introduces its very own Android phone - the gPhone

01 April, 2010
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big one for you. After more than a year of hard work and tough negotiations we are pleased to introduce our first very own mobile phone. Enter the Android-running gPhone...

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  • April is best

Alok Sharma, 02 Apr 2010Does this phone have FM and FM transmitter To Alok, yes this phone have feature fm and transmitter. Not only that it come with dts and dolby... Aii ya ya how pity are u..being fool by gsmarena..ha ha

  • Corleone

Tired of all the @ss, 02 Apr 2010The vast majority of readers who actually believed the news, are... moreAMEN !

  • Same poster as befor

Tired of all the @ss, 02 Apr 2010The vast majority of readers who actually believed the news, are... moreP.S: The complete title was "Tired of all the @ssholes" but it was to long.

By the way, how can anyone ever get tired of @ss? LOL ;-)

  • Tired of all the @ss

The vast majority of readers who actually believed the news, are the same 8 year olds, who just come by GSMArena to post first!, second!, etc. and keep complaining that this phone is to expensive, that phone should come out with SupaDupa AmoLED and boohoo no xenon flash or only 5/8 MP as if they were all pro photographers...

If GSMArena included a quick IQ test prior to posting, all you dumb@ss posters would score below 0!!!

Anyway, saw the news yesterday, had my dose of laughs and as some posters said, although for now the specs are just fantasy, soon enough we'll see something similar. It's only a matter of time.

By then, the same 8 year olds will be stopping by and start whining that it's to expensive (after breaking their piggy bank and finding only candywrappers plus a few cents), that it's a iCrap wannabe and so on, and so on...

Cheers GSM Arena!

  • Alok Sharma

Does this phone have FM and FM transmitter

  • andre martinelli

ya. you got me.

  • Afewgoodmen

Clearly, this is a joke. Because when I clicked on the link at the bottom of the page I was directed to a Wikipedia page on April fool's daY. But then it is a good concept. Gsmarena should work on it. But the first thing is to get a patent on the name "gphone" first!

  • thor

what phone model is that on the picture?

  • ibrahim

ohhhhhhhh man its an april fool. but nice, i enjoyed it.

  • striker

Very Funny - (in a good way)

  • Prashant

Ha ha ha..

gr8..... LOL

  • Hassan Sayyid

haha you almost fooled me :D

anyways if you really make this phone with 1080p video recording :)

it would rock the World ;)

Thanks for the idea.

  • Anonymous

just love it, you guys are rocks!
Funny joke from the best mobile phone reviews site!
hope this wouldn't be the last! lol!

  • Dandee

You got me! hahaha! I was converting the US price to Philippine Peso and alas, it is just an April Fool's joke! Nice try...

  • Anonymous

is it BT file transfer enabled? and what version of android OS? thanks!

  • Shiv (Mauritius)

Hehehe! You almost got me there... Jokes apart, I totally want that phone, awesome specs! Hope to see that prototype coming true...

  • Anonymous

wish it could be true first and then... hahahahaha Good Joke...

  • billy

nice f*cking joke gsmarena!!! I'm fooled!! s**T! :D

  • zeedee

haha! yay!

  • Anonymous

HAHAHA...that's was veeeery nice joke! nice done GSMArena, you sould see my eyes when i was reading the news! I was like... s**t finally i found my perfect phone with good price! hahahaha nice done again!

A loyal reader.