Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 gets WinMo 6.5.2 update, new features

7 April, 2010
The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 received the planned MR1 software update, which should bring Windows Mobile 6.5.2 to the experienced messenger. The update improves stability and performance and...

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  • iphone fanboy

My iphone without any firmware update is better than any sony ericsson out there so who cares if they update it

  • sulthan

its really good one i like sony allproducts this phone will get lot of entertainment........

  • Bill

Raj, 07 Apr 2010Also I want to add that I am surprised they will already have an... moreI agree, SE has really improved over the last few months and with Android and WP7S kicking off, I look forward to some more of thier daring strategy they were so well known for several years ago to knock Nokia and Sammy off thier Chirp.

  • Andy

The MR1 update is a joke, yes the slideview update is excellent, as is the FM Radio however it introduces more bugs including:

Some panels like facebook panel, twitter panel and on the road panel no longer function (hence them being removed from SE's site)
The notification LED problem has still not been fixed
The hardware keyboard has some HUGE lag now when using messaging and email

  • Anonymous

gsmarena, could you please re-visit the review of the x2 then, with the updates? :)
i'm thinking about buying x2 or vivaz pro

  • Anonymous

I never remembered samsung having a news like this. heck, it's like they never even released an update. ever.

  • Anonymous

damn! this phone looks really stylish!

  • Anonymous

xperia x2 awesome

  • Slappyboy

Haha. No SE is not supporting this phone but Microsoft does. And it's pretty obvious. If you call them regarding a problem with it, they'll tell you to send it to the repair center...that's it. So in other words, thank you Microsoft. I used to be a fan of SE but not taking care of customers is really frustrating and for sure, it was the last SE mobile that I bought.

  • Raj

[deleted post]Also I want to add that I am surprised they will already have another update so soon. SE has not done that bad of a job supporting there phones especialyl recently with phones like the Satio.

  • sale987

Nice from SE :D

  • imac

The question is do we care the answer is no x2 is a failure especially when sony ericsson announced x10 and microsoft made it quite clear this device will not be getting a windows phone 7 update so why buy such co outdated device while there is the great x10 not to mention other droids which beat x2 in terms of looks and user friendliness in my opinion currently the only windows mobile device worth to buy is the htc hd 2

  • Sriram

I had hoped X2 to come up with flying colours....But well SE disappointed me with X2's overall performances!!!! And that too X10 was announced immediately after X2 which made a whole wreck for the selling of X2....
But still a windows update makes this phone a good one??? Nah not possible in anyways!!!!!
Hoping a lot more from SE in the mere future...
SE fan!!!

  • Anonymous

Great news fot X2 owners