Antenna wars: RIM, HTC and Nokia strike back at Apple

18 July, 2010
That was one hell of an odd press conference on Friday. Typical Apple. Instead of just admitting its faults Apple decided to point a finger at the other mobile phone manufacturers and accuse them of selling...

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Every year apple messes since iPhone 4, usually in the software department, but still people buying

  • Iphone sucks

Everyone who has used a mobile phone even for a few days knows that it areas of not so good coverage, when the phone is held/tilted a certain way, the antenna drops. It happens with every phone. It is the positioning and the layering (of your flesh) on the antenna.
My question is: Is the drop in signal level comparable to that on an iphone where the call is dropped? Does it become zero?
When iphone made the device and tested the first prototype did they TRY to hold it in their hand? Or did they just assume that apple users, foolish though they might be anyways, can be dictated how the phone can be held?
Iphone has chosen a non practical antenna design and iphone gullibles are not ADVISED to use cases. So Stupid. Everyone makes mistakes and Apple made a hardware error that cannot be rectified with a patch job. Their only option is recalling the handsets already sold. The way that Apple shrugged off the responsibility for the issue and tried to drag other manufacturers into their muck is inexcusable. I wonder how long they are gonna stay at the top in the most admired companies in the world with a rating of 80%. I doubted the reason and here it comes. Apple makes gimmiks in the name of technology and gullible susceptible non tech users buy them and become dependant on itunes for the rest of their (mobiles') life.

  • Anonymous

Nokiafobia, 23 Jul 2010I just hate NOKIA, after I bought my N95 for $700 and every 2 we... moreBah ! Another Nokia basher using the wrong place to expend his thoughts. Dude, this is about Antennagate. Why are you getting your dead skeletons here? Am sure N95 did not suffer from Antennadate syndrome:)

  • CatsEyeDjinn

Apple must take responibility for their mess. end of story

  • dina18

cant they just put the blame on them and correct it instead of pointing to others which solves nothing..i loved samsungs reply..well to go samsung. Galaxy s is way to better than iphone now

  • Nwaokoro Victor

why is the media treating apple with so much respect, apple did a bad job, of course we all do bad jobs in life but atleast we bear the consequenses, why is apple strikin back at other phone manufactures. nokia has been my brand 4 life although i plan to try out apple in the future, but their act is making me hate them the more. Apple plz do a recall cuz i know that's what u are dodging..Cheers

  • Nokiafobia

I just hate NOKIA, after I bought my N95 for $700 and every 2 weeks I had to be at NOKIA's Customer services for replacing my handy with a new one. It happend 5 times in about 5 month and each time with 2 weeks delay getting a new one, eventually I decided to sell my last replaced new N95 for $200 without getting a good sense of using it!!!


iPhonaut, youre just another apple cult member. face the facts and stop denying. other companies admitted their issues in the past. apple might as well gets it wang inverted and become a whinning "the hills" cast member

  • Crimsoin

1. logically, anyone in the right mind to hold the phone in that method to make a phone call?
2. does steve himself make phone call this way all the time?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2010Another baseless opinion..again...what's the figure? what's your... moreIts because people have more money than sense... even if something doesnt work properly people still buy because its labelled.

  • an apple a day.....

phone seller, 22 Jul 2010Apple had 3 years to work on only 1 phone and they still couldn'... moreGuys. Nokia has all but lost the plot, so think again & even if Apple has signal issues - it will still sell out - so join the waiting list and enjoy technology and applications like no one else can offer. P.s you are right, 3 years and no one has caught apple yet.....

  • Cristi

iPhonaut, 22 Jul 2010I love the way it is here on GSMrena ,just about every phone you... moreMister, you are nothing but a deluded Apple fanboy. Please remove your head from your ass and think again. Apple's sales don't exceed Nokia's or HTC's sales, but you don't see Kallasvuo or Chou coming out and bragging about their sales. Apple only brags about what they do. If they started comparing antenna issues with HTC, Samsung, RIM and Nokia, why not compare the sales volume too? You know why? Because they would look small, as they really are. They brag about selling 3mil iPhones, how about the hundred of millions of phones sold by Nokia?

  • phone seller

Apple had 3 years to work on only 1 phone and they still couldn't get it right. Nokia and the others work on hundreds a year and although tey can have some glitches at times, they all go a prtty damn good job. With all of apple's time resources on 1 phone i think they deserve to have the crap kicked out of them by the media.

  • !!!!

iPhonaut, 22 Jul 2010I love the way it is here on GSMrena ,just about every phone you... moreliving legend????



  • iPhonaut

I love the way it is here on GSMrena ,just about every phone you look at has an iPhone laying on top of it LOLove it!
rim, htc, nokia don't need to worry about what Apple say`s they have antenna flaws to be fixing.My iPod gets out better LOL
All of Apple haters out there talking trash about about Steve Jobs ,you need to watch your mouth!Your talking about a living legend.

  • ron

Its so unethical to blame other phone manufacturers. Apple should stand on their own mistakes.

Whenever theres new Iphone we expect too much on it. Apple is NOT a pioneer of phones. They are just starting to create a name but how can they stand more than years like Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson if blaming is the only thing they can do.

Two thumbs down for Apple. Iphone sucks........

  • Cristi

I think it's unacceptable that a company like Apple(or maybe just Jobs) doesn't have the guts to assume the responsability for their faults, instead dragging other companies, that have nothing to do with their problems, in this issue. I think that Apple is beginning to sink, because they had epic fails over and over in the last year. First they lost the iPhone 4, then they release an iOS4 for iPhone 3G that practically bricks the phone (completely unusable, ask anyone who owns one and tried iOS4). After that, comes the antenna issue with the iPhone 4, and then, the biggest mistake IMHO Jobs ever did was to do this Antennagate thing and drag RIM and Nokia and Samsung names into their own garbage. All these things only show how desperate Jobs is because of this issue. Steve's behavior about this issue is more like the behavior or a chinese clone phones manufacturer, rather than a California icon company.

  • Anonymous

Have you noticed how since iPhone 1, the iPhone still looks the same! Truly boring, and a big sign of lack of creativity.

  • nick

rim and nokia are definitely gonna knock apple of that throne it made.and i bet its gonna happen...btw, apple should've just fixed its problem instead of dragging others in so that people would have second thoughs about buying the crap called the iphone..

  • !!!!

Love it, 21 Jul 2010I LOVE GSM arena! I mean in this forum we have - 1. Apple ... morethreathened by the iphone4?

who in the world wil be threathened by a mobile that doesnt even function its MOST BASIC USE??? (call,text,internet) because of reception issue... bwahahahaha!!!

"antennagate" to create more interest??
then why drag other phone companies???
yeah marketing is a strange world..but nothing compares to apple(steve jobs)

yah nokia does tell you on how to properly hold thier phones, but it is always almost 100% the conventional way of holding a mobile phone..

how about iphone4???
can you hold it in the most conventional way w/o affecting drastically its reception???
so many think not..

yah all mobile phones suffer from "antennagate" BUT NOT AS WORST AS IPHONE4...
a kicker to arrogant CEO(steve jobs)

lastly yah the world if full of bad news..true..a fact..

AND THATS WHY IPHONE4 is a part of it....BAD NEWS.

makes sense????