Microsoft CEO says company's smartphone market share is 'unsustainable'

02 January, 2016
However, he argues that their aim is to create a world where a device is of lesser importance compared to the services it can access.

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MICROSOFT CEO- satya nadella- predictions on smartphones handsets is very topical ..REVOLUTION is on way already ..SADLY usa networks -sleazy greedy rule this world cellular communications .. NOW all usa networks walking on their heads by abolishing 2 yr contracts for postpay services .. used to be 1 yr contracts ..then usa went 2yrs so world followed into 2yrs ..
LAUCH of several -nay many - chinese handsets giving competiton to samsung -the main competition of APPLE cellphones -APPLE markets share is increasing dramtically after years of stagnations in sales .. thats why now usa has allowed sales of chinese makers huwaei zte etc etc sales 2015 2016 after years of BAN ON SALES ..
so what future MS WINDOW-- ok until android google hits the laptops note books ..
APPLE PRODUCTS are good but like fashion clothes grossly overexpensive ..BLACKBERRY no longer alive or kicking .. next soon thou shall see VIPS publically carrying APPPLES ..BIGGEST LOSERS==SAMSUNGS AND CUSTOMERS ..
MOST CHINA BRANDS have NO aftersales back up or SYSTEM UPGRADES .
2016 -profiteering before people !! but then MONEY MAKES THE DONKEYS GO ..HANDSETS COME N GO systems innovations must go ON ..PLEASE .. BILL GATES WHERE ART THOU ..

  • AnonD-295284

Way to believe in your product, Mr. Nadela :/ If you don't, who else will?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-81044, 03 Jan 2016If customers accept a locked-restricted OS but fashion devices t... moreyou should be CEO of windows mobile, thats exactly the question they should be asking themselfs. I guess theyll answer, better integration across all windows platforms

  • Anonymous

Windows 10 for phone and the modern UI, A.K.A Universal Apps, A.K.A Metro, A.K.A Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a dead OS.

The reason: Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (or whatever is the name) is a poor OS. Poor in design, in features, and in Apps (few apps with poor quality).
Today there is only one way to make a viable OS. It MUST be a high quality OS. It must be good looking, eye candy, stable, with a good Appstore. It need a lot of high quality Apps.

Android is an OS what can be run on an 1000 USD device and a 50 USD one. For 80 USD you can get an usable one. So the only option to make a viable OS to make a good one. A better One, than andorid or ios. And it have to be affordable. Not cheap, but affordable.
Blackberry OS 10 and Firefox OS died because this OS were useless too.

I had a WP phone in the past, and I have a Windows 10 tablet right now. On a Windows 10 tablet, using the Universal Windows Platform, users are NOT able to read books (no usable ebook reader app), can't listen music (no good music app), no good navigation, do not exist good implementation of popular social media apps, no good browsers (MS Edge is a crap, and there is no alternatives), you can't even read a single TXT file. Nonsense. ridiculous.
Nobody wants an OS with this kind of unusability.
Windwos 10 UWP is a disaster.
Microsoft need a miracle, or UWP will fail. They need good apps, a lot of good apps. Out of the box, you have to be able to use UWP for the most popular things. UWP right no, can't perform the basics.
UWP is completly usless. Windows phone, and this UWP crap will be a colossal failure for MS.

  • Me

I've been using android phones for years, PC's for decades and iTouch devices for months.

They all have weaknesses. And what Microsoft's CEO said is well done.

Phones are very useful for our everyday tasks, but it's the APPS AND SERVICES that count. Facebook, IG, Twitter, Browsers and Google Apps are a perfect example of what he says.

But devices are what people use as a gateway to this service. And frankly, with all the competition around OSes, it's easy to say that whoever holds the gate will control who comes in or who comes out.

So Nadella got this one right. But not entirely.

Oh, and to remove the bias, I'm typing on A Lumia 630.

  • AnonD-81044

If customers accept a locked-restricted OS but fashion devices they go for Iphones
if customers accept a non restricted OS but less fashion they go for android
if they want secure phones they go for Blackberry
Why they should choose windows Phones ? Because Microsoft abandoned a huge base of devices, apps and devs when switched off the customizable Windows mobile 6/6.5/6.5.3 ? Because also abandoned many of the so much advertised (fully restricted OS) Windows Phones 7/7.5/7.8 ?
if Microsoft wants a bigger market share (and i am sure it wants no matter what Nadella claims) it should go back to the customizable windows mobile 6 philosophy or else very soon this sector will die peacefully. And their mania for restricting and controlling users maybe will make their most profitable product (windows desktop OS) to also fail soon with they new stupid interface, that dissatisfies users.

