Altek Leo - 14MP cameraphone with HD video and optical zoom

27 May, 2010
Altek announced the first 14 megapixel cameraphone capable of HD video recording and equipped with 3x optical zoom lens. Both Xenon and LED flashes are onboard and the best bit is that Leo will launch...

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  • Butsoy

I found a site that sell this awesome camera phone buts its a little bit expensive for me..

  • Edmund

AnonD-27250, 22 Oct 2011HI there, I bought one of these via ebay - at the time th... moreI am waiting for the last 8 years or so for several companies that announced to release there specific optical zoom cameraphone NEXT YEAR!!
But for the last 8 years that next year never came.
About the Altec Leo, I did send them an email but they did not respond, on there website the last 3 years I read:
This product is currently unavailable. Altek reserves the right to make changes of specification without prior notice at the time of publication.---------

So I like to know how anyone managed to buy the Altek Leo especially in Europe.


  • AnonD-27250

HI there,
I bought one of these via ebay - at the time there was a lot of talk about it being released in the Uk in August 2011 and I fancied having one first. It is a superb camera - you can blow up pictures to more that A4 and crop and the detail is still good. The lens is very good - if you have stable hands you can get some good close up shots. As it is android you can put apps on it - I have kindle on it, although it's a bit of a fiddle as because the phone has not been released in the uk amazon will not recognise it so you have to download to via computer. Unfortunately I had a technical problem and had to ship the phone back to Taiwan - it has been returned to me and the problem mended but this is the only solution if problems arise - apparently sale outside Taiwan and China is not authorised so check that your guarantee with the seller covers repairs. One downside in the battery life which is not great particularly if you are using the zoom. I love this phone!

  • Anonymous

Where do you get one.?

  • Anonymous

ilake this phone...please detail info....

  • Anonymous

rightflower, 02 Mar 2011i want one piece, what to doBuy it!

  • rajib

how can i got it.expln plz

  • shumon

in this mobile i seach for long time. ilike this phone. plese know details.

  • rightflower

i want one piece, what to do

  • granit

his the best in the word

  • Anonymous

yah sharp better, nokia better ....... but do u know who make their phone camera ?

  • jelmer

A jeh, this is what I'm waiting for,
but more info about speed off processor, gps etc would be nice.

I hoped that canon, sony or Nikon would make something like that.
but Altek congrets!

  • Sean Ayroso

I think N8 is much better for me, with 1/1.83" sensor rather than leo's 1/2.33" sensor... N8 sensor is much bigger and will be able to capture "true" 12mp photos... and for my opinion altek leo is very much bulky to carry all around as a phone...

  • MOMO

i only hear leo is coming on oct 2010 499us$

  • Anonymous

The Altek Leo was launched today at the Communicasia event. It will come with Android 2.1(Eclair), and will support Android 2.2(Froyo) when it is released. It looks to be an excellent phone, with an even better camera!

  • Pepe

Full information and pictures about ALTEK LEO from Official Altek Website:

IMPORTANT: Just select English language at the website.

  • Re: 0jht

Did you send an email to Altek's company ??
When they expect launch this phone ??
I have an Altek T8680, and it's amazing but this Leo will be all I need. I sent them an email but nobody of Altek Coporation respond me to my request.

  • Anonymous

THE OS on this awsome phone is ANDROID..answered by Email from Altek Corporation!! It hit the shelfs worldwide in the 4. Quarter!!!

  • Anonymous

its not ccd phones we want its cmos ones

  • Md Rabbe Ornob.

I hardly like it.I has not only beautiful camera but also have a gorgeous get up.i like it.i is more than beautiful any other kind of Nokia mobile.but i want to avable in every please do something like that..............tnx every body whe read my comments................................................................