Report from iPhone 7 supply chain says no 3.5mm audio jack

05 January, 2016
Apple would push Bluetooth and Lightning headphones instead.

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  • Anonymous

techmad, 05 Jan 2016Bad move even by Apple's standards. 3.5 mm jack is here to stay ... moreThere already is another standard, it's called Bluetooth.

If anything the move would be considered pre-mature, as most people use wired headphones.

  • AnonD-450274

Gotta love apple

  • Chen

AnonD-362866, 05 Jan 2016Adapt or Die. Survival of the fittest. The natural progression o... moreWe all know you're a blind iFan, Honest Realist.
You will force yourself to come up with some justification to what Apple does; eventhough I bet your fingers were burning you when typing that comment.

  • techmad

Bad move even by Apple's standards. 3.5 mm jack is here to stay for a while or alteast until another universal standard takes shape. It'd be interesting to see die hard apple fanatics defend this one.

  • AnonD-1825

Dr. Danger, 05 Jan 2016Come out from apple's prison dude their is much better life an... moreIt's still analog, which mean it have analog problems.

"At the moment, Apple’s Music app won’t play hi-res audio files but fortunately there are a number of third-party apps that can. I tried using the M2Ls in conjunction with Onkyo’s HF Player which can replay a whole range of hi-res audio files. The depth of sound and detail that the M2L extracted was incredible. Even older jazz recordings that have been digitized at higher bit rates show just how much detail there is in recordings, even from the 1950s."

  • Dr. Danger

AnonD-1825, 05 Jan 2016Lightning sound is actually better "The first thing you notic... moreCome out from apple's prison
dude their is much better life and quality than lightning port go and use some high quality headphones with 3.5mm headphone jack and try out with some other high end media players instead of apple products

  • Anonymous

OK!!! It doesn't matter people will keep buying these stuff

Apple will come with an excuse/explanation
And people will end up believing them

The real problem here
Is Samsung and the rest of the industry

Are falling in this trap a game they can't win
And we are falling with them

People keep buying everything for its name they care about the brand more than anything else

This is the same reason for the stupid
Games with IAP
It's ruining everthing games are lame and unplayable

If people stoped downloading this sh!t
And buying the crap phones

We would have waaaay better smartphones
And apps/games

  • Anonymous

mixa, 05 Jan 2016If they remove the headphone jack, Samsung will follow on their ... moreI don't think they want to make it slimmer, they already did that with the iPhone 6.

They certainly want to make more sales with their accessories.

  • Anonymous

If this is true they better include a pair of beats wireless Bluetooth ear buds.

  • AnonD-461303

I have a feeling this is most likely very true
We have example of companies pushing technology for this forward­el-8-titanium

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-484684, 05 Jan 2016Calling people idiot is really bad But one thing : newer is ... moreLightning sound is actually better

"The first thing you notice is there's no hiss, or noise from the cable or headphone controls at all, so the sound of the Philips Fidelio M2L is particularly clean and crisp. Secondly, the bass sounds even more agile and engaging than with the analogue Fidelio M1 headphones, and its particularly noticeable when listening to high-resolution files."

  • Anonymous

"Prepare to kiss your tangled headphones goodbye".
I can't imagine how... uneducated a person must be to buy this.
There are much better phones out there. And there will be better less expensive phones than the iPhone 7
Of course not counting those fanboys as they would buy anything from Apple.
But I don't want to insult anyone so I'll stop here. Of course I'm not saying that iPhones are bad, just not as perfect as some want us to believe. But I do think iPhone 6s was a fail. They are always in the top 5 smartphones every year (for reasons unknown) but this year they are tough to be found in the top 5, and they have no real advantage over the iPhone 6 (6s's camera was around 10th and even with that extra gb of ram I can't see it being much better than the 6)

I'm just curious, does this mean that one would not be able to charge his phone while listening to music with his headphones plugged?

  • AnonD-5197

So I wouldn't be able to use my 250 dollar earpieces???? Wtf?

  • JackJones

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2016im not surprised if other will follow it ... and claim they alre... moreI suppose Apple could be trying to prolong the life of the iPod by pitching it as the choice for the serious audiophile? The next iPod keeps the 3.5mm jack whereas the iPhone loses it... Still, we do have to wait and see what happens. Personally I'm not a fan of this idea, the iPhone could do with being a touch thicker with a larger battery. If this rumour does turn out to be true then it seems to be driven by the money that can be gained through accessory markets, rather than making things better for their customers.

If they remove the headphone jack, Samsung will follow on their next Galaxy, so yea.

Also if they wanted to make iphone slimmer, they could have used 2.5mm jack and include small adapter in the box.

  • AnonD-467404

AnonD-375420, 05 Jan 2016And again everyone blame apple removing floppy disk, optical dri... moreI don't think we are not ready for this change. currently the best headphones in the market use 3.5 jack. will you say the same if any other brands choose this decision. what is wrong with apple fans. they so support whatever the crap the company does

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2016I bet loyal fans will buy it even if there is no sd slot, no ear... moreand other will do the same also.... what u expecting more ?

  • Anonymous

Apple, 05 Jan 2016Ok Apple if you really want to commit suicide than go ahead and ... moreim not surprised if other will follow it ... and claim they already did it first

  • Dave Granger

Oh Apple, you and your dongles.

  • Ingen604

Removing it right now doesn't make sense.
These people will shell out a fortune on a beats by Apple headphone with lightning cable and find out it won't work on a airline infotainment system. Sell the headsets with the adapter or cellphone with the adapter included and it would make sense and a push for mankind to be better.

As for bluetooth not as good as wired headsets? Those are the days of the past.
AptX Bluetooth. AptX Bluetooth sounds amazing even better than wired. I'm not sure if apple has it on its phones yet but Blackberry has had it for almost 3 years.

I'm never buying a cellphone ever, if it's not made by blackberry.