  • cmdravon

AnonD-414328, 03 Jan 2016The thing is you can't freely play around with its OS rather tha... moreHence the reason for better security. Droid has massive security issues, WP don't!

  • kriegsherr

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2016If price is your only basis, then you're a no brainer indeed.Price is the top considering factor while buying a smartphone. Nobody can ignore it.

  • aina

windows 10 mobiles become fail. due to software bugs . and second thing is Microsoft does not pay amount to the application developers like line viber and etc that's why they don't gives complete features of application its fact. example in android operating system you can make video call but in windows phone you can't .

  • Anonymous

Future is bleak, 02 Jan 2016Let's see if BB or MS would be the first to drop its handset division.If ms drop its mobile division again (they did it before on kin), the division head need to kneel down and knock the head to the floor as apologize to nokia as the current microsoft mobile was purchased from nokia because they had ruined it!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2016Microsoft should have chosen Android for their OS. Hahahahaha¬Ödo u think is it possible? Lol

  • Anonymous

wow, 02 Jan 2016Nokia is os sucks...The only chance is for them t... moreU r wrong dude, nokia is still alive just in another form. At the end of 2016 u will see the all new nokia phones with android

  • No Nokia

AnonD-69220, 02 Jan 2016I have been using the MS 950 XL DS for one week now. I am very d... moreI have been following mobile phones for years now.
The 950 is quite simply a beautiful phone, but I have never seen a phone beset with so many problems

Like Apple with bend gate which affected all the phones, there seems to be a small but significant number that have multiple issues, and these issue faults are repeated.

It is a bit like quality control issues, but a lot of phones have escaped this

Microsoft seems more interested in removing the Nokia name instead of utilizing the skills.

Features on Windows PC are missing from the phone eg only scrolling backwards when browsing
On the Apple iPhone that high price model is unsustainable and people will not keep purchasing the same phone which is similar.
iPhone do NOT offer serious upgrade after a 2 year contract.

LUMIA on Windows. 8.1 do not have any of the faults you describe

There are Lumia 950 / 950 XL with no problems at all it is frustrating if the one you purchase is one of them

The 950 / 950XL has proved to be sales success for Microsoft

  • Anonymous

Gilda, 03 Jan 2016Let's face it...the only things WP have going for them is the fl... moreIf price is your only basis, then you're a no brainer indeed.

  • peer

wp is complete discontinue becz no any update

  • Gilda

Let's face it...the only things WP have going for them is the fluidity. It is too incomplete as an OS. When considering that a moto g 3rd gen costs 199 euro unlocked, its a no brainer.

  • AnonD-483693

Windows phone are fun to use, but very incomplete reference to apps required to run daily business, most of apps are web based and not a complete app like Android and IOS, I wanted to keep windows phones, but I have to get rid of them for only one reason of not having enough apps, second phones are over priced, I would rather buy an High end android phone comparing to windows phone in same Price range,

MS should hire some new IT engineers just to make all apps available in android play store or apple play store.

  • AnonD-414328

The thing is you can't freely play around with its OS rather than Android .... hehehe

  • AnonD-467404

AnonD-152638, 03 Jan 2016The strategy clearly isnt working. The low price devices are qu... morebut the new strategy is to add more manufactures to windows phone ecosystem. lumia devices were threats for other manufacturers trying into windows phone. but now, this year you will see more devices from other manufacturers running Windows OS. xiaomi and hp are confirmed. more devices to come from more manufactures. this new strategy may work well if they can get some good devices at good price, lumia is no more the main selling windows phone or they want to make it so.

  • Anonymous

Every big companies are trying to be Apple and they will all fail. Not because Apple's nodel is not successful, but exactly because it is. Those who like being restricted and using fashion toys are already Apple fans (And even they at least usually care about apps to some degree, and even with Apple you are less limited because of the apps) and the rest want a SMART phone.