12 MP Symbian^3-running Nokia N8-00 caught in the wild

23 March, 2010
It has been a while since a Nokia phone topped the "Longest specs sheet" charts but the Nokia N8-00 that just leaked seems like it means it. The future smartphone flagship runs on Symbian^3 and...

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  • iphone owner

xxx , 23 Mar 2010That's because you iphone lovers are brainwash by apple thinking... moreMoronic reply. I KNOW the iphone isnt tech advanced. But it has the best support (apps and updates) Bar NONE. BAR NONE.

That's why people buy them and not a phone that becomes obsolete when the manufacturer fixes faults or creates a "mini" version.

  • iphone owner

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010I am so jealous w/this fon,how i wish my iphone have 5mp cam w/ ... more"I am so jealous w/this fon,how i wish my iphone have 5mp cam w/ xenon flash,i can take pics even on night.i wish my iphone have a front camera for videocalling esp tru fring/skype.i hope i can personalized mp3s as my ringtone.i wish i wl nt jailbreak my iphone jaz to do multitasking.how i wish i have free navigation,how i wish steve jobs wl install adobe flash for the web browser.how i wish i dnt have to go to intricate ways to download games,songs and applications.do i have to go to itunes jaz to download thngs?how i wish my battery is nt fixed coz i want another spare batt in case im away fr civilization and electricity is nowhere to be found."

Lol, device envy!

  • trancehell

Definitely, definitely not a Nokia design. Most probably a clone. Just take a look at the camera lens...

  • Actually.

Actually Nokia suied Apple for brakeing their 12 pattents. Conection pattents and that kinds of in 2009.

  • Anonymous

whether its fake or not
but one thing is sure when it comes to "Nokia phone topping the longest specs sheet" it will also contain "longest lists of BUGS" for them to be fixed one has to wait "long long time".

Ask any N97 user!

  • Anonymous

I hope it has the same type of flip as the n97

  • Anonymous

bet they bugger this one up by using a TFT screen rether than amoled.

  • Ryan4Nokia

Nokia is so Superb! Bt I to make me really forgive their slow progress in the MP race... in addition to the N8, they should still have N87 12mp n N98 with a 8MP cam :)... + N920 using the meego OS :)

  • hani

will be announced mid april.

  • Fil

New platform.
Wow 12 MP camera with xenon like Satio. Flash like pro.
Large screen like HTC HD2.
Resolution WVGA and DivX support like N900.
All in one.
Hmm... Sounds interesting!

  • iDouche

Nokia is stealing one-button technology, patented by Apple! I see more lawsuits coming...

  • David, London, UK

Hi all, I currently have a Nokia E72 (Bought in January 2010). It is a tremendous with an outstanding battery. Sometimes up to 4/5 days until it needs to be recharged again. Nokia are the best in terms of battery life - apart from the N96 and N900. I will get my new phone in October. If the battery on this is good - and there is a good chance, then I will get this. I like Symbian. I may get the Samsung Galaxy if that has a better battery. I am not carrying a spare battery or leaving my phone in a charger when at work, in the car, at home etc. That is nonsense. I will continue to save up. By October, November, I will have a choice of phones. I am not interested in any new iphones. They are for kids. I will probably stick with Nokia. Nokia for life.

  • Anonymous

Yew!! It's ugly =.="

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2010Looks fake to me. It does not have that unique Nokia design. How... moreIt looks like an E72 with a touchscreen instead of the qwerty keyboard.

  • Anonymous

glosator, 23 Mar 2010Chinese fake made possibly not a fake, but wp7 powered device

  • Nokia hater

Doesn't look like a fake.

  • Anonymous

It's funny how every news about Nokia makes so many people "care" and comment, Nokia sure takes up alot of attention.

Nokia always top of the list in comments.

Obviously we can see that Nokia deeply moves people and start emotions.

There is no better compliment for a company than making so many people talk about them.

Some are happy and some are jealous, but they are still emotions.

People don't understand that if someone is jealous of you, that is a big compliment about your success.

Nokia certainly moves people, far beyond any of the other brands...

  • Anonymous

looks like an HTC

  • Anonymous

I am waiting patiently for meego phone and s4 phone

  • Nokiaz

All i can say is"WHOOAH".what a nice phone.if they put big ram & internal mem0ry plus lense cover this phone will be a big hit...Go Nokia!