Nokia 3250 and SE W810 released

24 March, 2006
Two rival phones have hit the market almost at the same time. Sony Ericsson W810 and Nokia 3250 are considered to fight for the same market share. The two devices are quite similar in functions...

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  • fXR
  • 01 Mar 2009

Arj, 11 May 2006I have the w810i and I've given the 3250 a listen in our lo... morethe 3250 has a auto lock key

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    • sahil
    • up6
    • 27 Oct 2007

    sony ericsson w810i is 1000 times better than nokia 3250,the w810i is smart&trendy,2 mp camera WITH FLASH and AUTOFOCUS,upto 2 gb extendable memory,radio with RDS,"THE WALKMAN TAG",ETC. THE INTERFACE IS 1000 TIMES BETTER and also supports themes.the phone is amazing. IF YOU WANT MUSIC YOU WANT A SONY WALKMAN

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      • Neo
      • ijK
      • 06 Jun 2007

      I have tested both the phones head to head. Nokia 3250 has crisp audio quality as well as loud through headset and handset. It captures better quality images. The images captured in full zoom are not usable on w810. But 3250 is usable. W810 is not a smart phone ie we cant install extra apps but on 3250 it is possible. 3250 has better and larger screen with hiher contrast ratio providing high quality images and video.

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        • Mohamed
        • mJD
        • 23 Feb 2007

        wat do u mean by " nokia is nokia .rest are rest"...thats was in the past but now SonyEricSson Is here .. it become a real rival to Nokia .. " nokia is nokia and SonyEricsson is Sony Ericsson And rest are rest "

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          • PT@
          • 17 Feb 2007

          i have used both 3250 and w810 ..even i bought w810 today . w810 is clear cut better than 3250 in music and camera .
          the mega bass made by sony make music real loudspeaker. it is awesome!!..
          but i wanna add u one comment also " nokia is nokia .rest are rest"

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            • Sibi
            • j2C
            • 16 Jan 2007

            Who said that sony ericsson w810i is not a good phone. I am using the w810i and the sound clarity is awesome compared to that of 3250 which does not have the orginal sound clarity. Who said that nokia isnt tied up with any company. For camera they have tied up with carl zeiss optics and for sound they have tied up with bose. Never say the thing that you dont know. Sony ericsson is not tied up with any company, they are using only sony's brandname. Sony ericsson, motorola is now famous among youth and nokia is going down

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              • mJC
              • 08 Jan 2007

              hayyyy zack .. walkman brand and cybersot r owend by sony .. ??? so sony ericsson didnt hook with any body to make a good phone they made the w810 and k800 by themself .. dont forget that any new camera from nokia now carry carlzies lens..

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                • Zack
                • PEZ
                • 07 Jan 2007

                well! i have used both the cell phones...And i will only talk abt music features as I am myself into music, so lemme tellya... Nokia 3250 is alot better in music than w810I AS Nokia 3250 is way louder than w810.

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                  • notfornokiaorSE
                  • mHh
                  • 06 Nov 2006

                  What is wrong with you people. Ok sony ercsson are well known only now because they have a line of walkman phones. But all you mad SE fans out there listen to this SE had to hook up with quickshare for faster service, Cybershot for pucture quality and now walkman for the music. Has Nokia hooked up with anyone? No Nokia hasnt they are doing it all themselves. I used to own a w800i and i am nt dissing the SE fans. W800 was very loud indeed and the quality was good but then i started getting problems with the joystick wich is francly a piece of crap. SE are rubbish with joystick. W810i has poor poor poor sound output, maybe not through the headphones but when you are playing the music out loud its so much lower than its downgrade w810i!!! I couldnt believe it! Nokia 3250 is exellent i tried it myself in the carphonewarehouse. The sound of it is great through the speaker very loud and clear i havent tried it through the headphones though. The twisting block at the bottom seems very solid but i am not sure how long it will last. But all you psycos out there saying it will fall off just get it insured!!! The NOKIA 3250 IS A CLEAR WINNER its also a smartphone and is being re - released with the expressmusic thingy. SE are good phones but ive had them all go for the nokia 3250 its design is very attractive its a smart phone the music is exellent it also has track ID service like the newest walkamn phone the w850i and the bottom line is that NOKIA DONT NEED TO HOOK UP WITH ANYONE LIKE WALKMAN TO MAKE A PHONE SONY ERICSSON DO! DO YOU THINK THAT WITHOUT THE CYBERSHOT AND WALKMAN BRAND THEY COULD MAKE A GOOD PHONE??? NAH!

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                    • George
                    • in{
                    • 04 Oct 2006


                    I have a W810i. Had brought the set after goinf through many reviews. I wanted a moble with MP3 player & good camera.


                    1) I am little disappointed about the sound of w810i even when using headphone.

                    2) Sony should have given the speakers in side rather than in back. When playing sony with speakes the sound is hampaered as the speakers are in the backside.

                    3) One more -ve thing is that they have not provided flash light, instead they have given ON/OFF light


                    1) Usablity

                    2) Camera

                    3) Music Sw

                    4) Keypads

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                      • Dallas
                      • 42r
                      • 10 Aug 2006

                      Well I was one of the poor chumps who managed to buy into the hype and purchase the W810i. It's really a nice looking phone but if you really need a phone, I don't know if it would be my first choice (or even in my top 10). The phone portion of it is WAAAY TO QUIET!!
                      I don't understand why the walkman and radio can get so loud but the speakerphone, ear piece and even the ear buds are almost unbearably quiet when used as a PHONE. I can only hear it ring if I am in a very quiet environment, not even in my car with the window down and engine at idle. And Talking on the phone, it's a real chore to hear what anyone's saying at all. Maybe they can fix it with a software upgrade eventually (as if they really care).

