Motorola ROKR E3 details

03 April, 2006
We just got some information about Motorola ROKR E3 - the forthcoming successor of the not yet released ROKR E2. A month ago, when we first saw photos of Motorola E3 on the web...

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  • nelson

not a very good design and color combination. a step back for motorola.

  • Anonymous

ultimately ugly....

  • Babdi

Its moto(r)hole all(a) Thats it. LOL

  • omg

its sooo ugly... omg. what where they thinking?
same ugly menu..

  • Safy

Rokr2 is way better then this !!!

  • azlan

Hello motto. This is ugly

  • lookaround22

what is the idea to use the "down" key also for use of "2" key? if it means you cannot move up/down while writing message, then this phone is a joke. Has anyone seen how it works??

  • Alex

I don't understand why u guys from Gsmarena haven't added this model to the list of Motorola phones if u had it in your hands. Or were those just some pics made by another? If so, ho knows!? Maybe this is the E2, and not the E3! I sure hope so, anyway... I like the design :P Perhaps the D-pad is a little too big.

  • Anonymous

Possibly the worst that motorola has ever produce.
learn a lesson, the v3 keypad wannabe is horrible and not userfriendly.
Please, use your common thinking skills.

  • realone25

i don't know why Motorola seems to be behind now!... they just keep on posting upcoming models but released it very, very late... now, E3 but where's E2?... tsk! tsk!

  • Anonymous

looks great duno bout the specs

  • Anonymous

Truly ugly indeed! look cheap

  • m1

uuummm sorry guys but something reminds me of the iPod's click wheel and also the hold button...also this 1.3 mp camera..HELLO MOTO!!!anyway the phone is awful...

  • G9

It looks like they have stuck bits of the E1060 and added a tad of ROKR E2 to make this =/ Not keen on the looks at the minute.

  • Musli

i dont like it. too big, and keyboard from RZR series sux -.-

  • Anonymous

i number 2 tttttwwwwooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ###

can we hope something better 4m this one .what about release date??? & what about rokr e2!!!