You are holding your iPhone 4 the wrong way, you know!

25 June, 2010
Yesterday's iPhone 4 launch was full of surprises - dead-on-arrival, yellow spots or white dots on the screen, lost reception signal and a bunch of happy users. But while yellow spots will likely disappear...

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  • ifan forever

dont worry guys,
Apple will surely make another iphone 4 for left handed people..
BTW.isnt that great?the antenna is to perfect.wen ur on call and want to end up the jaz hold the phone in a wrong way and the call will drop..hahaha.what a clever design.other phone manufacturers will surely follow what apple has done to iphone 4 antenna..
Or maybe this excellent antenna design could be the result of Nokia law suit to apple about stealing their gsm/wifi/3g here is the result of that law suit.a clever antenna design.klap klap klap for apple.

  • i8910 user

if i were apple i would add; or simply wrap the phone's metallic sides with some electrical tape...that would protect it against some drops too...lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • FireDragon

And, iPhone 4 blends too, nicely and smoothly. Must watch video as the guy also put the story of finding iPhone 4 at bar in a very funny way.­it-blends/

  • xxx

you pay a higer price for this p.roduct & still it can't work the way it should.
that's a stupid excuse apple told their customers.

none of my blackberry or nokia or iphone 3gs have this problem.

  • just4fun

Only Chuck Norris can hold it with its left hand and have full signal :D

  • michael tawroginski

Hi everyone,i even don use Iphone,its rubbish,me and all of the family members use BlackBerry ONLY,and thats best phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :)

Loosing connection with iPhone4 is not a big issue at all, for Nokia users of course =]

  • gabby131

apple.....fix this made the surface so durable that even waves of signal cant go through.....i'm planning to give my mom one of please.....and where is the white version?????

  • Anonymous

Apple tries to push changes all the time, lately the flash thing/html5, now people should start being left handed instead of right handed.... bet Jobs is left handed and the phone was designed with him in mind as he would hold it with the right hand. Consumer regulators should get the phone off the market and it is not suitable for it's purpose. As someone said buy and ipod touch if you don't intend to make calls.

  • Anonymous

this is ridiculous, im left handed.. thats how i hold phones.. is unfair to tell me that im holding it wrong

  • Anonymous

why buy an iphone that doesnt make calls? Just buy an ipod touch instead.

  • ;)

No problem
You need a iHand

  • obBi0

Well, we could give a lot of real life experiences to make an analogy here...: Just imagine you have an amputated arm, the left arm to be more precise, and you e-mail Steve Jobs because your iPhone 4 signal reception is too bad, and Steve replys: "Just avoid grabbing it with your left hand".. lolol wouldn't it be fun? or just disrespectful?
Next iPhone will come out with some clamps and tripod just to make sure you won't get signal reception problems =)
Here you are, making an emergency call and suddendly, cause you forgot you couldn't hold your phone with your left hand, the call goes down... and you get stuck, with no emergency solution at all because your phone is special... and it has its own special way of being hold!

  • FireDragon

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010The reason why iphone haters jump into this issue like it's the ... moreName one thing that is right in iPhone from the day first of its birth other than the fancy UI that is the only winning point Jobs handed you to bash every other company.

  • Anonymous

Well as I have said before I ditched the iPhone on the 3G version due to bad reception which O2 finally admitted and now my tariff is much reduced as compensation.

Then this, LMFAO another iPhone that has iPoo reception.

I'll stick with Blackberry's for now thanks..........

  • Ricardo-Mexico

That's something I don't like.

Is It something that many Iphones will have?

  • Jeff

[deleted post]So much WIN in your post XDD

  • TimmyTee

iOS 4 should be called POS 4, because it just crashed my friend's 3GS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010If Apple did put the antenna on top, would you then buy it?You mean an external antenna? Ha ha,
Nope, i wouldn't buy an iphone even if they put the antenna in Steve's blank cheque.

  • TimmyTee

I feel sorry for the iP4 antenna design engineer. Her desk was probably cleaned out last night, and HR walked her out the door before lunchtime.