ve ever seen because it has all the new features like - bluetooth 3.0,scratch resistant surface,hd video recording and playing,an very improved ui with smooth response and finally a powerfull 1ghz humming bird processor & it is 3x more powerfull than an ordinary psp..>this phone will definately compete the new nokia neightn and hopefully beat it>>>>>

  • iPhone, N900, WM use

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2010Keep dreaming on LooooL, by the way the iphone users still ... moreYes, the HD2 is the most luxurious feeling smartphone i have touched, yet, at the end of the day, I wish for the super Nokia N990 dream phone, but TODAY, the iphone 3GS is the best phone.

The HD2 is like having a Buggati Veyron (the fastest car), but left in a recently bombed city in the middle east, with nowhere to go or to do. I tried to download Skyfire in the HD2 and ended lost in some lost Windows Folder i finally found after lots of trials and errors. A really third world, and total idiotic experience, only allowed by people that haven't realized yet that the are better ways.

The N900 is like being left free in a huge Radio Shack store, where you are free to make what ever you what about it, but still not much to do, and not much fun either.

The iPhone is horrible compared to the HD2, but it wonderful Unix software under the hood of the iphone, 150,000 apps+, First class user grade experience make is like been left in Disneyland and Epcot center, the size of the United States (courtesy of the 150,000 apps), makes it better at the end of the day. You are not that free, but not hopeless either.

The N900 is way more powerfull than both. I have complete OpenOffice, and GIMP (a complete Photoshop program). It has the same main processor than the iPhone 3GS, and more co-processor, yet, the iPhone Nintendo emulator runs faster in the iPhone, the YouTube downloaded videos runs smoother on the iPhone as well. Even Multitasking is more responsive on the iPhone (courtesy of ProSwitcher free software).

Everything that the iPhone missed, it comes to it very fast. Android way of unlocking, PalmPre way to handle multitasking and switching between open apps.... everything comes to the iPhone...

Web pages are all becoming iPhone compatible. There is an iPhone App for everything.

What is the use of the best screen like, the one in the Samsung's Omnia HD, with its 600 Mhz OS is the slowest web browser of all? Just sell the screen for the iPhone 4GS :) or the Nokia N990 or make yourself a nice Android phone :)

The N900 nintendo emulator is Slow, and if one find one's legally owned game in the internet, the N900 doesn't come with a unZIP program to use it from the device!!! (I had to install another linux OS just to do it, albeit it was easier to do than finding the Skyfire in the HD2).

While the iPhone Nintendo emu, takes you by the hand, in the same App, to get your legaly owned ROM in the web and unZip, and store it neatly for you. First class experience. Nothing less is expected in this perfect world.

While installing in a HD2 is a horror/mystery story, in the iPhone's RockApp for contrast, is a total pleasure to install things, one can install many things and cue them and continue browsing while installing.... Something IMPOSSIBLE on most other phones. (in the N900 the App. manager allows just 1 install, and becomes unresponsive).

The war is over by now. The iPhone won. Hardware is just one side of the story. (And now days, the least important).

Maemo/MeeGo and Android are coming... but in the next movie/chapter/century/life
Window Mobile is dead (And not HTC Flow additive can be enough to hide it).
Even Microsoft is making a radicall new Zune OS. (Yet it cannot publicly kill it, otherwise all its partners would never believe in it).

Its an iPhone world.
Get used to it.
There is no way back.

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j0n, 11 Mar 2010and amoled is much cheaper than a conventional LCD the only... morewhy it wont stand a chance? when their specs r the same except os n screen size n the wave hve the better display,bt 3.0 n cam wit 720p hd recording at 30fps o yh n different processors...dnt kno y the hell it even hve hd in its name n cant even record in it chupz...btw u own a hd2 n dnt lie?i have a omnia writing from nw n its in the same class as the hd2 it might beat me cause its 200mhz faster but still i can compete:)

  • j0n

and amoled is much cheaper than a conventional LCD the only drawback is that the life span of amoled is 5 yrs from what i read...just a question in my mind if its cheaper how come that its expensive hmmmm....

  • Anonymous

choy, 11 Mar 2010what screen size have to with anything?the wave is more pow... moreKeep dreaming on LooooL, by the way the iphone users still think they have the best smart phone, yet it is the worst! People all over the world admit that the HD2 is a beast indeed! And your midget loool would never stand a chance in front of this ultimate monster, good luck with the new bada jada or what ever its called hehehehe :D

  • choy

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2010Yes I can also imagine the wave with a 3.3 screen instead o... morewhat screen size have to with anything?the wave is more powerful n more advanced thn the hd2 n thts a fact best screen on a mobile(SUPER AMOLED)bt 3.0,wifi b/g/n the hd2 have it but itz disabled by htc from the factory n u hve a big screen wit 4.3" n my 3.3" screen make urs looks like garbage n u say monster 4.3 chupz even my omnia 2 can compete with the hd2 n i'm typing from it right now n its a shame ur monster of a screen with all its power dnt qualify for windows 7 not even HD as it name suggest wat a waste n u say ur its way beyond the midget wave which hve 720p recording at 30fps n dnt forget the monster of a phone THE BEAM the android top dog lol we trounce em all one by one tell htc build a phone more advanced thn the wave n then we can talk...o n look out 4 the omnia 3 thts gonna b one hell of a beast on windows 7 nw am a b lol at ur outdated hd2 tht dnt qualify

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2010n 2 all tht say the iphone 4g gonna beat this jus remember ... moreYes I can also imagine the wave with a 3.3 screen instead of a monster screen such as the HD2 LoL, which has a 4.3 screen! The wave may be a very strong competitor, but with the bada os LoooooooooooooooooooL, no offence dude, but it turned it from a wolf to a sheep :D.