                      Other gripes? The removal of the lens cover was another bone-head move by Sony. The phone is laid out such that, in order to hold the phone and work the keypad one-handed, one's finger sticks right in the middle of the camera lens. That sucks!
                      And who's brilliant idea was it to put the speaker on the BACK of the phone anyway? Do people ever lay their phones face down? NO! If you put it in a hands free cradle is the phone facing the dash? NO! Then what colossal dumb-ass thought we needed the speaker to face the rest of the world?!
                      In typical Sony Style, they have managed to take a decent concept and butcher it to the point of un-usability. This phone is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being worth the $500 Sony is asking for it. Do yourself a favor and spend that money on an iPod and another phone and you will be much happier. I wish I had! How about someone start reviewing phones for their PHONE abilities for a change!

                      Now maybe if I was selling Sony's, or Sony was sending me free stuff all the time, I might have something nicer to say like the other web site reviews but I buy mine. I have tons of Sony stuff and it's all just a few steps behind perfect. They could do it if they would just take a day or two to try the product out before they started selling it. I love my PSP, but it even falls short in a few simple areas.

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                        • Orlando
                        • MGp
                        • 02 Aug 2006

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                          • Amar
                          • 2S$
                          • 23 Jul 2006

                          I myself am a Nokia fan since I require to run a lot of applications on my cell phone.Thats why I bought a Nokia 3250....a combination of Symbian and a fairly good music player+camera.Since one of my friends has a W800i,I have seen W800i[not W810i} and used it.Though I am a Nokia fan,still to be frank,the W800i sound quality scores over that of my Nokia 3250 both on loudspeaker and headsets.And the camera of W800i is awesome!!!!Its just like a digital cam.So those saying that music and cam quality of 3250 is better than that of W800i,then I am afraid they are wrong.In these two aspects,SE scores over Nokia.Anyone saying anything wont change it.Yes but in terms of applications,Nokia is far better.
                          Both are good in their features.....SE W800i=Better music and cam,Nokia=Brilliant application support.
                          So my advice is that if you want good application support+fairly good music and cam,best choice is Nokia 3250.If you want best music player and cam and a trendy phone then go for SE W800i......Also,stop the war between you people about SE Vs Nokia.Anyone saying anything wont change the facts.Both are good.Remember,we are users,not owners or even not brand ambassadors of the companies.Accept the facts gracefully....
                          I hope this review of mine is useful.[Dont know whether W810i has same sound quality as W800i,so no comments on W810i.But I hope that it should have atleast the same since it is the upgradation of W800i.]

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                            • Anonymous
                            • PVt
                            • 31 May 2006

                            Sony ericsson is better then nokia in all features except that os thing less weight excellent camera awesome sound quality

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                              • Ae0
                              • 21 May 2006

                              Otherwise, both phones have 256K colors displays with similar resolutions, 176 x 220 for the W810 and 176 x 208 for the 3250

                              810 has bigger screen not 3250

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                                • Anonymous
                                • ixP
                                • 19 May 2006

                                help me choose between these 2 phones:
                                nokia has bigger screen and loud speaker but everyone says w810 quality is better does anyone realy test them head to head?!?!

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                                  • Stephen alias Zidan
                                  • mcu
                                  • 17 May 2006

                                  I think the Sonnyerricsson 810 is far ahead. better picture, more memory storage makes it a lit bett.

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                                    • K7pmi
                                    • bj5
                                    • 16 May 2006

                                    Read a professional review and comparison of the two phones, and the choice becomes obvious. Take special notice of the last few paragraphs of summary:


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                                      • Arj
                                      • PSv
                                      • 11 May 2006

                                      Ey Viperchild, dont you know that there are different themes and settings for units in different countries? Just because the color of the text is different from your unit doesnt mean they're using a prototype unit. I've only read one website review that indicated a prototype version. Besides, ALL websites that review phones have better reviews for W810. You are the one who is biased. Why dont you put up your own website so there will finally be a rave review on your phone.

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                                        • Arj
                                        • PSv
                                        • 11 May 2006

                                        I have the w810i and I've given the 3250 a listen in our local nokia shop. All I can say is, only 3250 owners will say that their phone sounds better than Walkman phones. Nokia might be making improvements on music phones (especially the n91) but the 3250 is way behind SE and Motorola in sound quality. Lets enumerate:

                                        - 3250 might be ahead in loudness, but the w810 beats it in terms of sound quality and clarity, whether on loudspeaker or headset. 3250 headset is inferior (but since both have the 3.5mm jack, this is not a problem).

                                        - The twisting design might be unique, but its useless. I wont be surprised if the rotating part will loosen after a few months. To go to music mode you have to twist the phone 180 degrees, or go through the menu. Whereas in walkman phones, its just a press of a button. What if you have to text while listening? You have to twist it back again

                                        - What viperkid keeps ragging about the w810 not being able to categorize accdg to artist, title, album....lies...This is standard in all music phones.

                                        - 3250 does not even have auto keypad lock.

                                        - Camera, Im sure everyone will concede that W810 is way better than 3250. Only a blind person will say otherwise. The only problem some W810i units have is the flashlight sometimes blinks after being turned on after a few seconds, which will be easily fixed by a sw upgrade. The 3250 does not even have a flashlight.

                                        - The bulky 3250's headset plugs in at the side of the unit, which is actually cumbersome if you just put your phone in your pocket...if u can still put it in.

                                        - 3250 is triband; W810i is quadband

                                        - W810i has EDGE, Im not sure about 3250...I hope it does.

                                        Apart from the last 2, it is the hardware that makes the 3250 inferior. So no matter how good its symbian software may be, which is not saying that w810i's is inferior (as it has a beatiful, fast and responsive interface), it still wont be able to compete. Nuff said.