Nokia 6126 clamshell

05 April, 2006
Today Nokia announced their quad-band EDGE clamshell 6126. The phone is only 17 mm thick and weighs 112 g. The main display is a 2.2" 16.7 million True Color QVGA display. The external...

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  • paul

i just bought one and dissapointed at the fact the only thing i cant bluetooth with is a Razr

  • Ness7386

All this talk about the Nokia 6126 makes me want to try one out. Does anyone know where I can get one?

  • LiLaLo

Also, the RAZR V3i has no EDGE (only GPRS). The Nokia 6131/6126 does.

  • Anonymous

HAHA, I love this.
OMG Only 1.3 MP Camera
Motorola IS soo much better

Motorolla RAZR is a whopping 2mm thinner *GASP*
Motorolla RAZR V3i (the best you can get from motorolla) only has a 1.3 MP camera.
Regular V3 DOES NOT support Memory Cards.
RAZR has really crappy sync software.
My Nokia Phones have never broken. I have even thrown one against a brick wall in anger. Still works (I can throw a 70 MPH fastball)
My Sisters RAZR V3 has snappend in half (not even at the hinge) 2 TTIMES ALREADY!!!!

Vote goes 6126
Ill take a slightly larger phone that wont take a dump on my face

  • cam the mobile man

i think nokias are the best or sony ericsson i got a v600i and im proud of havin it this looks good does any1 no the memory of it????

  • Anonymous

6125, 6131, 6136, now 6126, why cant they just put a camera flash in at least one of them!!!!!

  • TheGman

"Nokia, huhm, only a rubbish, garbage and like ugly, poor if comparing with Japan"

this is not a valid comparison, nor is it a valid comment. I can't even begin to go on about the rest of your piece... all I can say is one of the rules of posting says: "Be polite and use common sense".

As for the phone we're supposed to be talking about...

I like this phone, it appeals to people who want a simple phone, ideally Nokia, and want a flip-phone. Until now, Nokia have been quite disappointing in the UK with regard to flip phones, with only the 6101 out in recent times, but this would help regain balance. I hope to be able to sell this soon, it'll make my life a lot easier! I'm never going to have one myself, but I know a lot of people who will, and that's the point, it meets the needs of the average consumer. Well done Nokia, another market cornered, as long as we get the stock :-P

  • hello

this phone is ABSOLOUTLY fantastic.i baked it in the oven and it tasted very nice. buttons were a bit chewy though. yum yum

  • andy

darkman,is the 3310 the only one nokia phone that u have seen?

  • pastaie

the phone looks nice,i think i will buy it to seee what can he do

  • darkman

Nokia is too bad in design and feature to launch out. Come on, Nokia ! You are dropping too fast in rank board of cellphone over the world. Q1 2006 overpass very long but you can't declare financial statement for everyone. You conceal the truth untill when ?
Nokia, huhm, only a rubbish, garbage and like ugly, poor if comparing with Japan like Toshiba, Nec, Sharp, Sanyo ... Why I say that ? maybe I have some reasons to say that :
Price is too expensive.
Design is too ugly, boorish, like bricks.
Feature is simple, monotonous.
Cover for phone is always made from plastic (ie low products of Motorola, high products are always metal)
Quality of screen is too bad : dark, blur, jagged.

  • dalia

oooooo sexy phone! looks like it has all the features you could want in a phone! i like? i love!

  • fanel

it's a very cool phone, like every time, will put a very high price

  • S

HI, it's a very nice phone and have a nice features too, hope to be in the market soon ;o)

  • Gary

i like it

  • Anonymous

Thx for pointing out the thickness issues. I am looking forward to actual Model review.

Hopefully it will be thinner then i think it is. Currently i am thinking of this and the Sharp 770SH

  • Ronny

No, THIS PHONE IS NOT THINNER than the 6131. All the sites that have been reporting this have misread Nokia's press release.

This is what the actual press release says:

"Featuring a graceful tapered design that averages a mere 17mm (.67 inches) from top to bottom"

Hence 17mm is the AVERAGE thickness from top to bottom. It is not the max thickness which is still 20mm, just like the 6131.

The disabling of the FM radio and IR has no effect on the phone form factor. It still looks the same and still weighs 112g, again just like the 6131.

  • Bulldog

Super Cool!!!!!

  • Anonymous

memory cards transflash watsh youre mouves it'S a small memory card not to mess with . !

  • Anonymous

Nokia symbian phones have are the best symbian OS6680 6681 6682 .THE 6126 is not symbian it's s40 platform 6230(i) and 6270,,, can play mp3 while doing regular phone use scoll to menu mess contacts pics only with radio or music it s multi task thats agood thing not having to be stuck in media player but go back while its playng still beats the v3 eaven v3i bi it solidity easy syncronising with the computer mp3 player with trans flash fm radio and 16 million color screen display

And if NOKIA made symbian OS flip phones more n92s.Check out the E series phone for peoples with high standards but not for north america yet the 6126 is quandband with (Good) high quality screen . bad (low battery life).Looks Solid

symbian is a OS like (palmOS) that alows you to run 2,3,5 applications at the same time mainly multy tasck adapts to every bodys neads from busness to rollerblading with it s a all in one