Motorola ROKR E3 details

03 April, 2006
We just got some information about Motorola ROKR E3 - the forthcoming successor of the not yet released ROKR E2. A month ago, when we first saw photos of Motorola E3 on the web...

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  • Kal

If they really have a good design team they wont be signing up with Ferrai Design Firm Pininfarina.

I always wondered who came up with the V3 design. V3 doesn't look in sync with Motos other models. That design could be an outsourced one as well.

  • nag

e1...e2not yet launnched in the is still in the observation....k...this phone is k.....but don shape it in an elipse model...plz go 4 any other modern touch....some pple said motorola has ugly phone dsiners....but it has been wrong ever....coz v got razr....rokre1...pebl...and v have been watchig hou they have been dsining....i appriciate motorolas ability towards desining...amd evry aspect of success

  • Sonny Chen

my gosh...this is really the ugliest phone i have ever seen in last few years. common moto you want to be different but not to be laughable. i am an admirer of v3i and v3x, but this is really disgusting

  • m

its interesting to see motorola develop a phone that has a very odd resemblence to a V3 & an ipod , its definately trying to catch up with SE and develop some kind of walkman / ipod however
my question is why not make a phone thats small and thin with itunes support that kind of resembles an ipod nano with BluTooth v2.0 , 3G , FMradio , loudspeaker ,min 2MP at least 4gb space as N91 , with an ipod scroll wheel that allows full funtionality of the phone and music capability as well as the ablity to play DivX, MPEg video , Now thats a Technology advance rather than goin bak to drawing board make a fone thats a step forward a prototype ppl will buy and will be popular we need a fone that separates ok from i have to buy it n i want it NOW

  • Rice-Boi

Damn...i dont know what to say, i mean that is one of the ugliest most disgusting mobile i have ever seen. If i had money to come up with that junk, i'de rather solve world hunger.

  • tank

Please moto, just design a clean modern look, don't try to get all cutesy with the keyboard. We don't want round, elliptical or trapezoid keyboards. Please quit the wavy keyboard stuff.

  • Anonymous

keypad looks very strange

  • farhan

The Same iPod Wheel and old fashion horible shapes please moto cant u do something creative like you do in SLVR series you have to work on front end of your cell phone the shape of the E3 is very bad You have to reshape The Mobile and Design something You.

  • Lollipop

Nice features but lousy design. I prefer Xcute DV1 and SE W550i.

  • Anonymous

what a chubby phone, who's the designer?

  • Anonymous

looks like half the PEBL.

  • howie

stop disagree with motorola design and get yourself a E1000..i have all the E series in my life ..why wait for a e2 for e3...

  • MOTOhooligan

It appears to be a fat SLVR with a PEBL keypad and scroll wheel from an iPod.

How about something original, Moto? Quit stealing from yourself.

  • Kal

What a waste of iPod wheel. Yaak!!

  • -uly-

I stay with E2 all my life between rokrE3, moto designed a new rokr because E2 didnt had 3g, but E2 is much better. Moto wants now all cells with v3 design!! and it suckss. Moto RkrE2, is the best cell phone of t' World.

  • terry0400-40

it looks like i will have to keep my E398 for a while yet,the E3 rokr looks like something siemens might have produced in their infancy yes it really looks like rubbish bin material to my eye, perhaps the designers consumed some big grey mushrooms before they took their crayons out.MOTOROLA PLEASE PRODUCE like an E398 with a decent camera and bigger speakers, the E1 still looks good, add a few decent ringtones and a good cam. when my wife calls me on my E398 with JUMP by Van Halen as her assigned ringtone all eyes just look in amazement as the MIGHTY MOTO comes ALIVE, hear this and JUMP NOW 4 TOMORROW WE DIE........

  • Anonymous

the navi key is giant with elf key numbers. they dont have new concepts thry are still stuck with 1.3 mp. it looks like slvr. what a heck.

  • Anonymous

Very disappointing .Motorola do you read these opinions ?
Keypad is too too small and what is with the No. 2 button integrated with the navi button ? The keypad looks weird. E2 is much better .
Hello Moto - got a better idea yet ?

  • cl

extremely ugly phone, dont they from E2 or E1 releases

  • Anonymous

very ugly & a bad design for motorola