Apple gets all defensive, free iPhone 4 cases for everyone

16 July, 2010
Apple just finished off its press conference dedicated on the iPhone 4 reception issues leaving us quite puzzled, to say the least. At one point Steve Jobs was saying that every phone has a weak spot, then he...

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  • John

BTW Apple forgot to offer it's IFans a fire extinguisher, b'coz when you connect the IPhone 4 to your computer through the USB, it creates IFlames, and I am sure no one wants to have their Houses/ Mansions/ Apartments/ burnt down to ashes, although I do realize that insurance is there to take care of it, but now soon insurance company would come out with a guide line that they would not insure houses which have Apple IPhone 4 owners, or even smarter they would insure any house, but with a condition that incase the house catches fire b'coz of an IPhone 4, then the person should not bother about contacting the insurance company to demand a claim, they should just contact the fire extinguisher company and have their fire taken care and take care of renovating the damages caused by the fire using their own personal finance, b'coz the insurance company would not be responsible for any fire cause by a freaking IPhone 4.

New Nokia N8 ad: The phone does not catches finre when connected anywhere & you can still hold it the way you like.

Get the sophisticated Nokia N8 & dump the freaking IPhone4.


  • Anonymous

The sim card is standard size allover the world,,so apple go and invent a different size to stop you putting a normal sim card in it,,,apple "huh" you cant do this you cant do that ..useless fone to me..

  • Anonymous

works, 17 Jul 2010mine works fine, my friends works fine too. but its good to know... moreI mean you don't have a iPhone 4.

  • works

mine works fine, my friends works fine too. but its good to know we got the option to return it if we don't like it. but its too good to give up. great apps for IT i can vpn ssh and heaps more. a must if your an IT guy. only wish others stood behind their phones instead of release a new one before the current one is even out the door. Nokia N900 with Mameo was ok but lacks Apps, now nokia will be pushing MeeGo humm makes you wonder their symbian Os stinks.

  • John

I guess we would all just like Apple to confess and state that

There is a FLAW in the design of the Apple IPhone 4.

We infact do not want them to give free cases, b'coz if people can afford this phone, they can also then afford a US $ 29 case. But what we cannot afford is the fact that Apple is trying to cover up all this by saying that all brands of Mobile phones has a point which, wherein touched by the finger, the calls would drop.

And whats the point of redesigning the recepption status bar on the phone and modifying things, which means Apple was either sleeping or catching fish, while people were viewing fake reception bars on their IPhone3, 3GS, etc.

Not fair really.. Itz taken them years to find out that there is a flaw in the phone. Luckilly people were smart enough to find out the death grip issue just immdtly after the IPhone 4 was launched.

But still inspite of that we have IFans saying that it is the best phone etc. It is just the best MP3 player. But even you have better MP3 players that do not have yellow spots on the display.

Aaaahhhh what a JOKE..

Just dump the IPhone 4 and get the Nokia N8 when it is released.

Nokia rocks.


  • Anonymous hope at all of the next iphone..

You ask me why??? The reason???

Everyone knew that iphone 4 is using the micro simcard right this is the only way to keep the iphone 4 made large of the battery size inside the iphone..

This issue is not that easy can fix..
This is the r eason make iphone 4 keeping the antenna beside the steel bands..
If next iphone still want keep the battery life longer..they cant made the small battery..

  • Anonymous

OK Guys so why is everybody getting all stroppy about this story.. U guys are not getting paid for using the fone & ur comments & the manufacturers has indirectly admitted fault..(well i dnt blame them cuz who would like to down the place that puts the bread & butter on there table)
There are so many other fones out there giving ppl worse probs & they paid so much more for it & u dnt see any of them loosing there respect for others, minds & hair about it.

I am a Iphone user & have this problem (& yes everybody might not have the same problem get over it) but i took it every fone has its problems but @ least appel is doing something about it.(y nt take the thing back initially... i did got a replacement fone for the time being & then got my Iphone back with no further probs)

Gud luck to all who i facing this prob

  • Fouad

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2010Next iphone will have projector, free nav, 12mp same len sensor ... moreDear ,
what is your source for the next iphone specs? is it just excepection ??

  • done

excellent phone i want one so i can dump my stupid android got no useful apps. and i can double up my iphone in my car as mp3 player connects with my alpine system seamlessly

  • Anonymous

Apple’s offer to give ticked-off iPhone 4 owners a case sounds about as satisfying as if Ford in the 1970s sent exploding Pinto owners a fire extinguisher.

  • sucks_apple­-an-iphone-4-recall-less-costly-than-apple-s-sha­re-drop...

now Apple iphone 4 i the most flop handset of all time

  • Anonymous

someone should sue apple for using the word "phone"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2010Next iphone will have projector, free nav, 12mp same len sensor ... morejust hope the next I-phone will be able to make calls 1st lol

  • Anonymous

iphone, best used with a condom

  • hurry up

please hurry up with the release in Aus. I want to dump my stupid n97 its scratched my lens with its own lens protector and keeps saying memory full and i have to do hard restarts. please hurry up and release iphone. and to others if you don't like it don't buy be happy.

  • iphone4fan

None of the calls to Apple Care were dropped either

  • Anonymous

I see, than is not that sleak iphone funboys used to clime it, sens you have to put rubbers roud it, it looks like chilldish toy.
How about my old car rubbers, they are usefull for iphone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2010i have to go outside to get signal on my desire too but thats my... moreWell if you cared to check the post I was replying to you would have found that the phone my girlfriend's trying out is actually the Iphone 4 and as I said no signal loss, full 5 bars and it has not been updated yet and no bumber either..
Ohh! I need to call someone, I gotta go outside be right back.

  • Anonymous

Just dont hold it in your left hand.

  • Singh

I don't get it why Singapore will be getting the iPhone earlier than the Philippines. We have more subscribers (and affluent at that) than Singapore. Well, I think this is better so that we will receive the "non-beta" version of the Phone.