Who saw that coming: Nokia working on a Windows phone?

4 June, 2010
After all these years of manufacturing smartphones Nokia still has no Windows-powered smartphone. But that might change soon? In a recently leaked presentation on Nokia's software and services...

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That's how Nokia killed themselfs

  • AlexisBlaze

I was one of the many developer coming to the nokia workshop. The presentation there doesn't mention about window mobile OS. Instead, it is talking about the cross platform QT framework which will be able to support deployment to multiple platform, one of which is Windows OS. In fact, the development environment of QT apps is using Windows OS.

I also got the chance to do some discussion with the keynote speaker, and he did mentions that since the QT is open source, it might be possible that in the future QT framework will be available on more platform.

  • Phyrom

That is good news from NOKIA working on a windows Phone.
Coz this generation windows phone is much better than ......

  • Max

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2010Look at the slide, it mentions platforms, not mobile platfo... moreMy point was directly to mobile phone platform,can you say is there a problem if Apple announce they will put Symbian on number of their iPhones?!
according to your point of view with strong performance of mentioned OS(except US) there must be nothing wrong with that right?
no one of those Droidzzz you said don't have OS in the market(except Samsung and that because Samy is in it's early steps of having own platform and just the day Bada captured a considerable share of market like 15% or so you will not see any Samsung handset operating with other than Bada,Mark my words!)so they HAVE TO!!!
why operating systems are so important to their respective companies,why?!
you must pay the price of applications you download from app store of every platform holder,right? there is a fee(it's scale depends on various platform holder)that developers must pay to OS owner from each app they sell,the more handsets and or any device use an OS the more consumers will buy apps from it's app store sure the more apps sell more fees will pay to OS owner.
don't sure about other devices but handsets?don't think Nokia will proffer it's potential Symbian buyers to Microsoft.

  • deep space bar

Rayman, 07 Jun 2010I think that a lot of people (besides me, of course) like/p... moreithink they will have extensive services since nokia and MS are working together
BING is a start with nokia already since MS is using NavTeq's server which is owned by nokia

  • Rayman

I think that a lot of people (besides me, of course) like/prefer windows mobile and even depend of it for their everyday lifes.
I think it has its own advantages:
-outlook mobile, which is included in every windows phone, has incomparable complexity in terms of calendar, contacts, notes,and mails, like a true pda should be. It's like carrying the desktop version of Outlook in your pocket(Outlook users know what I mean).
-Syncing a smartphone with a computer in most cases will be a PC-windows so syncing can't be more perfect than with windows phone.
-Windows Phone 7 mainly adds finger-friendly use.

So, if it's true, the best and biggest hardware maker Nokia joins with winmo, good news for winmo fans

  • deep space bar

Nokia_tec, 06 Jun 2010LOL, i dont know what to say really, u guys cant figure wha... morei know ms office '10 on Eseries and maemo/meego :3

  • deep space bar

SE 2010, 06 Jun 2010I agree that the andriod system is a mess! It's like we are... morethanks for acknowledging me and that's why despite how old and an ugly people say symbian an winMo are they know how to maintain and work on their mobile OS
and now that apple and google are in a crap field since they can't their stuff right MS and nokia took the time work on their OSs,software,hardware and marketing strategy
i've been using symbian for 5 years and been using the zune interface(WinMo7) for a year and i can see growth in the symbi3n and winmo7 for sure
i look forward to seeing som wicked symbi3n devices like
touch Eseries
new X and C series
Nseries w/ keybo
and few new meego tablets w/keybo and w/o keybo

  • Nokia_tec

LOL, i dont know what to say really, u guys cant figure what the windows
stands for, so you start thinking about something in relation to phones!!!! IT IS REALLY SIMPE!!!! THEY MEAN APPS FOR COMPUTERS(PC) runing WINDOWS, apps like nokia software updater or ovisuite!!!

That was funny, a windows running nokia phone!!!!

  • SE 2010

deep space bar, 05 Jun 2010trends die fast you know why do think nokia doesn't really ... moreI agree that the andriod system is a mess! It's like we are rats and google keep experimenting on us. Please people don't get me wrong, andriod is an amazing os indeed but it still lacks many important features that symbian and wm already had from ages. Don't you agree?

And the way google is pushing it and upgrading their os just made a mess! Look at the smartphones and how they have gone crazy running after every os that google releases. What made it even worse is that people are being like sheeps and all they care about is the latest os from google?!!

They forgot about the hardware the features the ui and customizations from the brand they desire and it's only give us the latest os from google! Give them a break will ya.

What really makes me sad is to see most people running after anything new like sheeps without even using their brains to think or realize what's really going on, this is exactly what happened with the isheep and now it's happening again with google. Please think ! That's the reason god created for us a brain.

  • Cristi - Romania

Maybe a phone running windows 7 ? :D


it still suck trying to immitate droids...

  • Anonymous

Go into store x6 next to x10 which sells? Forget windows nokia

  • deemoots

Would make more sense to make an andriod phone. Sense Nokia get no love in the USa

  • Daniel

I don't think so, at least. I don't think Nokia will use windows phone OS

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2010yeah i agree trend die fast people only try it.trend phones that died and or dying
moto razr
lg chocolate
lg shine
and some others lol
no one wants an iphone cause it's too saturated and the droid OS might end up like that if google doesn't stop messing round
MS and nokia needed competition and now they have some they are now meeting users demands with eye candy and better UI and hardware for the old and new users

  • deep space bar

Who's This?, 05 Jun 2010Syncing contacts over the air? Nothing new. Here in the ... morei guess where late in Canada lol i just started using ovi 2 years ago but i find the ovi service the most reliable since nokia's severs hardly mess up
RIM always has problems since they have too many users and not enough servers and same with MS
apple and google are a different story
apple is forcing users
google can't get DroidOS organised on their smartphones because of severe hardware issues

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2010Never never say android will die. Other OS will die but and... moreBefore that, either google or manufacturers will run out of it. No one will dare to depend wholly on it as afterall its just a open source not open licenced. Google reserves policies on it. That is why Samsung now have own OS called Bada. Nokia already have their own.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2010android will be history after meego release. Symbian is pow... moreNever never say android will die. Other OS will die but android will never until the end of the world.

  • Anonymous

deep space bar, 05 Jun 2010trends die fast you know why do think nokia doesn't really ... moreyeah i agree trend die fast people only try it.