World’s most valuable company is no longer Apple

01 February, 2016
Alphabet, the parent company that owns Google, has surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world.

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At first glance it seems so, but let's not forget that if you are not in the back of real business, prodctie, no matter the product you make, you will never have to confront in the market. All this is only temporary. So, how come, and go.

  • nick

These figures are deceptive. In the stock market, nothing is sure. Today you're on top, tomorrow you are on earth.

  • miron

Only a few obvious. To end, it didn't take long, as Google, like Apple,Samsung, come into financial crisis. It's only natural. Coming back today, small producers like Xiaomi,.Meizu,Oppo,LeTv, etc., which will become the main producers.. Not for long.

  • AnonD-349743

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2016Good , Google/alphabet is a much more likable company than Apple... moreNot to mention the obvious fact that every fortune 500 tech company is going to track your information and sell it off, and that Tim Cook decried that they do not even though their status obviously indicates the opposite. Pure marketing sustain strategy to save face.

  • Anonymous

Good , Google/alphabet is a much more likable company than Apple.

They're quite of iffy with privacy. But so is Apple (seriously? Sending fingertips to NSA). Also Apple tries to defraud the customer by trying to create perceived value instead of actual value...

  • ?

who own the alphabet inc.?google?

"Alphabet" what a name.

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 02 Feb 2016I have!Read again

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2016read the articleI have!

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 02 Feb 2016What the heck is Alphabet?read the article

What the heck is Alphabet?

  • Anonymous

thats great

  • AnonD-483210