Motorola ROKR E3 details

03 April, 2006
We just got some information about Motorola ROKR E3 - the forthcoming successor of the not yet released ROKR E2. A month ago, when we first saw photos of Motorola E3 on the web...

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  • Anonymous

carol, 29 Jan 2007i have the motorola e3how do you delete the itunes does it have an FM radio?

  • Anonymous

Why it has that UI b'cuz it's a FAKE! motorola won't use the crappy OS in that kind of phone it's going to use Linux or Symbien even WM6 but not that OK

  • carol

i have the motorola e3how do you delete the itunes

  • L3ST3R

well, i have an ROKR E1 and i think that my phone is good compare other cels, i like it allot, but now I want the ROKR E2, that here in Guatemala, is to spensive to buy it, but thats ok, I only want my new cel, and now, that I heard that a new ROKR apear, thats really intersting because this new cel havent come, and it just, that they dont loose the time thinkink in wht invent, really, the E3 is like the l6 and l7, only that is like the E2.......i was thinking, how much its going to sell it??

  • lkysa

i dont get it. why e2 has linux bassed software with new UI and e3 hasnt it, its ui is like all other motorolas...

  • Anthony

Cannot understand motorola launch this design for hi end mobile phone.
It's looks like a cheap model of motorola.
Round shape is already out of date now.
Better if motorola revise the style of design and consider the level target of user.

  • dhiru

that is the best handset in motorola

  • Martha

This model is a joke...!

  • Anonymous

Ewwww what a beasty fone

  • moto

i am a moto fans,but i really dunno what moto is thinking.L7?almost perfect but for asia almost sux...usa can have itunes but limited for 100 more worst dun have is fine if camera vga since it is slimmmer than any SE phone,but i found it absurd!it is like they dun treat asia ppl as their bias

  • Anonymous

Like one posted. It looks like half the PEBL. Or half the BOULDR.

  • TheFlyingYellowPig

Is this phone some kind of rumours or is really coming up?Because i can get info about it anywhere.
And does any knows if there is any 3G Motorola mobile phone that we can install any kind of navegation like tomtom,navigon or garmin

  • cute bobo

when this phone coming to indonesia?How much this price?i very intrested

  • Noel

the instrument is a neat piece of work, get going to capture the world with it and for many more to come, i have just brought the new Motorola A780 in india even though it old considering its launch, all my friends like the piece and are planning to buy it. great stuff Motorola!!!

  • Anonymous

Come on again its 1.3mpx camera dun jus focus on music lyk DUH!Do something abt the camera rather den the old 1.3mpx.....So out dated diao

  • ryan kelly

impressive.. big fan of moto's but what is the camera quality.. only reaon i'm not going for e2 is thatit's 1.3mp

  • Anonymous

E1 E2 Now E3 i have not yet seen E2. I have v3 v3i v3x E398 and Rokr, they all have same features but memory is higher than one another. I wonder what will E3 have i hopemore memory

  • Anonymous

too many motorola phones have the same format as the slvr

  • KL3 Yu

rokr e3..with 3g lyk hell!! rokr e4 got tv??since digicam n mp3 almost out adi..hope rokr e4 got lighter,wifi bla bla bla..but too bad motorola got a bit lag..slow..blur.. :S

  • Aylwin

Do get rid of the unsavy looking keyboard style.
Suggest sticking to the Razr standard keys.
Memory is great, what is the camera resolution?
Look good on the tech but looks bad due to the keys layout