Google announces Voice Actions and Chrome to Phone for Android

13 August, 2010
Google announced the new Voice Actions service for the Android smartphones today. Along with that the Google dev team has just released the Chrome to Phone extension which is quite similar to the...

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  • winzz

can this feature installed in htc magic?

  • Anonymous

Am with Voice Actions. That will definitely reduce typing efforts BUT am totally against Chrome for phone.
Well there is no doubt that Chrome is the one of the fastest browser on the earth, the bigger and bitter fact is that Chrome highly compromises on the Security part. To increase the speed it just passes anything and mostly everything as it is to the system without filtering threats like malwares/spywares etc. And the can cause problem considering you will have all kind of personal data on your phone.

Simply I am against Chrome for phone and even for PCs.

  • Rempa

arun, 16 Aug 2010is this extension fit for all andriod phones imean for any ... moreIf your phone support the Android OS 2.2...

  • Rempa

I am this close to sell my xperia X10 if sony doesn't do the update really really soon.

  • arun

is this extension fit for all andriod phones imean for any model phone running on andriod o.s

  • Junaid

Gr8 feature!

  • Anonymous

D79_, 14 Aug 2010to all the dopes who replied to my comment then u also didn... morei think u better test the app and passed the facts rather than making comparison to how past-technology's failure.

  • Anonymous

A given fact, 15 Aug 2010OMG, I just wait for the day where I can go to a crowd-fil... morethen let me guess, ur using nokia 3310 still?

  • Anonymous

Are you also gonna run at lightning speed and push the voice button on peoples phones before you yell dial 911? Cuz if you need help, lemme know. ;)

  • A given fact

I just wait for the day where I can go to a crowd-filled market and yell: 'Dial 911!' and then all those people's cell phones start dialing like crazy ... :-)

It is a given fact that more and more features are getting implemented into phones, yet, none of them are developed to perfection! Take the camera feature for example! These days, 5MP cameras are pretty much standard, 8MP and higher are coming along the way. Does your phone perform as good as a digital cam with similar spec's? By far not! In fact, even basic features are not really working as good as they should: In older phones (so around the mid 1990s), voice quality and reception were nearly perfect. Today's phones sound terrible in comparison, too pitchi, gambled, too low in volume - even top notch products! Every 'new' added feature works somewhat but it is lightyears away from being really usefull!

  • Not interested!

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010I think some people must just sit at home waiting for anyth... moreYou forget one thing: people are entitled to their opinion!
If you (for some non-explainable reason) don't like that another person says something critically about an app you seem to adore, well, then don't read it and skip to the next post! Stop trying to parent other people! This comment section is very well also for people with an opinion different than yours!

Seems like you're also waiting for something new coming out, so, that you can go ahead and whine about the whiners! At least it seems that way since you had nothing to say about the 2 applications themself.

  • tazz

well the really good ideas are copied ones but i dont care if you make a copy that is better than the origional which this voice application is.
i saw vlingo application and it does the same thing.
but i really like what google has done here. i really like the application because you can set the alarm just by saying it that is really cool. thumbs up google for that.

i still think google is evil.

  • daz

Eddie Android , 14 Aug 2010You must mean "Android software" not "Droid ... moreomfg......can't believe you put that.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010This is what frustrates me most about the droid software. G... moreFirst off it's Android software and second of all at least Android phones are bl to be held in both hands.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010This is what frustrates me most about the droid software. G... moreSamsung update for Galaxy S to Froyo comes mid september...

  • bliss

how do you launch or find the app on your google phone???

  • bliss

The video fails to explain it user friendly. How do you find the chrome to phone web page on your Android????

  • Mihai

Useless if it's noise around or have an accent or if you are in a hurry and speak a little faster.

  • D79_

tell me why gsmarena as an option to post ya comments? ill answer for u, its for ppl to leave what they think of what products/apps etc.. to state there views, and for the person who said this voice activation works good, did u try it in a main rd or with a tv on with sound or with kids around u and so on, and just like the other guy said it dont work on a irish accent so voice activation pointless, even in top cars like bmw have voice activation and they even mess up. so i think companies should just give up on this useless product


can i get chrome to phone on my android 2.1 galaxy spica