Samsung Galaxy S brings us some new HD video samples

15 May, 2010

The Samsung Galaxy S is among the best equipped smartphones and it should hit the market pretty soon. A 1GHz CPU, a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording are enough to make the Galaxy S a prime target for those of you that are out for a big screen bad-ass Android smartphone.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
The Galaxy S held in hand

The rest of the competition is pretty much sealed for now - the HTC Desire and the Nexus One duo, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, and perhaps the Motorola Milestone. We saw what those can do, so it's time to put the Samsung Galaxy S through its paces.

A full-featured review is on its way, due for probably next week. Two weeks ago we gave you our latest Samsung Wave camera samples, now it's time for those by Samsung Galaxy S. Enjoy those while we work to bring you more mouth-watering details.

The camera stills are not the best we've seen in the 5 megapixel segment. The resolved detail is satisfactory but there's a too much noise and aggressive noise reduction. Contrast levels could have been better as well. The only thing we're happy with are the overall colors and the moderate approach to sharpening.

Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S

You can bet we've also got a sample video shot in 720p video resolution.

We were a bit surprised to see the Galaxy S capture videos in the 3GP video container. Plus most videos came out with some sort of a stutter in the video frame rate. Audio also let us down as the mic picked up significant wind noise.

Word is Galaxy S will become available even earlier than the Samsung Wave so we guess we'll be seeing more of it in stores throughout Europe quite soon.

You can also check out the Galaxy S user interface video we just shot over at our blog.


Reader comments

  • Will
  • 21 Jun 2010
  • jQK

Sure, you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S. Now. Stop. And imagine 6 months after you bought the Galaxy. You’re angry. You been lied to. The promised updates never come. There are real problems just using the phone. Forums l...

  • Anonymous
  • 19 May 2010
  • PUd

Samsung have also built an OS that is comming out on the WAVE. Bada OS

  • All phones!
  • 18 May 2010
  • nFT

I have the iPhone 3G, HD2, Desire and Xperia X10! I hardly ever use my iPhone and simply use it to house my PAYG sim. Getting bored with HTC Sense although the Desire is a seriously good handset. Top of my class is my Xperia X10 because it is sooooo ...

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