German Stiftung Warentest: iPhone 4 is the real signal loser

26 July, 2010
The popular German foundation Stiftung Warentest, which is the regional authority on consumer product testing accommodated the recently unveiled Apple iPhone 4 in its lab and tested its notorious...

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  • izack89

sorry steve...ur attitude has just turn me away from becoming ur next customer..
I was THAT close of becoming one of your isheep
...thank god google saved my day...and I made a correct decision!

  • Anonymous

zzzz people still discussing antennagate? Boring.

  • Anonymous

only one thing in this phone is you can TOUCH

  • Izack89 sick of this news...but thumbs up for gsmarena to continously bashing up the mess left by apple,u can see Apple has already buy itself out from engadget and gizmodo(ass tech site anyway).

However this all is not my concern...coz I dun use stupid phone like an
ipxone, seriously..I can live with the short battery live of my HTC desire(at least it lasted one day)...but fark? losing signal? then what the hell I want a phone for? I could have just go for itouch or itampon.

  • Anonymous

Mark bouncer, 26 Jul 2010Hey guys just shut up stupids there are 3 millions of iPhones so... moreNo one is doubting that the iPhone is one of the best smartphones ever released. It's just the iPhone 4 that has some serious HARDWARE issues. Nothing else. Now stop denying that it's an issue and accept that it affects 100% of all iPhone 4 users. It's hardware.

Just because people don't want to admit that their lovable hype-phone could possibly be flawed in some way is giving Apple even more credit than it deserves.

The next iPhone will feature a gray-scale Retina display. Sorry, ran out of color - ah well, they'll buy it. It's an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Mark bouncer, 26 Jul 2010Hey guys just shut up stupids there are 3 millions of iPhones so... moreAnd the incredible thing is... it could be the best smartphone in the world (not!) but instead of people expect the best they actually don't mind of the flaws... Well, I'm sorry but as a consumer I just want the best my money can buy, and that is not the iphone, I'm sorry. The companies should work for the real people not the other way...

  • Kamran

Even Chinese Replica's of Apples iPhone have better signal strengths then this plastic junk... :)

  • Anonymous

Mapantz, 26 Jul 2010Selling 3 million phones in a few weeks doesn't mean a thing. 2... moreExcellent point!

  • Anonymous

Ryan, 26 Jul 2010Has anyone tried to put a small amount of super glue or nail pol... moreI'm sure you could put nail polish, glue, tape, you-name-it on it. That doesn't relieve Apple of any responsibility for it's products.

If it's up to the end-user to patch and fix the product, then drop the price and be done with it. If I get it for 50% less, I'll find my own genius way to MAKE it work.

That's hardly the point. You can't screw up a product this bad and then pretend nothings happened. I mean, it's pure physics that are going on there. You're shorting out an antenna - not merely covering it.

If the entire metal case is already an antenna, why would that little tiny corner lead to 90% signal loss?

  • Doctor X

An apple a day keeps the signal away...!!!

  • Mapantz

Mark bouncer, 26 Jul 2010Hey guys just shut up stupids there are 3 millions of iPhones so... moreSelling 3 million phones in a few weeks doesn't mean a thing.
200 Million copies of Windows Vista were sold worldwide, but it's statistically one of the worst Microsoft operating systems ever released, and even it's users know that.


i'll still buy it

  • Killersmith

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2010they dont care ... that's what happened...Awesome comment...

  • Anonymous

I have a samsung galaxy s and I was seriously going to ditch my galaxy and go buy the iphone 4 with a capped data plan vs my unlimited data I already have. How dumb and ignorant would that decision have been lol. I would be going backwards in technology. Well I guess theres always next year apple lmao.

  • Mark bouncer

danny200, 26 Jul 2010Apple is always a Fail Producer !! ... these iPhones, iPads, iPo... moreHey guys just shut up stupids there are 3 millions of iPhones sold in 3weeks and out of those millions
S of people there well educated they are not fools who come in swarms and pile up and stand-in cues at the apple store just to get a hand on their iPhone.iPhone 4 is a revolutionary product with the pest screen display the best and most applications the I books and the best 5mp camera we've ever seen .there is only a minor problem on the bottom left and the complaint rate is 0.55% it's not a big issue and people are still ordering them it's still out of stock this can only show that how amazing product is the iPhone 4. Everybody knows that iPhones got the best sensivity a phone is ever seen or experienced.the iPhones are not perfect(no flash,no external memory card support ,little bit problem in antenna,)it's not perfect but it's the best smartphone in the market still you have to believe it and all the fans and statistics are in favour of it

  • Ryan4Nokia

Well well well ... I'm not surprised and thank god these ppl showed the world tht apple's tests in there labs were just a big fat hoax just to distract their brain washed customers. The smoke screen as cleared apple is disingenus!

  • mhl

never ending apple this apple like that blah blah blah blah...

  • Anand

Forget Apple, test other sweet fruits.

  • Oflife

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2010Tsk, iPhone 4 fail. I'm sticking to my 3GS then. WTH happened Apple?I had a 3GS, and while a robust phone, the call quality to those at the other end was so bad, I had to sell it and get a cheap Nokia. I was hoping the iPhone 4 would be an improvement, but I guess not. What were Apple thinking in using a metal antenna strip? Bling over function. :P

  • Sam@apple's crazy

1 of d most sucesfool failures of world....