Samsung Galaxy S brings us some new HD video samples

15 May, 2010
The Samsung Galaxy S is among the best equipped smartphones and it should hit the market pretty soon. A 1GHz CPU, a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording are...

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  • Will
  • jQK
  • 21 Jun 2010

Sure, you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S.



And imagine 6 months after you bought the Galaxy. You’re angry. You been lied to. The promised updates never come. There are real problems just using the phone. Forums like this fill with users like you, angry, dumping the phone, and comparing how little the can get for it on craigslist. $150? If you’re lucky.

You’ll never buy a Samsung product again. Samsung has hired a PR firm to try to hide the real problems you and thousands of others are having with the phone.

This is real.

Do some research on the Samsung Behold II. This is Samsung’s business model.
1) Shiny new phone with promised updates
2) Wait… there’s no money in supporting a phone, only in selling new ones.
3) Refuse promised updates on under plainly false pretenses.
4) Go to step 1.
5) Profit.

Please, do not buy this or any other Samsung phone. HTC and Apple make nice phones that they support. Tell your friends.

I’m just a regular guy who fell for their lies. Don’t be me, 6 months from now, in a forum, writing this same message.

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    • Anonymous
    • PUd
    • 19 May 2010

    Anonymous, 17 May 2010It's very simple. Both Android and iPhone OS were build fro... moreSamsung have also built an OS that is comming out on the WAVE.

    Bada OS

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      • All phones!
      • nFT
      • 18 May 2010

      I have the iPhone 3G, HD2, Desire and Xperia X10! I hardly ever use my iPhone and simply use it to house my PAYG sim. Getting bored with HTC Sense although the Desire is a seriously good handset. Top of my class is my Xperia X10 because it is sooooo cool. Yes, it is not perfect but in reality none of them are but the one that gives me the best overall user experience is the one I will thumb the most, and that is my X10.

      When the X10 is upgraded to 2.1 and HD video recording, it will be like a brand new phone and I will probably fall in love with it all over again!

      All a matter of choice guys!

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        • Anonymous
        • Lbq
        • 17 May 2010

        still its got poor audio when capturing video not as good as nokia

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          • Nave
          • QAJ
          • 17 May 2010

          Anonymous, 17 May 2010You might want to read the comments from the beginning, no ... moreThats why i said just ignore the fanboys. Let them continue being the losers they are. I have an iPhone but I dont bother saying how its better than every other phone. Its the phone i prefer, i could care less if its better or worse than a BB, Nokia, Samsung.. etc.

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            • Anonymous
            • T1I
            • 17 May 2010

            Me Again, 17 May 2010Interesting point by Someone. To me the nicest OS to act... moreIt's very simple. Both Android and iPhone OS were build from ground up to be touch friendly. All other companies had OS's based on the D-Pad.

            You can't really say much about Samsung when it comes to OS because they used WinMO and Symbian, but now both Microsoft and Nokia are working on a new OS from the ground up. Microsoft improved their OS with 6.5 and Windows Phone 7 should be amazing. Same with Nokia, the new Symbian^3 will be an improvement and Symbian^4 will be build from ground up. Plus Nokia got MeeGo scheduled to launch this year. I do hope Samsung will release a phone running on MeeGo

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              • Jason Li
              • TRT
              • 17 May 2010

              How come this Galaxy S spent 3~4second to open a live wallpaper??
              and it still have delay while open some setting, or change page between Home and Meun. Maybe the reason is 512MB RAM isn't enough for the powerful CPU~

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                • Tenge
                • 9xH
                • 17 May 2010

                Me Again, 17 May 2010Interesting point by Someone. To me the nicest OS to act... moreYou answered your own question

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 4Ax
                  • 17 May 2010

                  Crap phone! My one year old i8910 HD does everything this phone plus more, like cool music visulisations and better professial dedicated camera

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                    • Me Again
                    • Mx@
                    • 17 May 2010

                    Interesting point by Someone.

                    To me the nicest OS to actually use on a computer is Mac OS X. It really is a lovely operating System.

                    On a phone, the nicest operating systems have to be Android and the iPhone OS. Really easy to use OS's with good menu's, nice colours and great touchscreen functionality.

