Google announces Voice Actions and Chrome to Phone for Android

13 August, 2010
Google announced the new Voice Actions service for the Android smartphones today. Along with that the Google dev team has just released the Chrome to Phone extension which is quite similar to the...

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  • Anonymous

so, that means no words on video-calling feature yet?

  • D79_

Here we go again another voice activation command device, come on how man times do companies try voice activation and they never work, yes they might work ok in quiet places but if im in a club pub or even just on a main rd there is no way voice activation will work, the technology just isnt up to scratch yet and i dnt think it ever will, to me its always a way to make money and ppl bein dumb as always fall for it every time.

  • Anonymous

Just tried the "Voice Actions" app on my desire!Work flawlessly! But the Chrome to Phone doest appear in my market,im in Bulgaria (europe) and my Desire is running 2.2! :(

  • Robert

Not possible in Lithuania :(

  • Sherif Nosseir

smee, 13 Aug 2010Does the google voice require data connection to google, or can ... moreit uses voice recognition...
pretty nice, i've had chrome to phone extention for ages, the new voice search is really cool :)))

  • Anonymous

Paul, 13 Aug 2010Yes I can Read I have the HTC Desire in the UK with Frojo 2.2 &a... moreThen something has gone wrong, as I have this on my desire which is uk and froyo

  • Anonymous

I want a t-shirt with the android, how cool!

  • Paul

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2010and UK and some eoropean contries!!! can you read!!Yes I can Read I have the HTC Desire in the UK with Frojo 2.2 & the New Google voice search is not available from the market place, it is still the old version.

So there......

  • Anonymous

Exact copy of Firefox Home Tab for iPhone!

  • Anonymous

Wow, the future generation.

  • Steini Thorst

Why is this only for selected markets? I cant see the reason. I have Desire 2.2 in Iceland and no Chrome to phone in my Market :-(

  • Anonymous

Paul, 13 Aug 2010USA Only, so much for Open Source..and UK and some eoropean contries!!!

can you read!!

  • Paul

USA Only, so much for Open Source..

  • Android Uzer

ChromeToPhone app not available in Market. Don't worry the .apk can be downloaded from the following link. However, this is a pre-release version.­/list

  • Alui

I like the AshnewmanRS comment on youtube page of the voice command video:).

  • smee

Does the google voice require data connection to google, or can it do voice recognition by itself?

  • sitcoms

here we go