iPhone OS 4 comes on 8 April, brings video calls to the iPhone

6 April, 2010
While Apple are still mum when it comes to the launch date of the next- gen iPhone, surprisingly, they have just announced when is coming the next iPhone OS. The iPhone OS 4 will be unveiled in a couple of days...

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  • nav

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2010A bit off topic but i just want to compare the call rates after ... morexactly.....thats wat i 2 was thnking....SO costly.we hav plans as low as 1 re for 20 minutes........in airtel

  • Anonymous

Fonebox.com, 06 Apr 2010Guys, get your act together! NO iPhone model launched to date ha... moreActually even the current Iphone 3GS does support video calling, you need to buy this app and get yourself a mirror. Yap Apple ingenuity straight from the stone age.

  • Noman

I hope they release a new iPhone, because then I can buy the older iPhone 3GS for maybe £200? I'll then use my Nokia 5800 which I will only keep in my car for the GPS, handsfree phone, plus normal GPS only last for 2-3 hours but my phone will do the job for 4-5 hours! Reeeesult.

  • Anonymous

A bit off topic but i just want to compare the call rates after seeing one here. Uk voice calls as the picture says is 20pence/minute. That's about Rs16/minute in Indian currency. Wow it's costly. Here in india you can talk for about 32 minutes for Rs16 or 20pence. ie 50paise/minute.

  • Fonebox.com

Guys, get your act together! NO iPhone model launched to date has a FRONT facing video camera - so no matter how great 4.0 is, it won't support video calls. Only NEW hardware will allow for that. What are the team at GSM Arena shmoking this morning!?

  • winmo user

iphone whatever version, i say iphone 4g.. with vid calling.. $900 then 6mths later iphone 4gs $950.. with flash for the camera.. then xmas and comes the 4gst with divx support... $1000 nice marketing apple

  • New nokia

I dont expect totally diffrent new design from the new iphone 2010. Because apple is stuck at the current form factor. apple can only make smalll changees to the design and call it new iphone

ohh. Perhaps they make it smaller and call it iphone nano.

I am waiting for meego phone and s3 phone:)

  • tira

Yes, Dual Sim card please. it will do wonders... So many working adults are carrying two phones. One for work, one for personal. with dual sim card slots, no need to carry two phones anymore. Cheers!

  • 5

wow!! i think HTC and other Manufacturer should sue Apple now, apple decided to put video call in there new OS. and the apple fanboys are really happy and they would say apple is the first one who invented it. cmon video call is been for years way back in 2005. if i see someone commenting like this! (apple is the first one who invented this and for sure most of the manufacturer will copy this to make it like i-phone)

If i see this comment or sound like it, i will laugh and humiliate him or her.

  • Anonymous

iphone owner, 06 Apr 2010Lol at the iphone hate (so many posts by the same users) I'm ... moretrue that!

  • Anonymous

video calls??!!! wow that's something really from the 21th century! apple is doing miracles!

  • iphone owner

Lol at the iphone hate (so many posts by the same users)

I'm happy without video calling, but if they are adding it then no doubt they will utilise it much better than Nokia/Samsung/ ever has. Just like every other technology, the iphone will embrace it and make it more useful.

I can't wait for this new OS. Once again, Apple provides support which is better than any other handset manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2010No No not the 4gen, they are gonna save the flash till about 10t... moreso I have to wait another 6 years for the flash??? Or I going to buy a new phone for the 10th iPhone only get the flash? WOW!!!!!!!
It so innovative! who have ever think of this before??? Is really innovative!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pH1

so now the new iphone will be able to do the things that other phones could do before the 1st iphone was released. gr8! a few months from now apple fanboys will think apple revolutionized video calling on phones.

its good to see apple adding new features to the iphone but y dont they add something more useful? like flash support, physical keyboard or swype, flash for the camera, better resolution or amoled display... and hopefully this time they will hv a new design. video calling is not used v much. but thats just my opinion.


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2010is going to have flash supported for the camera! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! No No not the 4gen, they are gonna save the flash till about 10th gan Iphone.

  • Anonymous

is going to have flash supported for the camera! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy

Wow, this is amazing news, can you make calls on it too....wow!!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

If the next OS has video call support, then that will prove apple is more than likely doing a deal with verizon. The reason apple has never done video is because.. well.. its useless on 3G. There will be more than video calling though. I reckon we might see a few of the main apps re-done like calendar, clock, stocks etc as they are geting dated and I think the whole OS might get a bit of a tidy up, just to make it flashier again.

  • Anonymous

Divy, 06 Apr 2010What about 10th Generation iphone?????It gonna have a flash for its new 5MP Camera!!!! WOW!

  • Divy

What about 10th Generation iphone?????