So don't you even dare talk about the HD2, because its beyond your lovely small midget wave :)

  • Anonymous

Jef, 10 Mar 2010Is Samsung the only manufacturer that uses AMOLED screens ?... moreno their not htc n motorola uses them b samsung is the largest supplier n manufacture of dem n if u notice the nexus 1,htc desire etc all hve 3.7" amoled screens which goes in my opinion is supplied by samsung cant recall amoled screens surpassing tht size...the omnia hd had the largest amoled screen when it came out thts because nokia used it on the n85...tlking about nokia they suprised me a lot they used a xenon flash in the n82 n then they make its sucessor the n86 n doesnt use it then they hve the n85 wit an amoled display n havent make a nxt phone wit it then the made an 8mp camera a yr after samsung dominated wit the innov8 then they releasing a snapdragon phone end of yr nw i wonder sometimes hw the hell their at no1 wit their boring outdated technology thts y i'm behind samsung 100% they always impress n amaze wit draw dropping technology...btw when last nokia apple,htc etc made the worlds firstbin a phone between 2008 n now?cant recall n samsung hve over 5 n here goes...worlds first 8mp camera(innov8),worlds first hd recording phone(omnia hd)first 12mp camera phone to the market(pixon 12)first phine with 3x optical zoom(w800 aka i-8920)worlds first phone with bt 3.0(wave),first with wifi 802.11b/g/n(wave)first projector phone(beam) first android wit bt 3.0 (m120s) n thts all i can remember 4 now n i go past 5

  • Anonymous

Jaco, 10 Mar 2010If the iphone 4g has faster processor and a super amoled wi... moren 2 all tht say the iphone 4g gonna beat this jus remember tht nearly 85% of the parts in the iphone r from samsung memory chip,sound processors etc n besides the wave be the most advanced phone in the world when its released theres no other phone like it...bluetooth 3.0 wifi b/g/n,super amoled,hd recording 1ghz humming bird jus those specs alone mkes the hd2 tremble lol n yes the hummingbird is more powerful thn the snapdragon wanna know hw....the snapdragon can only render 40-45 million triangles per sec whole the himming bird can do an amazing 89 million per sec while a psp 22 million so u can imagine a game like god of war or the gran turismo 4 psp on the wave:) n yes samsungs the best

  • Jef

Is Samsung the only manufacturer that uses AMOLED screens ?
Sony-Ericsson, Apple, Nokia,HTC. They are still using LCD TFT screens ?

  • Jaco

If the iphone 4g has faster processor and a super amoled with smudge proof coating and 5 megapixel camera with LED flash then i will prob go for it instead of a samsung wave.

Although if its missing one of those feature's then i wont lol.

  • Apple > samsung

It's totally true, samsung wave may be the iphone real killer, but not the upcoming 4g iphone killer ;)

So enjoy the wave for one month, and then apple will crush you again lol. And wait a year to beat apple, and then apple beats you again.

Don't you get it samsung users? Apples owns samsung all the way.

And let the game begin :P

  • xdb123

Cheers to Samsung. Right now it may be have better display than iphone but to be a iphone killer it should beat iphone in every features ie. speed of applications, brower, virtual keyboard etc.

  • Anonymous

Asians Are the the Leader in Innovations-accept it Guys..not ur Iphone or Android OS maker

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 10 Mar 2010I think that Samsung wave is the first real Iphone killer a... moreYou think the UI is better than the iPhone? Have you actually tried the handset? I did at MWC and was blown away by the screen, but the UI is least 2 years old in design!

  • Andy Burgin

O.k this might look very good indeed from Samsung,but if these screen are not very rigid an break easily i bet they cost alot to Replace,after Experiencing having a Samsung mobile an Breaking the Lcd Screen,the cost of replacing the screen is the Most Expense to Replace in the Mobile market,so i would like to see the price of replacing the New Wave Lcd Screen if its gets broken i bet its more than £100,So this screen intervention better be solid from SAmsung

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2010For a company that bases their philosophy around hardware, ... moreyou might not have known that this is not the only product they invented. They are leading in semiconductor, display and mobile side, where do you think your SSD come from. mobile processor coming from? Where do you think Sony TV gets their panel from? Samsung investment budget is large enough to bring any american bank from dead to live. at $25 billion a year, its the same amount of cash apple is sitting on.

  • Anonymous

trancehell, 10 Mar 2010 The overlaying glass has also been removed allowing for p... moreThis AMOLED is going to be the next standard for mobile display...
hmm.. regaarding cracking of screen... but to my understanding, OLED is dubbed as next generation display because of its flexibility. meaning it could be bend without breaking? correct me if im wrong

  • Niraj

I think that Samsung wave is the first real Iphone killer and it is suberb than Iphone 3gs is all aspect, even in the UI it is better than Iphone, as Samsung says that it has a new gen UI.
Waiting for Iphone 4g to come...
But it has to say that by this Wave now Iphone's era is over...
Good Job Samsung...