Samsung's Super AMOLED display ad gives us a backstage peek

09 March, 2010
In case you've missed it, Samsung announced the be-all-and-end-it-all display at this year's MWC. Dubbed Super AMOLED it comfortably outdoes every other mobile phone display we have seen so far...

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  • trancehell

The overlaying glass has also been removed allowing for perfect sunlight legibility, which otherwise troubles regular AMOLED's.

What about the mecanical protection against too hard presses that may crack the display ? I prefer poorer legibility but stronger screen for everyday wear and tear.

  • Anonymous

I still feel that OLED display does not project natural color and its too bright and too contrast and too stratuate. This is why your TV set and Computer monitor stay with LCD so does all mobile phone. It maybe the best display under the sun but I am not standing under the sun for long.

  • Anonymous

Samsung is always the leader in new innovations!

  • Jade

I hope that this SuperAmoled Displays will have a great responsness likee the iphone because thei technology is just new and many things must be improved....
also i hope that manufacturers like Nokia will be able to use this diplasy into their devices ...

my dream phone:

Nokia N990 _

1,5 ghz dual core
Super sgx 545 graphic 3d chip
Meego final version ( Maemo+Moblin )
SuperAmoled Screen 3,5"
Divx and xvid playback
hd record and playback
technical camera with xenon flash
Wlan-n standard
bluetooth 4
improved built quality ( scratch resistant, metallic unibody... )
128 GB internal Storage

a phone like this is now dream but believe me ... nest year it will be near reality


  • Martin

All you that are saying a lot of bull on this phone, I say just wipe your eyes because, Sony is still crap and way behind Samsung, Iphone is just a toy and are way behind the wave, HTC is going to big they are starting to make good phones, andd Nokia they have dropped down and are still making phones that dont work well.

  • Anonymous

Am not a fan of Sammy phones but credit to them. The sunlight legibility on every touch screen smart phones so far is pretty pathetic (yes this includes iphone too, hope this outshines them all.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]poor you...

  • ajay

sumsung sucks----lol, sony brings super organic lcd on 2002, sony rocksssss

  • Anonymous

aaptk, 09 Mar 2010looks good, but i wonder what if you scratch the display...... moreIt's a scratch-resistant surface.

  • Anonymous

See ASIAN manufacture is Inovative 1 step ahead in technology

  • Anonymous

and the next-gen display from Samsung would be...SuperDuperWachamaculitAmoled

  • Anonymous

HTC with S-Amoled a 1,5Ghz dual-core CPU 1gb Ram and 8gb internat plus the option for micro sd cards plus windows phone 7 or android and i'll buy it! No matter about the price or the screen size.
It should have hdmi and hd videos playback and record :P

  • Anonymous

good job.

  • Erick

This is more confirmation of Samsung becoming a leading manufacturer of mobile devices raising the standards of hardware using its expertise from its R&D resources.

  • Roar...

If you will just reduce the HUGE size of your SAMSUNG logo, I might consider buying your phone. That logo alone is an instant turn off for me...

  • Anonymous

For a company that bases their philosophy around hardware, this is the first time they've actually innovated something. Congrats Samsung, only taken 10 years.

  • Jared

The screen is scratch-resistant ...

  • aaptk

looks good, but i wonder what if you scratch the display... because the touch layer is part of the screen, will the screen have a protective glass/plastic layer?

  • The judge

Samsung! You did it once again. Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

the Wave's a sick phone, SuperAMOLED's gonna crush the comp, except all Samsung Flagship reviews to say the following "Super AMOLED is still the staggering leader"

hahaha lee is first again?