                    My question is why did it take two companies with no experience in mobile phones (Apple & Google) to make the two nicest to use mobile phone operating Systems???

                    What were Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and the others thinking 3 or 4 years ago with the OS of their own phones??

                    Is it the money? We know that Apple & Google can throw billions at it. Is it the experience? Apple have been making OS's for computers for over 30 years - Google also has 10 years web experience?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Ge@
                      • 17 May 2010

                      T.K, 17 May 2010like u said people want to read abut apple/iphone/ serioul... morehuh?...u not making any sense

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                        • Someone
                        • Mx@
                        • 17 May 2010

                        Anonymous, 17 May 2010iphone is made successful only through advertising. I appla... moreCome on now. WE ALL KNOW THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE BEST SPECS IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE THE BEST PHONE!!

                        Thinking like that is childish.

                        It's all about how NICE the phone is to use. Remember, we don't use every feature given to us on our phones.

                        There are many high-spec phones out there that are just NOT FUN to use. You don't need high-specs to be a winner!!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 2T0
                          • 17 May 2010

                          [deleted post]iphone is made successful only through advertising. I applaud Apple for that. But as for the phone itself, even you know that most other phones pwns ur beloved iphone.

                          you're just so stuck in denial that you are saying whatever you can to defend the iphone, probably because you're stuck with one in a shi tty 2 year contract.

                          Unless you're completely stupid, you'll know that the samsung galaxy S has better specs. At first, I use to praise that the iphone had a good screen, the best screen in fact, compared to other phones. But now, with tech getting better everyday, the iphone is becoming the loser in the mobile battle.

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                            • sammy
                            • T43
                            • 17 May 2010

                            DAMN!! My Desire sux compared to this supesmooth monster. 4-inch Super AMOLED here i come!!!

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                              • Corleone
                              • SgW
                              • 17 May 2010

                              T.K, 17 May 2010like u said people want to read abut apple/iphone/ serioul... moreCould you repeat that in real english ? ^^

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                                • T.K
                                • 2Ir
                                • 17 May 2010

                                like u said people want to read abut apple/iphone/ serioulsy why hate it than... is like people are reading expecting when wil iphone sux even HTC compare Hd2 with Iphone3gs in one of thier promotion video whats that all abut .some ppl and some phone companies are trying too hard to get rid of it still....dont say abut fashion /image i dont think i phone is not realli fancy type/ say those to samsung /lenovo/ LG their phones are stylish but is not apple's falut these companies cant get a one single model which attract all type of consumers....when i ask sum people the best answer why ppl dont like iphone is becuz everyone is using it/ .. i am out/

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • JyB
                                  • 17 May 2010

                                  dr mousavi, 17 May 2010it is not perfect, but i like it. 480*800 resolution is lo... morehow is 480*800 low on a 4" screen? lol
                                  and there is a GPU, and it is the most powerful one ever used in a phone

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                                    • dr mousavi
                                    • mg}
                                    • 17 May 2010

                                    it is not perfect, but i like it.
                                    480*800 resolution is low,
                                    LED flash is needed for it,
                                    graphical processor is needed,
                                    and details of RAM and ROM is not said...
                                    however must patient for it.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • T1I
                                      • 17 May 2010

                                      [deleted post]You are really stuck in an iPhone loving bubble aren't you? I mentioned before that I have a N900, which cost $600 at the time I bought it. I could of got an iPhone with my AT&T contract and payed a lot less, so it's not money related, yet iPhone folks keep telling me I can't afford one.... Is that the best reason you can come up with for why I didn't get it?

                                      @T.K. Advertisement gets you popular, once people see something on TV they immediately want to find out more about it, so naturally tech sites will have articles about what people want to read. It's not rocket science. But now the press is slowly starting to go against Apple,

                                      When the New York Times, which has been Apple's unpaid press office, goes against you, it's not a good sign. Plus, do you think Gizmodo, which has been one of the most pro Apple tech sites, is still gonna like Apple much?

                                      As previously stated, it's a fashion statement, and as we all know, they come and go.

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                                        • Xavi 63
                                        • Nhf
                                        • 17 May 2010

                                        If this was a Nokia phone, it would've been critized to the limit BUT seeing it's SAMSUNG it's being praised and for what? Anyway nice phone just not out of this world!