Samsung's Super AMOLED display ad gives us a backstage peek

09 March, 2010
In case you've missed it, Samsung announced the be-all-and-end-it-all display at this year's MWC. Dubbed Super AMOLED it comfortably outdoes every other mobile phone display we have seen so far...

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  • Anonymous

Brilliant display on the most ugliest devices! Too bad really. Samsung offers us a lot but takes a lot as well. If only their devices looked good, or even acceptable. They would be the #1 in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

so sad it's no android device.
who wants bada at this price tag ?

start shipping a galaxy2 with super amoLED and i'll preorder it today ..

  • Original_Jamaican

I would love to see this Super Amoled side by side with the Nokia 6300 (made in Hungary version) display because the 6300's display is still the best I have ever seen.

  • 17 : 14

I want to check the photo finish and see who's the real 1st between those three stooges....

  • billy bob

[deleted post]yeah, could not agree more....

  • Amoled or Super Amol

Good job!!!.

  • allstars495

good job samsung.

  • johndru

good job Samsung! another first in the mobile phone industry!